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David Cop A Feel

By somecrappynumber follow somecrappynumber   2017 Oct 26, 11:42am 1,624 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Forget "white privilege" or "Hollywood" or whatever your meme is for the viral sex assault movement - the ultimate tribe that goes under the radar for social media is is OLD MAN PRIVELEGE!

It does beg the question - if the old geezer has dementia or is otherwise mentally out of it, is there any intent? Usually there is no required element of intent with sex assault, but imagine you stood next to a machine for photos that just reflexively pinched your ass - obviously no assault there. But with a 93 year old guy has a mushy brain, can you tell? Where is he on the spectrum of a super sharp shylock who means to play the "I'm an old man card" versus a reflexive machine that by definition cannot assault?
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I hope to some day be diddled by a president.

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