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Movie Theater Attendance Hits 24-Year Low, Ticket Prices Rise Nearly 4 Percent

By zzyzzx follow zzyzzx   2018 Jan 18, 7:44am 3,332 views   22 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

The National Alliance of Theater Owners (NATO) announced Wednesday that the national ticket average for 2017 rose 3.7 percent year-over-year to $8.93, up from $8.65 last year.

At that average, the estimated number of movie tickets sold last year is 1.23 billion. While that is only a rough estimate that does not account for the higher ticket prices for premium formats and theaters in more expensive cities like New York and Los Angeles, NATO’s estimate is the lowest since 1993, when “Jurassic Park” was the top grossing film of the year and an estimated 1.24 billion tickets were sold.

“2017 highlighted once again the importance of a balanced, 52 week movie calendar,” said NATO in its analysis. “A record Q1 (in box office and admissions) was offset by a disappointing summer, with a range of sequels that were not embraced by audiences in the numbers we are accustomed to. Summer 2017 was 92 million admissions short of summer 2016. An unusually empty August accounted for half of summer 2017’s shortfall. Q4 2017 was nearly equal to Q4 2016, with 315 million tickets sold, compared to 319 million.”

While annual box office revenue stayed above $11 billion for the third consecutive year, revenue over the summer season plummeted to 18-year lows. Historic lows were also reached for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The 2017 box office was a case of bookends, as the struggling summer sat in between industry record highs for March and September that were powered by family films like “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Boss Baby” as well as adult blockbusters like “Logan” and “It.”

Attendance has been on a downward trend since 2005, though small rebounds were seen in 2012 and 2015. A similar rebound is expected in 2018, with heavily anticipated films like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” expected to provide a more robust summe
1   zzyzzx   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 7:44am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Comments on article site are priceless!
2   WookieMan   ignore (5)   2018 Jan 18, 8:16am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I'm not sure why anyone would go to a theater anymore unless they live in a studio or tiny urban apartment. The cost of large tv's (or projectors), sound equipment is really not much money now. If I were to see all the movies I watch at home in an actual theater, I'd be there about 1-2 x's a month.

With that frequency I'd be paying about $70/mo for just tickets for 2 visits. I dig some beer while watching a movie and the theater by me sells it. My wife will have a drink or two as well. Kids want a soda and some popcorn. Tack on another $70/mo for those two visits. We're not up to $140/mo to go to the theater. You're talking almost $1,700/yr if you're doing it twice a month. This is probably the extreme of course, but even if you halve it, it's still $850/yr.

That annual cost is the total for my basement system. Screen $50 and a little DIY work for the frame to stretch out the blackout cloth (110' screen, sitting about 10-11' back). Surround sound speakers about $500. Projector I believe was about $600 (1080, but looks as good as any theater I've been in). Receiver was actually free (tenant left it at a building I used to own, score!) but at the time it was probably a $400 receiver. Whole setup was probably about $1,550.

I have not been to a theater recently (still go once or twice a year) where the sound was even remotely as good or clean as what I get at home. It's always way too loud, crunchy and too much treble at any theater. Or too quite but with a better mix/balance but you can hear your seat neighbor farting. Picture is generally fine, but just saw star wars and and they must have had a heat source heating the place directly in front of the projector. Had that wavy air that you see from a heat source fucking with the picture. Then there are other people. This is the biggest issue for me. Shut the fuck up, get off your phone and watch the movie you just paid $10 for.

Movie theaters will continue their slow death. I'm waiting for the service that eventually allows new releases to be viewed at home. That will be the final nail in the movie theater coffin. There will be resistance, but it's coming. And I can't wait for that day.
3   zzyzzx   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 8:25am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

WookieMan says
I'm not sure why anyone would go to a theater anymore

Yeah, the movie people have priced themselves out of the market.
4   joshuatrio   ignore (0)   2018 Jan 18, 8:28am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I see zero reason to do the movies. You can stream everything now.
5   WookieMan   ignore (5)   2018 Jan 18, 8:36am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

joshuatrio says
I see zero reason to do the movies. You can stream everything now.

Agree. There are still 1 or 2 new movies a year where myself or the kids REALLY want to see it. So we're too impatient and go to the theater. It's actually probably closer to once a year or every other year.

The only thing I would miss if theaters became close to non-existence is when on vacation. For example, we generally go to the same place for spring break every year that other family members go to. Panhandle of FL. So you're mainly there for the beach, golf, etc. Since we go there so much, we've done all the super touristy things. So if the weather is shitty, we've gone to movies on 4-5 occasions to at least do something. But that is such a fringe example that I'm not certain it would be missed that much.
6   Shaman   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 8:48am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Movies are pretty expensive, so only really special movies get seen at the theater by my family. Or kid movies the kids really want to see.
Last year it was Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast, and the Star Wars sequel. Not sure the kids liked the last one. My five year old fell asleep. Oh and we also saw “Wonder” as that was a special movie. Everyone liked that one.
7   NDrLoR   ignore (0)   2018 Jan 18, 9:03am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

zzyzzx says
Comments on article site are priceless!
One at random:

Tom Menino NannoH • 14 hours ago
"As with the decline in NFL ratings and attendance, there are a number of reasons for the decline in movie attendance -- poor overall product quality, other entertainment options thru technology, unattractive venue experiences -- but also like the NFL, the primary reason is that Hollywood decided to stick its thumb in the eye of middle America, and has alienated a huge slice of potential ticket buyers who may likely never return."

