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2019 Feb 17, 4:30pm   835,688 views  28,535 comments

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18945   Ceffer   2022 Oct 23, 12:22am  

Guess DARPA and CIA Mockingbird don't want to lose a jewel from their propaganda crown after all.
18951   richwicks   2022 Oct 23, 3:57pm  

You want to see something kind of of sad?

I have been told that the Pentagon is accessible through the first floor, and the 5 "rings" about it are actually 2nd floor and up, so I went to good maps and checked. But this is what is sad:

There's a Subway:


And a Redbox:


And a Dunkin (Doughnuts)


Even a CVS pharmacy:


And the worst coffee on the planet - Starbucks:


In the center park area.

I don't want to give anybody crap for eating at Subway or picking up films from Redbox, but I'm kind of surprised those businesses are in the Pentagon.
18952   Ceffer   2022 Oct 23, 5:48pm  

More voluntary self poisonings to thin the herd. Between vax, fentanyl and vax sterilizations, there is going to be a lot more room in America.
18953   Onvacation   2022 Oct 23, 7:31pm  

18957   Ceffer   2022 Oct 23, 10:56pm  

More hopium porn? Ukraine is the multi tool of Globalist criminal enterprise.
18977   Ceffer   2022 Oct 24, 3:04pm  

LOL! More pathognomonic sociopath glasses:
18981   Ceffer   2022 Oct 24, 3:08pm  

Reminder. The people who engineer mass killings for propaganda effect are the ones trying to take your guns away.

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