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Did Trump Underestimate Trudeau?

By HowdyThere follow HowdyThere   2018 Jun 11, 7:12pm 1,319 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

So Trump introduced tariffs on Canadian goods and when asked for justification, he talked about national security based on events of the War of 1812. Obviously he was going for 'the art of the deal' instead of well thought out arguments. He sees Trudeau as a weakling that he could dominate. And he could if it was mano a mano, but it wasn't.

Trudeau has advisors, and the advisors have staff. The econmic staff calculated what the Trump tariffs would cost and came up with countervailing duties to offset. Trudeau and his socks didn't fold as expected, which was inconvenient for Trump going into negotiations with North Korea.

One of the outcomes? "Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper even showed up on Fox News to talk trade in support of Trudeau, saying: “I don’t understand the obsession with the trade relationship with Canada.”" Trump has, to a limited extent, united the left and right in Canada.

This may yet work out for Trump. Canada's economy has a lot of ties to the US, and it might prove less painful to fold. But maybe not. I've got grade school kids, and the anti-bullying sentiment is pervasive right now. And it looks like Trump is trying to bully Trudeau. I'm no fan of Trudeau (aka Shiny Pony, google it), but I find myself more supportive of him (and his advisors and staff) under the current circumstances.

I don't think Trump underestimated Trudeau. He underestimated something he doesn't understand or credit, advisors and staff.
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Did Trump Underestimate a guy who wears Eyebrow Toupes?


Who cares what his foreign policy adviser, the Granddaughter of a literal Nazi Collaborator Newspaper Publisher, has to say. She's a Liberal Hegemonic baloneyist.

270% Tariff on US Diary. NAFTA renegotiation stumbling block is the 40% Chinese/Euro parts that Canadian and Mexican plants who to export into the US Tariff Free. NOPE! 80% NAm parts or GTFO.
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fake eyebrows Trudue?

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