Interracial Violent Crime Rates

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How is it possible that only 12% of the population (blacks) assault whites at more than 5x the reverse rate?

It's possible only if black people are far more racist than white people and deliberately choose to attack whites.

Why is this violent racism never mentioned in the mainstream press?

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237   Misc   2023 Sep 28, 9:17pm  

So...uhhhhhh......what the Fuck did they expect to happen when the city did away with cash bail ??????

The DA has discretion as to what crimes to prosecute. Could be all the looters are let go.

There's a new saying..."Crime Pays".

238   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 28, 10:09pm  

HeadSet says

And the fact she was raped and murdered in her own high security upscale apartment implies that this guy was invited in.


Why else aren't the Baltimore PD reminding everybody to lock doors, check six when entering, etc.

According to the above article, police discovered her body after a missing person phone call. She was in a residential building; had the door or window been broken in, it would have noticed much earlier. Also the sound.

EDIT: On the other hand, I suspect it was 306 West Franklin, the complex has multiple reports of shitty maintenance and security issues, so maybe the above isn't impossible, though the building looks very well maintained and rather luxurious from the outside. Then again, it's been spammed with recent reviews since the murder so people could be retconning.

To top it all off, she was heavily involved in SJW diversity causes.

Dailywire is going nutso in Man Uppity Wife Up the Tinderella mode.

Just wait until the Crowder Gag Order is over. If, like me, you got bad vibes from Candice Owens...
240   GNL   2023 Oct 3, 6:01am  

I don't know how to say this but, better people like her bare the brunt of these retarded policies than a conservative.
242   Patrick   2023 Oct 3, 12:03pm  

GNL says

I don't know how to say this but, better people like her bare the brunt of these retarded policies than a conservative.

I agree 110%.

It seems like there is some justice in the universe when Democrats get bitten by Democrat policies.
244   HeadSet   2023 Oct 6, 2:12pm  

PedoIwog says

This looks suspicious because it starts mid beating. We need to see what happened prior, as it could be the blonde girl attacked and ended up losing.
246   AmericanKulak   2023 Oct 7, 9:35pm  

"Shoot to kill the Boer"

"The Whites deserve it"

It's no longer the dusty Academics like before the 2000s. It's the Message.

It has an end state, and it looks like yesterday in Israel. Or years ago at Bataclan.

Same shit. They have food courts, water parks, multistory shopping malls in Gaza. They are top 10 fattest people on the planet. But they want to shoot to kill their Boers.
247   Patrick   2023 Oct 9, 11:54am  


It doesn’t get much worse than this. But, when you’re White, this is a privilege.

Channon Christian,21, and Christopher Newsom,23, were a young couple in Knoxville,TN. In January 2007, they had the #WhitePrivilege of being carjacked and kidnapped. Both were raped, sodomized, tortured for hours, and horrifically killed.

On January 6,2007, the couple were seen kissing in the parking lot of an apartment complex before going to watch a movie. While Chris was standing outside leaning into Channon’s Toyota Forerunner, three men watching from their car saw the couple as an easy target and soon a gun was in their faces and the rest of their short lives were a living hell.

Channon was forced into the backseat of her own car with her boyfriend. They were blindfolded and taken back to the home of one of the men where the real horror began.

Chris would be raped by at least one of the men. Semen was later found in his rectum. He was sodomized with an object, possibly a chair leg causing severe injury and bleeding. After several hours of torture and humiliation, he was taken from the home barefoot, in only a shirt and underwear, gagged and blindfolded to nearby railroad tracks. A dog leash around his neck was used to either force him to walk or to drag him to the tracks. He was shot in the neck and back paralyzing him. Mercifully a third gunshot to his head would kill him before they covered him with a blanket, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire. His charred body was found about 12 hours later.

He lived 3 to 4 hours after his last kiss with Channon.

But her misery was just beginning. When the men returned to the home, Channon was restrained to a chair for the purpose of orally raping her. At least two of the men, who were brothers, would take turns going into the bedroom where she was tied to objects securing her to an air mattress. She would be violently orally, anally, and vaginally raped over and over. The inside of her mouth was torn and anus and vagina were lacerated causing excruciating pain and hemorrhaging. An object, possibly the same chair leg used to rape Chris, was forced inside her. Her genitals were stomped on and beat with an object. Bleach was poured into her mouth and vagina in a sick attempt to remove evidence. When they wanted to move her around the home or allow her to use the restroom, she was dragged around the house leaving deep carpet burns on her back. At some point a fourth man showed up at the home.

