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A dark horse Tesla challenger

By kt1652 following x   2019 Mar 4, 10:05am 477 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

"The Piëch Mark Zero range figures quoted would suggest a battery capacity somewhere around the 100 kilowatt-hour area, so an 80 percent charge represents about 80 kilowatt-hours' worth of energy jammed into a battery in less than five minutes.
But the team is making extraordinary claims about charging, saying the Mark Zero is capable of blast-charging from 0 to 80 percent of its full capacity in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. The battery is built by Desten Group, Limited, a Chinese/German operation based in Hong Kong."
Interesting story of the Porsche and Piech family.
Lovely design, as pretty as the best ICE sports cars.
If Piech's claim is true, and why would they stub their toes right out of the gates, unless there is some proof to the claim?
80Kwh charge in 5 minutes, by my estimate, would equate to 250-300 mi range.
I can live with that!
The battery tech is a partnership with Hong Kong based company, means it could quickly be scaled and cost reduced for a much larger general EV market. The promised battery breakthroughs are coming.

1   Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2019 Mar 4, 10:40am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Anyone see the damage just one Vape Pen exploding battery can do?
Those EV Batteries are made by taking thousands of those and wiring them all together to make one battery.
2   Patrick   ignore (1)   2019 Mar 4, 11:02am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Huh, I just bought some tesla.
4   Iranian_Oil_Burse   ignore (5)   2019 Mar 4, 11:08am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Beautiful car. Good future competitor for the new Tesla Roadster.
5   kt1652   ignore (1)   2019 Mar 4, 11:17am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says
Huh, I just bought some tesla.

Way to step up.
My Ouija board, aka technical analysis, is not signaling a buy yet.
For long term hold, it prob doesnt matter.

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