IL social equity tyranny: cannabis license update

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by CBOEtrader     💰tip   follow   2019 Sep 5, 6:55am  

After reviewing details of regulations, it is obvious that social equity status is a necessity to recieve a new cannabis license in IL.

Social equity is 20% of the application point total. There is currently no minimum score for awarding dispensary and craft growers licenses, but w limited licenses and huge demand SE looks like a pre-req. Furthermore, there is no regulated limit on # of transportation licenses, BUT the rules state to must score 85% to get one. Given the 20% SE points and the SE assumption is now better seen as the mandate it is.

So what is social equity? Social equity status is awarded to either 51% ownership or 51% employees being social equity individuals. A social equity individual is 1) a person who has lived for 5 of last 10 years in a ghetto (defined as theshold poverty rates, school lunch rates, etc...) 2) someone who had his record expunged or 3) a family member of someone who had record expunged.

Let's not forget the application ALSO awards points for diversity hiring plans : defined as anyone who isnt white, Male, straight, and able bodied.

And... extra points for "green" planning for the environment, whatever the fuck that means.

Keep your eyes on IL kids. The business plans proposed to and accepted by IL for cannabis will be comical, far left virtue signaling hot garbage... including ours. We decided we cant afford to hire any non social equity employees for day 1. Straight, white, males and anyone NOT currently living in the ghetto of Chicago need not apply.

Shouldnt there be a discrimination suit in here somewhere?
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