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Resort Bubbles

By just_passing_through follow just_passing_through   2020 Aug 7, 8:47pm 242 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Nice ring to it eh? Who want's to go to Hawaii? Nawh? Fuck dat?


The visitor industry on Maui is looking at creating “resort bubbles” or “geo-fencing” with visitor arrivals down 99 percent in June and the Sept. 1 lifting of the quarantine requirement for trans-Pacific travelers looking dimmer as new COVID-19 cases statewide hit triple digits daily.

“This is kind of the best Plan B that we have,” said Rod Antone, executive director of the Maui Hotel & Lodging Association on Monday. “I think this is a good option. There are some kinks to work out,” including enforcement and maintaining safety of hotel workers.

Geo-fencing will keep trans-Pacific travelers at resorts in a bubble they cannot leave. Mauians will be able to continue enjoying the reduced traffic and fewer people on beaches and at other popular areas because visitors will be forced to stay in their hotel or resort area and beaches while keeping them away from Haleakala and the Kamaole beaches, Antone said.
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It's also fascist collusion with the hotel/resort industry at the expense of small mom and pop bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals.

The hotels suck there. I stayed at the Westin at Whalers Village last year wait for a guest to leave my unit. Looked great on the outside and Westins are nice around the country. Not in Maui they aren't. Once you get past the waterfalls and pools outside and hit the elevator it starts to stink.

Then you step out into a hallway where the carpet is like 20 years old. It's not even attached to the floor anymore and has wrinkled waves you have to be careful not to trip over.

Next you get to your room that is $300/night (double a typical vacation rental), doesn't even face the water and small (1/4 the size of a vacation rental) and stinks (some vacation rentals probably stink) vs. a $150/night vacation rental. That is probably right on the water.

So you tip the valet well because you want to help out the locals (no choice but to use valet) well and then you check out and they force fees on you that you didn't expect: like a $30 valet fee.

Not to mention that many of the condos in the area (which have a lot of vacation rentals but some people live in them) are about to fall into the water. The state won't let them fix their seawalls (somehow a building falling into the ocean is better for the reefs) but they DO let the resorts/hotels fix theirs.

Shady as fuck. The ONLY place you can stay right now is one of those...
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just_adhom_preaching says
The visitor industry on Maui is looking at creating “resort bubbles”

That could be deadly. After a huge dinner of greasy roasted pig, it would be like a large "dutch oven".
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Samoan Flatulence!

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