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Canada in Jobs Freefall

By HonkpilledMaster following x   2018 Sep 9, 6:12am 385 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Looks like the "Trade War" is killing American Jobs, with 200,000+ created in the New Jobs Report.

How about Canada?

~52,000 Jobs lost in Canada. We'd say that was a bad month in the USA. But Canada has around 1/10th of the Population. Those numbers are devastating.

I urge Trudeau and Freeland to make concessions as soon as possible to save the Canadian Economy.

Meanwhile, adding disaster to disaster, a Canadian Court stopped work on a major pipeline project:

Weak Men create Hard Times.
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The weirdo should have worked out a trade deal with Trump from the early start.
In stead he wanted to impress the street shiters that he can be crazier than they can even dream.

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