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2019 Feb 17, 4:30pm   2,369,064 views  35,946 comments

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31072   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 9:10am  

31073   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 9:14am  

31074   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 9:22am  

Oh, look. Ron DeSantis sponsor NWO Jeb Nazi. Even he's bored by Kerry's assertion fallacies. Their motto "Convince Them of Green, They Starve".

31075   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 9:24am  

Massive Satanic Inversion lying contest. Kerry is ahead by a head.

31076   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 11:47am  

Moloch High Priest masked as Bibi continues to gather flesh and souls. "If only Israel and Palestine had but a single neck, the harvesting of account holders would be so much easier! This Illuminati Hegelian polarity shit gets kind of annoying."

31077   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 11:50am  

Have the Rothschild Messiahs deemed the Israeli account holders ripe for harvest again?

31078   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 11:53am  

Starting to claim 'ignorance' as a defense? How often does that work for the red shoe club? Hugh Hefner's cub ignorant?

31079   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 11:59am  

Gangsters always paid ahead of other account holder harvestees. Screw the law, the confidence scheme collapses around them last.

31080   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 2:37pm  

31093   Ceffer   2023 Dec 5, 10:37pm  

It was the only truthful thing he said at the conference.

31094   Ceffer   2023 Dec 6, 10:57am  

When are these 'green' conferences (Freeze and Starve Measures Designed For Failure) going to have a farting contest between the Pope (desecrated Eucharist farts), Kerry (Skull &Bones farts), Al Gore (Vodka farts), Biden (Silicon farts) and Hollywood Stiff Actors (Adrenochrome farts)?
31097   Ceffer   2023 Dec 6, 11:30am  

The High Moloch Priest wearing the Bibi mask smiles. "No account holder shall escape my sword or my pyre!"

31099   Ceffer   2023 Dec 6, 10:43pm  

Him and all the other Hollywood screamers. They are addicts protecting their pushers. They signed Satan's parchment in blood for empowerment and success.

31111   Ceffer   2023 Dec 7, 9:57am  

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