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With all the talk about the school shootings, let's take a look at what the 2nd Amendment actually says:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Couple things to note in there:

1. The specific mention of a militia being the reason for the need to bear arms.
2. The 2nd Amendment never mentions the word gun at all.

So, what exactly is the definition of "arms"?

In 1755 Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language was first published. It defined “arms” as “weapons of offence, or armour of defence.”

Weapons of offence would seem to include pretty much anything and everything, from knives to nuclear weapons. The US has already seen fit to ban some weapons of offence so the 2nd Amendment clearly has not been interpreted strictly as meaning that the US cannot ban all "arms". Therefore, the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee citizens the right to own whatever weapons they choose.

So it then becomes a question of which weapons should be banned, which should be strictly regulated, and which should be lightly regulated or not at all. Like anything else, we should weigh an individual's right with society's right. When looked at in that manner, it becomes very difficult to justify why fully automatic or semi automatic rifles should be allowed. What purpose do they serve an individual? And why would that purpose outweigh the extreme damage those weapons have cased society??

Patrick thinks the Chamber of Commerce is the worst organization, and he may be correct, but the NRA is not far behind.

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1223   GNL   2024 Feb 11, 9:13pm  

Patrick says


South Carolina Senate passes permitless carry law. If signed they'll be the 28th state to not require a permit to carry a firearm

Too bad the article doesn't mention if this includes conceal carry also.
1224   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 12, 7:59am  

I'm ok with no it just being for open carry. If we all got into the habit of going out armed, the world would be a much more polite and safer place. CC is really only needed in places where open carry isn't the norm.
1226   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 14, 11:09am  

Couple of clarifications needed for that link. One, was Moreno an illegal? Migrants are the ones working the fields in Yuma right now, please don't abuse English. Second, I think the point is being missed when you focus on gender delusions instead of the root cause, mental illness. It's been well documented since Columbine that shooters are all on, or recently came off mind-altering drugs. Keep the focus on pharma and mental illness, that's the root cause. If we start diving down every rabbit hole a mentally ill person creates, we'll soon be lost in the weeds, VERY FAR from understanding and solutions.
1227   Eman   2024 Feb 19, 3:39pm  

Average 1.2 guns per person.

1229   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 21, 6:54am  

Eman says

Average 1.2 guns per person.

I have three, that should be standard. Pistol for CC, daily carry, your wife or kids to defend the home. Shotgun for you to defend the home. Rifle for you to defend your country, likely against your own government.
1239   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 11, 7:33am  

Florida is attempting to move legal age for gun purchases from 21 to 18..
1244   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 22, 9:29am  

Why is the focus on what they are carrying rather than if they should be here in the first place?
1245   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 22, 9:33am  

Remember when Biden said the 2nd Amendment wouldn't help us because the Feds have fighter jets...

70% of the F-35 fighter jets in US military are not combat-ready.

Trillions of dollars wasted by crony capitalism


— S.L. Kanthan (@Kanthan2030) March 19, 2024
1246   Patrick   2024 Mar 22, 4:45pm  




You carry a gun to protect yourself and others, but one key to keeping out of harm's way is to make sure people don't suspect you have a gun. If a bad guy knows you're carrying, it puts you in a dangerous situation by making you a target. Why, then, are so many people — both civilians and police — so careless about how they carry? I believe it's a combination of ignorance and complacency.

I can promise one thing: Bad guys are profiling people before they act. It's part of what they do, since their objective is to get away safely. Interviews with prison inmates have provided valuable information about how they picked their victims. If you walk in an awkward way, ignore your environment and the people surrounding you, they are more likely to select you. They're looking for victims and concealed carriers, and they know how to spot you.

The most common mistake people make when they first begin concealed carry is intentionally displaying their gun. Most people are proud they're able to carry a gun and want others to notice, so they "accidentally" give themselves away.

You may be proud, but don't put yourself in danger. It could be a fatal error. Think about it: If you wanted to rob a bank who is the first person you'd likely shoot? The armed guard, because he represents the immediate threat to the success of your mission. The same applies to you. If you've revealed yourself at a gas station where a robbery is about to occur, you will be the "guard" taken out first. It's happened before and will probably happen again. Don't become a statistic.

Once people get accustomed to carrying as a regular part of their routine, these intentional displays usually go away. We're then left with the real mistakes people make out of ignorance or sloppy control of their behaviors. ...
1247   GNL   2024 Mar 23, 7:54am  

Patrick says

What percentage of the red area is white heritage America and what percentage of the red area is made up of other? Now THAT would be an interesting factoid.
1248   GNL   2024 Mar 23, 7:59am  

Patrick says

Once people get accustomed to carrying as a regular part of their routine, these intentional displays usually go away. We're then left with the real mistakes people make out of ignorance or sloppy control of their behaviors. ...

There are entire websites dedicated to selling CC clothing.
1255   RWSGFY   2024 Mar 28, 9:29am  

BBC is running a story about Haiti BBQ guys arming themselves with weaponry brought in from the US and illustrates it with many pictures of said guys touting various AKs. Fun fact: currenly AK-patterned rifles in the US are more expensive than AR-patterned ones. As in you can buy an AR for $300-350 but the cheapest AK would be north of $500.

Why do Nigeran BBQ guys overpay for inferior rifles? Are they stoopid? Or...
1256   HeadSet   2024 Mar 28, 11:46am  


Fun fact: currenly AK-patterned rifles in the US are more expensive than AR-patterned ones.

Outside the US, the AK47 is a cheap wood and tin gun affordable by third worlders. The Soviets designed it to be cheap to make.
1260   RWSGFY   2024 Mar 29, 11:10am  

HeadSet says



What are "Level 4 Plates?"

Body armor plates capable of withstanding a hit from armor-piercing battle rifle round (iirc they test them with AP .30-06).

A.k.a "rifle plates".

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