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When do you think unemployment checks are gonna start bouncing?
by Misc on 3 Apr 2020  1 comment, latest 2 days ago
I don't know about your state, but in Arizona we have about $1.1 billion set aside in our unemployment fund. We had about 28k claims for the week ending 3/21,...

This is the best the Democrats have? (
by Misc on 26 Mar 2020  9 comments, latest 7 days ago After destroying thousands upon thousands of New York businesses, the governor is told tax revenue is going to drop by about $15 billion. New York's share of the Federal...

by Misc on 26 Mar 2020  3 comments, latest 10 days ago
Let's see...if we give each peasant a check for $1200, they will let us give Boeing a $60 billion bailout. That's $438000 per employee. Think that is going to be...

Looking for Nominations for the First Nation State to Economically Collapse
by Misc on 24 Mar 2020  8 comments, latest 11 days ago
Not including those that've already failed.

How to Make a Liberal's Head Explode
by Misc on 16 Jan 2020  1 comment, latest 3 months ago
Since Pelosi took her time sending the articles of impeachment to the senate, there is no need for the trial to begin right away either. Let's wait... until maybe after...

Most Bizzare Thing
by Misc on 27 Jun 2019  1 comment, latest 9 months ago
The US government told our tech companies not to sell anything to the Chinese company Huawei on national security grounds. Well...from what I gathered...on its earnings call Micron technologies stated...
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