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20104   Ceffer   2022 Nov 25, 11:52am  

mell says

So this then seems to be largely suppressed?

It's not suppressed. One would call it 'uninvestigated and unread fallow facts', preferring mainstream easy to digest superficial narratives of convenience, like most of the shit that goes down.
20106   Ceffer   2022 Nov 25, 12:22pm  

'Nother whore GlobalistTranny and name stolen Gates avatar actor with some Scripture dressing. Yeah, get those transhumanist chips dug into your arms. Every time you need an 'upgrade', you'll have to have it dug out and replaced and you'll look like a junkie scarred zombie in a few years.
20108   richwicks   2022 Nov 25, 1:50pm  

mell says

How did jfks and lbjs policies differ significantly though? They seem to have a lot more in common, incl. foreign policy. How would have jfk reacted to potential provocations and false flags?

JFK was adamant that Israel not become a nuclear power, and he wasn't entirely in bed with the Zionists. JFK was also more even handed with the other Middle Eastern nations. It's also possible that the Vietnam war wouldn't have started under JFK.
20111   Ceffer   2022 Nov 25, 7:48pm  

A butthole 5G microwaving appliance. The dead pigeons are a giveaway.
20112   Patrick   2022 Nov 25, 8:13pm  

I wouldn't call a solar powered bench in Ireland very smart.
20113   Ceffer   2022 Nov 25, 10:24pm  

Patrick says

I wouldn't call a solar powered bench in Ireland very smart.

LOL! What better place to fail a 'made to fail' technology than sun drenched Ireland?
20122   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 2:12am  

They are saying somebody in 'authority' withdrew 300 million from FTX. I would bet that is the Intels withdrawing their grubstake before letting the rest crash down on the investors.
20129   gabbar   2022 Nov 26, 2:58am  

The Shite Stream Media
20130   clambo   2022 Nov 26, 6:41am  

That video above is priceless. Someone did a good job.
20131   cisTits   2022 Nov 26, 7:32am  

Orwell would be proud.
20133   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 12:40pm  

LOL! More moon shit. "Let's make another palatable sci fi movie for the moron pukes. We need the funding. Go dig up Kubrick, we need him again."
20134   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 12:41pm  

Maybe they should edit out the pedo gay buttfucking segments:
20135   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 12:45pm  

What do the accounting categories say? "Involuntary investor political contributions"?
20136   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 12:54pm  

"I have stockholders in the fraud that I have to serve and protect. Why do you hate subversive capitalism? It's the foundation of our country and our democracy!"
20137   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Nov 26, 12:57pm  

Ceffer says

He's an important man, you see. In addition to running the institute he is alo in charge of running THE SCIENCE.
20138   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 1:11pm  

"Nobody complained when I murdered all those fags with fake anti viral poisons (well, some fags did, to no avail) so what's' the big beef now? 'Profits and Paid Executions' are on our coat of arms, can't you fucking read? Besides, it's all China's fault. Or, is it all Russia's fault? They keep flip flopping with their blame magnets.";
20139   richwicks   2022 Nov 26, 1:20pm  

Ceffer says

LOL! More moon shit. "Let's make another palatable sci fi movie for the moron pukes. We need the funding. Go dig up Kubrick, we need him again."

I'll entertain just about any idea that the government has lied to us, because they often do.


I have a VERY difficult time believing the moon landing was a hoax. I t would require the cooperation of all nations to cover that up, not just the United States. The USSR would have had to be in on the hoax, and China as well, and now India. On top of that, it would also require state of the art special effects which I haven't seen matched even do this day.

BUT if I'm wrong, I will laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. It would be so funny if it was.

If would mean, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I thought I understood about the world, for the last 51 years, is wrong. It would be so fucking funny if it is.
20142   Ceffer   2022 Nov 26, 6:18pm  

Black DC Uber Driver says: "I don't need this. I get called the 'N' word all night long by my relatives at Thanksgiving!"

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