Interracial Violent Crime Rates

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How is it possible that only 12% of the population (blacks) assault whites at more than 5x the reverse rate?

It's possible only if black people are far more racist than white people and deliberately choose to attack whites.

Why is this violent racism never mentioned in the mainstream press?

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300   AD   2024 Jan 21, 11:52pm  

Patrick says

fucking savages ....wonder if this will get more common as that shithole country further collapses... seems like the rate of decay is slowed because the country is benefiting from all the infrastructure and other investments gained before Nelson Mandela became president

301   Patrick   2024 Jan 28, 9:48am  

Lol, I think people pointed out that a certain group is missing from Japan.
302   HeadSet   2024 Jan 28, 2:22pm  

Patrick says

Lol, I think people pointed out that a certain group is missing from Japan.

That is also true in Turkey. When I was in Antolia, I saw many women walking home alone after work, even those on the factory nightshift.
305   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 9:06pm  


Media says two teen girls brutally attack a woman with Down Syndrome; wrong, this was racial hatred, the title should be: "2 feral fecal black girls tried to kill a defenseless white elderly woman and left her with life-long permanent head and body injury & a jury has just sentenced them to be publicly hung until dead'; now that would have been more accurate! racist beasts!
310   HeadSet   2024 Feb 22, 6:56pm  

Why are so many robots White? If you made them Black you would be accused of racism for implying Black slavery.
311   GNL   2024 Feb 22, 7:04pm  

HeadSet says

Why are so many robots White? If you made them Black you would be accused of racism for implying Black slavery.

Exactly. And this is why White people need to push back. There is NOTHING White people can do to appease the unhappy fucks. STOP trying to appease anyone. Fuck all crybabies.
313   richwicks   2024 Feb 23, 5:46pm  

UkraineIsFucked says

Because it's a prototype. Plastics have to be colored, and that increases complexity and cost, something you totally ignore during development.
315   Patrick   2024 Feb 27, 9:59am  


Police say this driver is on tape crushing a mother and daughter at 70mph in a city crosswalk and he is already out on bond

How is our justice system this broken?

I'm going to show you the tape of this vehicular homicide that occurred on Valentine's Day, of all days. It is horrific. This mother and daughter were literally deleted. The perp is going so fast that they had no time to react. Within a single frame, they disappear, their bodies thrown like rag dolls down the street.

I found a blurred version for you...

Yes, that man - the man on tape crushing the bones of a mother and daughter, reducing them to human pulp on the pavement, was QUICKLY RELEASED ON BOND BY A ST. LOUIS JUDGE.

This is a trend for St. Louis:

Janae Edmondson was only 17 when a black perp with 90 bond violations crashed into her, causing her to lose both legs. The perp was out on bond AGAIN following an armed robbery charge. As a violent repeat offender awaiting trail, he should have never been out on the streets, but in an effort not to appear racist and to enact Marxist "equity," St. Louis has decided to play games with innocent lives.
316   Patrick   2024 Feb 27, 10:27am  


In the wake of Floyd, I began to notice many such cases, cases where white Americans, or white people around the world, suffered violence, with not even a fraction of the outcry that had been given to the strange case of Floyd.

Of course we all know crime is an inevitable part of human life. Victims and perpetrators are found in all walks of life, in all nationalities, in all ethnic groups (at different rates of course).

But what interested me were how certain crimes, with certain types of victims and perpetrators were depicted by the media. There is, indeed, a clear pattern.

Lewis was murdered over a dispute concerning a pair of headphones.

Andy Probst, a retired police chief of Reno, in Nevada USA, was murdered by two ‘youths’ in a hit-and-run incident whilst they livestreamed it online.

This is them laughing about it in court. ...

... What I am suggesting some kind of ideological trend which seeks to taint the white race, and to whitewash the crimes of other races.

Maybe this offends you. But is it true?

How else to explain the bias of AI programmes?

... After all, much of this ‘war’ is conducted by whites themselves, certainly in the first world. These whites are liberals who for some reason have imbibed the historical falsehood that whites are uniquely guilty, that whites are the scourge of the planet, and that white culture does not, or should not, exist.

Historians posit that peoples rise and fall according to the degree of ‘asabiyyah’ within their communities.

