Serious Question. Is there any limit to what you are willing to believe?

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2019 Nov 20, 4:27pm   1,418 views  9 comments

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Okay, I get it, orangemanbad and you like having abortions. But to be a Democrat supporter today you need to believe.

1. Jeffery Epstein killed himself.
2. Hunter Biden got a job on the board of a corrupt Ukraine gas company purely based on merit
3. Kavanaugh raped somebody even though not even the best friend or family of the accuser backs her up.
4. Warren thought she was Native American when she applied to Harvard.
5. Clinton didn’t steal the nomination from Bernie.
6. The FBI decided all on its own that based on the opo research paid for by Clinton it needed to investigate Trump.
7. The Clinton foundation is a charity.

I could go on. At what point are you going to realize the Democrats are the most corrupt party in the world and are full of shit?

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1   Tenpoundbass   2019 Nov 20, 6:28pm  

Everything the Democrat project on Trump and his supporters. I can show the Democrat crime they covering up by projecting it onto the opposition. Which is a common Commie tacit. Commies don't rise to power unnoticed. They do so by blaming all of their corruption and crimes it took them to hijack a political system on those keeping the flame.
2   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2019 Nov 20, 6:54pm  

They don’t think, they believe what cnn tells them to
4   ignoreme   2019 Nov 20, 7:05pm  

Glad to see you are finally so concerned about the sell out of the middle class by the globohomos Jazz. Just wondering where you were the last 20 years and what specific Democrat president candidate is going to do a better job then Trump at fixing it.
5   ignoreme   2019 Nov 20, 7:22pm  

jazz_music says
Just get out of here with all that bullshit

I promise to never post on patnet again if you name one specific dem candidate you like more then Trump.

Since I know you won’t you are clearly full of shit and are a troll and everyone that doesn’t already have you on ignore can safely add you.
6   ignoreme   2019 Nov 20, 7:32pm  

Love you jazz.
7   Shaman   2019 Nov 20, 7:58pm  

ignoreme says
Love you jazz.

Not me. He’s a senile old communist without a point or a reason or even a consistent policy platform. The only thing he actually believes is that ORANGEMANBAD and GOP BAD. That’s his only area of consistency. Everything else changes like the wind.
8   ignoreme   2019 Nov 20, 9:18pm  

From the great Ann Coulter: http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2019-11-20.html#read_more

“ It’s getting to the point that the only purpose of the establishment media is to alert us that there’s a story about something. You see a headline “Carnage in Las Vegas” or “How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue,” and think to yourself, Oh, I’ll have to look that up from a fairer source. ”

Nail on the head.
9   NDrLoR   2019 Nov 20, 9:26pm  

"Kavanaugh’s opponents are inveterate liars, who cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything."

Reminds me of Mary McCarthy's description of Lillian Hellman: "Every word she writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the'."

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