Also, supposedly theaters make their money on concessions, thus the $10 popcorn and $5.00 Cokes that are nothing but carbonated water.
8   RC2006   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 9:12am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

They are pricing themselves out with a product that is declining in quality.
9   Tenpoundbass   ignore (16)   2018 Jan 18, 9:24am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

90% of all my Netflix viewing is foreign titles. I need stories I care about the characters. When was the last time you can honestly say you connected with a Character in a Hollywood movie. There hasn't been one single movie character I would want to know let alone be in the same room with on the big screen for 2 hours.
The media is a mirror to their souls and it's turning everyone off.

I say Quinton Tarintino and Miramax ruined Hollywood they destroyed the Trinity of Classic story telling. For cheap McDonald stories about Gore, Violence, Graft, Deceit, and every Dark subject that can be conjured in the bowels of hell. That's nice for Halloween time but Blood and Guts 365 days a year. Diminishes whole genres.
The Zombie subject was my favorite horror types. They've ruined it, they missed the whole premise of those movies.
The Art in Zombie Movies is how elegantly and believable they explain how they were created. The Producers skip over that part and start movies today with an undead ripping flesh off someones face. It only goes downhill from there.
10   Malcolm   ignore (1)   2018 Jan 18, 10:03am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Get a MoviePass. You will thank me, if you go frequently.
11   WookieMan   ignore (5)   2018 Jan 18, 10:21am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Malcolm says
Get a MoviePass. You will thank me, if you go frequently.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll pass. It's 25 minutes to the nearest theater for me along with all my other reasons I mentioned why theater going is not that great. If you live near one then I'm sure it's a good value. I just can't stand sitting next to 90% of people in a theater that ruin the entire experience.
12   HEYYOU   ignore (46)   2018 Jan 18, 10:48am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I can't believe that people aren't willing to pay a little more to continue their delusions.

WookieMan says
I just can't stand sitting next to 90% of people in a theater that ruin the entire experience.

I quit going to concerts because I wanted to hear the performer/s not the assholes in the audience.
13   NDrLoR   ignore (0)   2018 Jan 18, 11:32am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Tenpoundbass says
When was the last time you can honestly say you connected with a Character in a Hollywood movie.
When I watched Orson Welles's The Magnificent Amberson's on TCM last night for about the umpteenth time.
14   NuttBoxer   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 11:39am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

When movie theaters first opened it was a big deal to go. People would dress up, theaters were classy. At some point the awe wore off, and it became a chain experience. In that case why not just watch at home right? But I think there are good reasons to still attend for theaters that appeal to niche markets.

There's a couple discount theaters by our house that have tickets between $4-$7. If it's that cheap, why not go out if it's a movie you really like. And some movies are more fun to see with a participative audience. Certain horror movies, comedies.

AMC has recently started a brand with reclining leather love-seats, alcohol, and reserved seating. That's something worth paying more for. And there are still some theaters that harken back to the days of class. Vintage Cinemas is a small chain with a theater by our house that is really nice. Went to see Star Wars at their Coronado location 2nd night it played. We were able to get tickets less than 30 minutes before showtime, theater probably only seated about 80 people, and it was not full. The art on the wall was the view from the bay of Coronado Island on one side of the theater, and downtown San Diego on the other side. Had the old school big velvet curtains, and before the movie started, no commercials, in fact the curtains weren't raised until showtime. Instead they played music from the old star wars movies. Awesome experience, and not one you can get at home.
15   anonymous   ignore (null)   2018 Jan 18, 12:07pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Any drive -in movies in your area? They are still a blast if you have one.
16   zzyzzx   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 12:09pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Now you also have to worry about violence and bed bugs and lice when you go to the theater.
17   APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch   ignore (49)   2018 Jan 18, 12:29pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Why go if you can torrent anything you want and watch while your wife is giving you head?

Theatres need better seats and beer and blow-job delivery.

That would incentivize movie attendance for guys who want a change of mouths and beers they might not normally stock at home.
18   NuttBoxer   ignore (2)   2018 Jan 18, 1:23pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

anon_f51d3 says
Any drive -in movies in your area? They are still a blast if you have one.

We have a drive-in right down the street. Haven't been there in a while, but great way to spend a warm weekend night during the summer.
19   NoCoupForYou   ignore (5)   2018 Jan 18, 3:04pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

CGI Puke and yet another Superhero with overpriced beverages and snacks. I'll pass.
20   WatermelonUniversity   ignore (6)   2018 Jan 18, 3:26pm     ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

Butbutbut economy is up under trump. Stocks been up and stuff.

Are you saying it’s just investors moving money around?
22   Tenpoundbass   ignore (16)   2018 May 17, 11:08am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I'm just tryna not eat $15 6oz Pop Corn Portions

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