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Wouldn't it be Funny If ...

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by Misc   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Jan 6, 10:02pm  

The media started reporting every death of someone who took a Covid vaccine, as dying from the vaccine?

1   Patrick   2021 Jan 6, 10:16pm  

Sure, it would be consistent with how they report every death with Wuhan Virus as being from Wuhan Virus.

Consistency is not the media's strength, so they won't do it. They exist only to manipulate public opinion in favor of Bezos/Biden/China.
2   Onvacation   2021 Jan 6, 10:20pm  

Where's Tiffany Dover?
3   Ceffer   2021 Jan 6, 10:22pm  

He was a gynecologist. They'll list the cause of death as 'Killer Pussy'.

We are in the age of complete psychopathic breakdown of information. They are leveraging Covid Blue Pill Fraud, and they will use MSM and our now cucked government to cover everything up.

Remember those years when Gates had the brainstorm about beta testing with Windows software. He decided that instead of hiring expensive debuggers, just release the beta to the public, let the public report the glitches, and beta test the software that way while never calling it a beta but releasing it as a finished product.

With human beings, it works a little differently, but, hey, he can't be sued with his brainstorm investment, and he wants the population decreased, anyway.
4   Eman   2021 Jan 6, 10:43pm  

No, it would not be funny. Cause of death is unknown at the moment. Give it a rest until the investigation is done.
5   Misc   2021 Jan 7, 1:28am  

Eman says
No, it would not be funny. Cause of death is unknown at the moment. Give it a rest until the investigation is done.

Of course, this is going to be funnier than shit.

You see the brainiacs decided to give the vaccines to the most vulnerable 1st. They are busy giving 1 million vaccines per day to the elderly especially those in nursing homes. The average life expectancy for someone put into a nursing home is just a few months (as has been written about numerous times on this blog in defense of Covid being nothing more serious than the flu). Starting about April/May, the reports are going to surface about thousands and thousands of people dying each day from these vaccines. The media outrage will be epic. Daily death tolls from these vaccines will be front page headlines

Some people should consider themselves "Red pilled".
6   Ceffer   2021 Jan 7, 1:34am  

The doctor died of 'thrombocytopenia', which is an auto immune condition that attacks the platelets of the body (essential to clotting) and is no joke because you basically die of uncontrolled bleeding throughout your body. The question is, what caused the auto immune condition and was it a reaction to the vaccine. Is it just coincidental that he developed this after taking the vaccine? You would think that a doctor would have known about thrombocytopenia if he already had it.

Making such linkages has been proffered as associated with vaccines (because vaccines are supposed to induce immune responses). The question is, does the vaccine evoke the wrong types of immune responses rather than just an immune response to the alleged viral entity.

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