Like a Yale degree, a Nobel Peace Prize will never mean anything again

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2019 Mar 20, 10:00am   2,121 views  6 comments

by Malcolm   ➕follow (0)   💰tip   ignore  

I found it very saddening and disappointing, when I learned from this little video that Al Gore was given the Nobel Peace Prize over this woman. When we reflect on that, the pure corruption, and pandering of the organization completely undermines any prestige now.

And if that wasn't bad enough, this year, a child who is cute, but does nothing but parrots the debunked science of AGW was nominated by the Prime Minister of Japan.


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1   Ceffer   2019 Mar 20, 11:49am  

"Token LibbyFuck International Gold Star" award? It seems to anoint whatever Globalist Agenda asshole currently on the political docket. Do you ever think Trump actually stands a chance of getting it? That might restore the reputation a tiny bit.
2   SunnyvaleCA   2019 Mar 20, 2:01pm  

One word of Nobel disappointment: Obama.
3   MisdemeanorRebel   2019 Mar 20, 3:47pm  

A few years ago, they gave the Literary Prize to a mediocre, barely known Ukrainian author, apparently because she was anti-Russian.

It's totally politicized.
4   Patrick   2019 Mar 20, 9:34pm  

MisterLearnToCode says
It's totally politicized.

Yes, it's a prize for conforming to The Narrative and not asking too many questions about it.

Obama got the Nobel Prize for nothing at all.
5   komputodo   2019 Mar 20, 11:11pm  

Malcolm says
I found it very saddening and disappointing

I would say pissed off and disgusted but I've become accustomed to the new reality in the usa.
6   CBOEtrader   2019 Mar 21, 7:28am  

Hitler would have won Nobel in '36.

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