The non-stop abuse would continue until the beginning of the third day when they decided they were done using her and it was time for her to die. An attempt was made to choke her to death, but that only broke her neck. So they forced her into a contorted fetal position and bound her with strips of a curtain. Her head was wrapped in plastic, secured with tape, pushed against her knees and tied so it would not move. She was then shoved into 5 garbage bags, dropped into a trash can still alive and conscious. She was left there in the kitchen to suffocate slowly. Gagged and completely helpless knowing it was her end. She died with her eyes open.

249   Patrick   2023 Oct 10, 2:37pm  


National Conservative
Democratic Party Leader and "voter rights advocate" murdered while canvassing in Lansing, MI

Ted Lawson, 63, was Secretary of the Ingham County Democratic Party

15-year-old classified suspect in custody.

Huh, I wonder what race that 15 year old is.
254   richwicks   2023 Oct 11, 6:46pm  

Booger says

Oh. I approve of this murder then, if it's true.
255   AmericanKulak   2023 Oct 11, 7:20pm  

This is the Antifada
256   Patrick   2023 Oct 16, 10:59am  


Another tragic shooting out of the state of Michigan resulted in the death of a prominent democrat last Sunday.

Ted Lawson, secretary for the Ingham County Democratic Party, was shot and killed on October 8th.

The 63-year-old was out canvassing, when a 15-year-old allegedly asked him for money before shooting him.

257   Patrick   2023 Oct 18, 10:37am  


Bro, look at what this kid did to this lady and tell me 30 years is a satisfactory sentence.

[Warning: Graphic] ...

That left her paralyzed from the waist down. She can no longer walk.

258   Patrick   2023 Oct 31, 9:52am  


I spent some time combing through the videos on their channel, and there is a ton of violence with calls for help identifying suspects: Fatal car accidents, kidnappings, shootings, armed robberies, assaults, sexual assaults, child-abuse, murder — the works.

So, the question is: What was it about this particular video that YouTube didn't like?
I mean, even if they caught these two guys, George Soros's main-man George Gascón (the Los Angeles District Attorney) has refused to prosecute over 10,000 cases like this since he's been in office.

The cases are just sitting in limbo.
263   Patrick   2023 Nov 12, 2:58pm  


Jonathan Lewis Jr., 17 year old white teen was beaten to death near Rancho High School in Las Vegas last week.

You didn’t hear about it because he was jumped by 15 black teens.

The story didn’t fit the narrative.

265   Patrick   2023 Nov 12, 3:13pm  

I assume the vertical scale is the rate per thousand per year or something like that.
266   HeadSet   2023 Nov 12, 5:59pm  

Patrick says

I assume the vertical scale is the rate per thousand per year or something like that.

Looks like percentages of all homicides. Only adds up to about 75% since Hispanics and Orientals are not included. Why not just use raw numbers?
267   BeneTiberCato   2023 Nov 13, 9:02am  

Patrick says


Jonathan Lewis Jr., 17 year old white teen was beaten to death near Rancho High School in Las Vegas last week.

You didn’t hear about it because he was jumped by 15 black teens.

The story didn’t fit the narrative.

RIP to the late great Colin Flaherty, who tried to tell us all, "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry."
269   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 8:08pm  


Black criminal overdoses on a bus in Appleton, WI, and firefighters revive him with narcan. When police ask him about the bulge on his right hip, he pulls out a gun and kills the firefighter that saved his life.

271   Patrick   2023 Nov 19, 10:54pm  


Man stabs 4 women at Louisiana Tech Campus – University Claims “Random Act of Violence”; but he was black, they were all white, is this not a racist attack? Yet no mention by media; where is Biden's Justice department? Come on people, why the double standard?

272   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 3:06pm  


What would have happened if the roles were reversed in the hockey "freak accident" between Matt Petgrave and Adam Johnson?

During a hockey game on October 28, Nottingham Panthers forward Adam Johnson died from a slit throat after Sheffield Steelers defender Matt Petgrave collided into him with his skate blade raised 6 feet into the air. MSM and hockey officials immediately called it a “freak accident”. They not only condemned and blocked anyone who disputed the narrative, but also portrayed Petgrave as the victim of racist hate speech. ...

275   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 1:15pm  


New Orleans teen John Honore is found guilty of murdering grandmother Linda Frickey who was dragged from car in violent hijacking
John Honore, 18, was convicted of second degree murder
He now faces a mandatory life prison sentence after being convicted of murder
Linda Frickey's body was hanging out of her car until her arm was severed

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