PBS chief counsel advocates for 're-education camps' for children of Trump supporters

2021 Jan 12, 5:46pm   485 views  4 comments

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Project Veritas released an explosive video on Tuesday exposing PBS principal counsel Michael Beller for his statements defending violent attacks on the White House, advocating for the children of Trump supporters to be placed in "re-education camps," and praising the COVID-19 inflicted deaths of red state voters.



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1   cisTits   2021 Jan 12, 6:46pm  

He only got fired because he got caught.
2   Karloff   2021 Jan 12, 6:48pm  

Listen to this creep in the video and be sure to understand this: This is actually what a not-insignificant number of people have been conditioned to believe these days.

It's not hyperbole or exaggeration to them. They truly, deeply do believe that anyone who is not a progressive leftist is a dangerous, sub-human monster who needs re-education, firing, imprisonment, or death. When they were screaming that Trump was going to put them in camps near the beginning of his term, it was projection.

Coming soon will be struggle sessions in work places and town squares for people who are identified as "right-wing" or "vaccine deniers".

3   RWSGFY   2021 Jan 12, 7:41pm  

4   porkchopexpress   2021 Jan 12, 7:51pm  

We have them already. Public schools.

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