Best Beers: IPAs

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2017 Aug 24, 12:15am   2,920 views  2 comments

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Ok beeches, list me your favorite IPAs if you like them, if you dare! Politics aside, time to measure erect! Top 10 MAX, please. No politics, just beer boners!

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1   FNWGMOBDVZXDNW   2017 Aug 24, 3:32am  

In no particular order, based mostly on preferences within my local easily available options. I don't have a beer app, so I've had some good ones in restaurants and never seen them again. Those didn't make the list.

ballast point - sculpin (also the grapefruit version) (extra points for being at local costco)
stone - ruination (have not tried the new one)
bells - two hearted ale
lost rhino - faceplant
dogfish head - both 60 and 90 min ipas
new belgium - citradelic
most other ipas with citra hops
black ipa - had one once and forget which one, but it was good. I'm not usually a big fan of really dark beers, but it works as an IPA, so I need to try more of these.
home brew - have only done a few batches of ipas with anywhere from 3 to 11 packs of hops.

2   steverbeaver   2017 Aug 24, 11:15pm  

Cool. I'll check yours out! I'm not so much an East-Coast and Midwest style fan. I prefer West Coast... gnarly and decadant. Here's a few of my favorites in no order
1. Kismet - Mother Earth Brew Co - kind of like a hop fart in your mouth, but you like it
2. Fenris - Barrel Harbor - This brewery has a lot of good stuff. Fenris is available in cans and at bars.
3. Cali Belgique - Stone Brewing - good if you like Belgians. Pretty much all Stone beers are awesome. This is their IPA but with Belgian yeast. Acquired taste...
4. Blood Orange IPA - Latitude 33 - they make other variants in lime and "original". Were not good for a while (brewer left) but are great again!
5. White Rebel IPA - Sam Adams - probably my favorite variant of their Rebel IPA
6. Idiot IPA - Coronado Brewing - I think this was the one... man, so hoppy, so tasty
7. Torpedo - Sierra Nevada - very good and readily available in most stores
8. Pliny the Elder - Russian River Brewing - Pretty much one of the forefathers of over-the-top west coast IPAs
9. Green Bullet - Green Flash Brewing - OMFG I watch a chick get wrecked on this one time. Very much how I like IPA. Is a triple, though.
10. Moon Dust - San Tan Brewing - Not bad for a company out of AZ.

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