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1   Ceffer   2021 Jan 19, 2:25pm  

There were all those rumors that she was captured in Frankfurt with the servers, and turned state's evidence. Also, it was claimed at various times that a body double was attending CIA meetings but sitting in the back and saying nothing. Body doubles can never speak, because voices are like finger prints.

Who knows. Trump can still make an appointment today for replacement. If the CIA was invaded yesterday as rumored, perhaps Haspel's final role as turned witness was to allow access.
2   Onvacation   2021 Jan 19, 2:58pm  

Ceffer says
If the CIA was invaded yesterday as rumored,

By whom? Missed that rumor.
3   Ceffer   2021 Jan 19, 3:00pm  

Onvacation says
By whom? Missed that rumor.

It's another 'trillion dollars found' rumor, so maybe it is just better to leave it at that until further confirmations.
4   Onvacation   2021 Jan 19, 3:43pm  

Hope hope hope for hopium when hope seems hopeless.

Already making my plan to get in good with the communist party. They need productive workers with real skills.

President Biden is going to dismiss ALL student loans for X studies majors. They also get a free injection of an experimental biological agent when they go to sign the papers, it's rumored.

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