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31153   Tenpoundbass   2023 Dec 8, 6:31am  

Ceffer says

Did people not sweat back then? Those are tropical plants!

Someone once told me, that old paintings and early photographs are misleading on how people actually dressed day to day back in the day.
They would put on their finest clothes for a portrait.

But how come you only see paintings of women in bloomers, petticoat, hoops and full body long dresses, where's the old photo or painting of women wearing a thin lose sun dress?
31154   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 9:57am  

Tales from the Uniside, both 'sides' of Gaza Israeli conflict are artificial and rigged by the Intels as usual. Mossad/CIA caper. Just exactly who was anti semitic or anti Hamas? Both sides are Hegelian donkeys, with the people being sacrificed. Maybe those American 'billionaires' shouting down the universitiy 'wokesters' should be funding Hamas for Mossad.

Our Buddy Benjamin Fulford says it was "The entire operation of Hamas and Israel is led by Americans, perhaps under the direction of the Straussian Eliott Abrams [1] and his Vandenberg Coalition (Think Tank which succeeded the Project for a New American Century).":



31156   Booger   2023 Dec 8, 3:30pm  

31157   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 3:49pm  

31158   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 3:49pm  

31159   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 3:49pm  

31160   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 3:49pm  

31161   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 3:50pm  

31163   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:12pm  

Looks like more grist for the billionaire gang stalking mill.
31164   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:14pm  

31165   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:14pm  

31166   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:15pm  

31167   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:15pm  

Hunter deserves an academy award for 'Caligulan Splendor on Foreign Bribery Dime" category.

31168   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:17pm  

31169   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:17pm  

31170   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:20pm  

Woo claims that hundreds of homeless in SF were warehoused and killed, even harvested for organs, prior to Xi's visit. I guess they wanted to impress Xi they were a worthy servant modeling the CCP. The homeless rapture was the homeless harvest.
31171   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:30pm  

"Our only job is to embrace and stir the conflict, not evaluate its course and control the outcome."

31172   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:31pm  

31173   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:32pm  

Make that a half a second when they trigger your Tesla to blow.

31174   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 4:38pm  

When they trigger all the Teslas at once, it will cannonade a tongue of flame out the tunnel that will evaporate Lake Mead.
31175   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 6:49pm  

Of course, CIA Nancy Actress isn't talking about the Republic and OUR Constitution, she's talking about the foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC with its defunct, bankrupt hostage Babylonian debt corporation, its own flag and its own corrupt Roman Law constitution, where vampiric foreign entities and bribed apparatchiks pretend they are the government of the USA. She/It is relying on the same shape shifting trick that has held us as vassals of the Crown, the Vatican and the Euro banksters. She is a tapeworm that needs to be shat out with chemotherapy. Fuck HER crooked Constitution and parliament of criminal conspiracy 'democracy'.

31177   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 7:42pm  

31178   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 7:43pm  

31179   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 7:46pm  

Methinks the adrenochrome/cocaine speedball ramped up his grandiosity a bit.

31180   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 7:46pm  

31181   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 7:49pm  

31183   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 9:42pm  

So, that points to the thing being a CIA/Mossad/ MIC/ USA joint enterprise of some kind. I wonder if the shareholders are recorded in Switzerand with the BIS.

31185   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 10:05pm  

How do you grasp this horrible stuff. Is there no comfort in the storm? No wonder so many people choose denial. Disneyland was designed from the ground up to serve the goals of the predators and pedos?
img src="/uploads/c/c/a/cca135e17af6a2ef029b4359c05b1c9c.png" width="705" height="864" >

31189   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 10:18pm  

High Masonic Illuminati Witch MPD. Apparently, most if not all the Illuminati witches are multiple personality. Mom a Globalist prostitute?? (aka another illuminati witch?) and a Rockefeller (she is Bill's cousin). She was sheep dipped into her alleged Rodham family when the real Hillary died in adolescence.

31191   Ceffer   2023 Dec 8, 10:27pm  

Some Woo says that Hunter has been dead, too, to make it a father son actor show. That's plausible that Hunter is dead. Recovery from his kind of drug addiction is usually at best a few percentages, and those percentages have to be highly motivated for sobriety, a condition that Hunter is NOT. Most die before they reach 60. The SES are running out the clock on the distraction value of the Biden actors, it's all they are good for any more.


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