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1   Shaman   2019 Sep 4, 9:23am  

Good. If TSA officers are not officers then they have no authority to demand searches or charge people with crimes. If they are officers then they can be sued for malicious or negligent conduct. The citizens must have recourse against petty tyranny by the government. This is a safety valve to avert a more violent vigilante response by an aggrieved public against the government or its officers.

Government can only govern with consent of the governed.
2   Patrick   2023 Mar 3, 12:51pm

The visible part of the current nosedive toward totalitarianism began in 2001 with the introduction of the TSA and the normalization of harassing travelers at the airport

“War on terror” was also used to justify a transition to more “secure” IDs, paving the way to more surveillance and control ...

Imagine a dialogue at a doctor’s office. “Unvaccinated? Why is that? Mental health problems, maybe? Just so that you know, if you are depressed, we can offer medical suicide. Oh and by the way, are you an organ donor?”

This sequence may sound dystopian and contrived but I think that this is where we are going unless we massively, loudly and immediately object.

A Trip Down the Memory Lane: See Something, Say Something
It started with the airports. It was the airports where we were first turned into pawns of the state. Well, it started in earnest much earlier and much deeper — but visibly, in our lifetime, it started with the post-911 airports and, after the Patriot Act, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001. It was the war on terror that was used to justify the transformation of freedom into the marching orders of a budding totalitarian state.

For many of us, the memory of flying as free citizens before 2001 is all too distant now — but I do remember, vaguely, not being barked at by people in uniforms, not being treated like a shoeless prisoner, and not being told to partially undress and proceed into a mildly radioactive booth to be screened for suspicious objects — oh, the sweet memories of joyful travels before 2001! Did they really exist, or did we merely dream them up?

Predictably, today, under the new abnormal, the airports remain a bastion of unfreedom where travelers are often treated like the property of the people in uniforms. ...

Pro tip for the aspiring state and corporate totalitarians: If you like power and stomping freedom, just criminalize things like walking around barefaced — based on … nothing scientific but merely because you said so.

That’s the real cult power. You cannot call yourself accomplished S&M cult leaders until you successfully dictate what people wear on their own faces or put into their own bodies. But I think you already know this pro tip without me telling you, right?
3   Tenpoundbass   2023 Mar 3, 1:31pm  

That is the most laziest article I have ever seen. The case did nothing to address the original charges. In the article it said that she was showing her ass, and making terrorist threats. Those charges were later dropped. It sounds like to me, that the TSA Picked a Soros Activist that was traveling, and felt they were above the TSA screening, that everyone else has to go through. They probably made some threats, or a snide hypothetical statement, that would get everyone of us arrested. So the Court is saying the TSA can't manhandle passengers that don't want a patdown. It does nothing to say we wont have to go through the X-ray microwave when we travel domestic, if you don't want that, then you must submit to a patdown search. Refuse that they will escort you out rather than tackle you and lock you up.
4   HeadSet   2023 Mar 3, 1:43pm  

Shaman says

Government can only govern with consent of the governed.

Gunpowder grants consent.
6   HeadSet   2023 Aug 28, 8:19am  

Shaman says

Government can only govern with consent of the governed.

"Political power comes from the barrel of a gun."
7   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 5:20pm

Three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers were arrested at Miami International Airport (MIA) for allegedly stealing from passengers during security screenings.

Arrest affidavits show that 22-year-old Elizabeth Fuster, 33-year-old Labarrius Williams and 20-year-old Josue Gonzalez were all arrested Thursday on charges of organized schemes to defraud.

According to the affidavits, the airport federal security director for law enforcement at MIA contacted a Miami-Dade Police detective regarding thefts that occurred at Checkpoint E involving TSA officers. The investigation revealed that three officers, while on duty, were seen on surveillance video conspiring together to distract passengers as they were being screened and stole money from their belongings.

Due to security concerns, the detective immediately researched the thefts, which revealed a recent case that was previously opened by police.

After watching surveillance video provided by TSA, the detective saw Fuster, Williams and Gonzalez remove $600 from a passenger's wallet while they were being screened, the affidavits stated. Additionally, all three were seen on "several" other incidents conspiring together to commit more thefts.

8   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 6:07pm  

How can we ever become an effective kleptocracy if we keep bothering these people. First, we restricted their body cavity with electrified batons without lube search rights. Now, they can't even feed their families by hoisting a few baubles from white supremacists who can afford to fly.
10   Patrick   2024 Feb 11, 12:49pm

RED FLAG: TSA Rolls Out New Facial Recognition Technology at Airports Across America

Officers at 400 airports and growing will now order you to stand in front of a camera that will measure your facial features and compare them to your photo ID, similar to facial recognition technology used in China.

But get this: TSA is assuring illegal migrants that they will not take their photo if they’re not comfortable with it.

Political commentator Dave Rubin shared a photo of a TSA sign at one airport, explaining that migrants who crossed the border illegally and were given migrant ID numbers by Border Patrol do not have to show a photo ID and do not have to have their photo taken at all if they don’t want to.

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