Asabiyyah is an Arabic term referring to group consciousness, solidarity, and self-belief. It is not necessarily based on race. A medieval Arabic historian, Ibn Khaldun, popularized the term as the chief ingredient in the rise and fall of civilizations.

Maybe western civilization is in decline. But that does not mean we simply need to go gentle into that good night. We are allowed to be on our side. We are allowed to love our heritage.
317   WookieMan   2024 Feb 27, 12:16pm  

Always tread lightly with blacks. It's about family. They either have it or don't. Assume they don't. But if they do, be cautious. I constantly have to defend my nephew. Only time I might fight. White people with a black kid is interesting is all I'll say. And I have a temper. Even the blacks are ass holes towards us.

I'm just trying to raise a kid with a fucked up mom. I didn't wake up one morning and say I'm going to marry a chick with 4 sisters, and raise him out of wedlock, with an in prison jackass dad.

Blacks have lost their real culture and family and that was 100% moving manufacturing out of the country. Also the black women are whores. It's always a black guy with a white chick. Why? Black women are not desirable. The race has broken down and I give no shits if that sounds racist. They lobbed a nuke straight up in the air and it landed on them. This will never be fixed in any of our lifetimes.
318   Patrick   2024 Feb 29, 11:42am  


Johnson, a felon who had been released from prison less than a month earlier after serving a 7-year sentence, beat Marc & Rita to death in their home.

March 22, 2019

Location: Pompano Beach,FL

Victim(s): Marc Gagné 80,Rita Gagné 78

Attacker(s): Quinton B Johnson

Description: Johnson, a felon who had just been released from prison less than a month earlier after serving a 7-year sentence, beat Marc and Rita to death in their home.

http://archive.is/ Link(s):
https://archive.fo/m3W5d Story on the crime.
https://archive.fo/NiJDh Johnson is arrested.
https://archive.fo/yDWxn Johnson’s mugshot.
https://archive.fo/ntot6 Johnson’s FL prison info. He was released 2-23-2019.

https://archive.fo/5V918 Another story on the investigation.
https://archive.fo/lZwBq Additional story on the investigation.
https://web.archive.org/web/20190522232707/https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/quinton-johnson-rita-gagne-marc-murder-florida_ca_5cde1761e4b09e057800f9d7 Another story on the arrest.
https://archive.fo/AzmPT Gagné surname wikipedia entry.
https://archive.fo/ZDy1Z Gagné surname info house of names.

321   Patrick   2024 Mar 6, 10:04am  

Posted before I think, but worth posting again:

324   Patrick   2024 Mar 10, 6:45pm  


She's currently in critical condition with extensive brain damage.

Her name seems to be Kailee, and the attack was at Hazelwood East HS in St. Louis, Missouri.
327   Patrick   2024 Mar 11, 2:57pm  

I may have already posted this one.
330   HeadSet   2024 Mar 13, 6:56am  

Booger says

What are we looking at here?
331   stereotomy   2024 Mar 13, 7:38am  

Is that supposed to be Kailee (the girl who head her skull crushed by thugs)?
332   Patrick   2024 Mar 13, 10:49am  


The 15-year-old attacker, reportedly named Maurnice Declue, has now been arrested by police and is being held by St. Louis County Family Court on assault charges. In a statement, the school district said,

"The Hazelwood School District offers our sincerest condolences to everyone involved, and will offer additional emotional support from our support and crisis team to those in need. We look forward to continuing to partner with our community for the sake of our children. Please be kind and respectful of the families involved during this difficult time and pledge to help work toward the betterment of our entire community."

That's great and all, but again, I have to ask: If the skin colors of these students were switched, would you still ask for kindness and respect?
333   Patrick   2024 Mar 16, 7:57pm  


A lone white boy was attacked by a mob of black students on Friday. Sent by a parent. Happened in Eagle Ridge School in MN.

338   GNL   2024 Mar 18, 6:44am  

Patrick says

It's amazing how stupid some white girls can be.
339   Patrick   2024 Mar 24, 10:02am  

Patrick says

The 15-year-old attacker, reportedly named Maurnice Declue, has now been arrested by police and is being held by St. Louis County Family Court on assault charges. In a statement, the school district said,

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