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Loony Texas republican communists

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Texas is trying to block Tesla from even servicing its cars in direct sale battle with car dealers.

Tesla has long been having issues selling its cars in Texas due to their direct-sale law and car dealer lobbying effort, but now the automaker’s situation is becoming even more precarious in the state as a new bill that could block them from even servicing their cars is being introduced.

Texas is one of the biggest markets in the US that still completely bans Tesla’s direct sale model.

The local car dealer lobby is using old laws meant to stop automakers to compete with their own franchise dealers to block Tesla from selling their own cars directly to consumers even though Tesla never had any franchise dealers.

Many see this as a free market issue as car dealers appear to be using the law to protect themselves from competition and create a monopoly.

Tesla has launched several lobbying efforts to change the law over the years, but they always failed to convince the legislature, which is being influenced by the car dealer lobby.

Despite this issue, Texans have bought thousands of Tesla vehicles, which the automaker delivers from other states to comply with the law.

Tesla has been able to service those vehicles through its own service centers, which are not subject to those same direct-sale rules, but now dealers are even going after Tesla’s right to service its cars.

Republican Senator Kelly Hancock introduced a new bill (SB 1415) that would ban Tesla from servicing its cars through its own service centers if it gets through the legislature.

According to the draft, it would be effective as soon as September 1, 2019.

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"Kelly works to ensure a fair economic playing field, tear down barriers to entry, and enhance competitive free markets. He believes the government should stay out of the way of the innovators, entrepreneurs, and hard-working taxpayers who drive our economy and create new jobs."

Unless of course, he is bribed by special interests like TADA.

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