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I'll start

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371   Patrick   2023 Oct 24, 11:18am  


English police tell Englishmen that waving the English flag is racist as Palestinian flags fly in the background
372   HeadSet   2023 Oct 24, 2:09pm  

Patrick says

English police tell Englishmen that waving the English flag is racist as Palestinian flags fly in the background

Umm, a little background here. That flag was the flag flown by Richard the First in the Crusades, so the cops see a racist provocation intended. Sorta like someone flying a 30 Star US flag during Cinco de Mayo. To be fair, then the cop should then be arresting anyone flying the Palestinian flag as offensive to Britain's Jewish minority. Even so, that English flag is still current and even flies over English government buildings along with the Union Jack.
374   Ceffer   2023 Oct 26, 7:52pm  

Also exempt were the staff, employees, teachers, professors and officers of all of the schools and universities inflicting the mandates on the students.
384   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 10:27am  


This weekend, the Washington Post ran a hysterical, long-form, non-paywalled article headlined, “Trump And Allies Plot Revenge, Justice Department Control In A Second Term.” Revenge plots! The sub-headline darkly warned, “Advisers have also discussed deploying the military to quell potential unrest on Inauguration Day. Critics have called the ideas under consideration dangerous and unconstitutional.”

Clearly the WaPo became very upset when it discovered that the Trump Team is working with the Heritage Foundation to draft various procedures and executive orders intended to drain the swamp and safeguard the 2024 election. In particular, WaPo was incensed at Trump’s alleged plans to investigate a whole slew of people in the federal government, including both democrats (like Biden and his family) as well as Republicans (like Attorney General Bill Barr and Retired General Mark Milley).

Trump and Heritage have also suggested deployment of the U.S. Military under the Insurrection Act, to protect the 2024 election from violent protests and other types of election sabotage.

In light of all that, suddenly, somehow, the completely tone-deaf WaPo has magically discovered the alarming term: “banana republic.” Apparently, when conservatives even think about doing it, banana-republicing is “dangerous” and “unconstitutional”:

To facilitate Trump’s ability to direct Justice Department actions, his associates have been drafting plans to dispense with 50 years of policy and practice intended to shield criminal prosecutions from political considerations. Critics have called such ideas dangerous and unconstitutional.
“It would resemble a banana republic if people came into office and started going after their opponents willy-nilly,” said Saikrishna Prakash, a constitutional law professor at the University of Virginia who studies executive power. “It’s hardly something we should aspire to.”

Really? Would it resemble a banana republic if people came into office and started going after their opponents willy-nilly? Hmm. I wonder. Do you think we could find any examples of that kind of thing laying around the country anywhere? Now, before you guys say what I know you are going to say, the WaPo was way ahead of you.

Don’t say Trump! Trump’s prosecutions are totally different and not politically-motivated at all. Here’s how the WaPo simply explained the difference:

Trump has claimed without evidence that the criminal charges he is facing — a total of 91 across four state and federal indictments — were made up to damage him politically.
(But) Special counsel Jack Smith, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Biden have all said that Smith’s prosecution decisions were made independently of the White House, in accordance with department rules on special counsels.

So there you have it! It’s so simple. Case closed. Grandma Garland and President Robert L. Peters have both assured you — quite firmly now — that politics had nothing to do with it; Trump is just a master criminal who went on a national crime spree of victimless process crimes and now he must pay the price. And don’t worry, Biden and Garland would definitely tell us if they were prosecuting Trump banana republic style. They wouldn’t lie about something like that.

Neither would the Washington Post, dummies. How dare you.

Seriously, though, I’m not a fan of banana-republic-style political prosecutions when anybody does it. But the banana-colored feline is out of the Republic’s bag, or words to that effect. Reform would be great. We desperately need criminal justice reform across the board; we should strip from the books all the so-called strict-liability (intent-less) crimes, the process crimes, the victimless crimes, and so forth. It shouldn’t be a felony to lie to a federal officer if the lie is not about anything material, for example.

The WaPo story utterly failed to mention the fact that deranged leftists have long planned to disrupt the 2024 elections and any potential Republican presidency. Buried by the news are credible reports of leftist plans to: shut down the nation’s capital in case of Trump’s re-inauguration, disrupt major ports and shipping facilities, and in one remarkable example, to bomb the FedEx facility and the airport in Memphis, Tennessee – one of the busiest cargo airports in the world. Generally, intercepted plans suggest leftists intend to widely disrupt U.S. economic activity unless Trump is removed from office.

And those are just the ones we know about.

Here’s what to take away from this story. For over two years now, I’ve heard conservatives complain about the stolen election and the lack of planning about how to actually drain the swamp. But there IS planning going on about how to drain the swamp. And there is planning going on about how to secure the elections. There are two very good reasons why you haven’t heard more about those plans.

First, Establishment Media will never report anything that would buoy conservative hopes. So it’s not like they’ll be advertising it for us. Second, it’s not time yet. Especially as to election security, if remedial security plans were unveiled too soon, then cheaters would have time to develop countermeasures. Some things have to be done early and publicly, like changes to elections laws in some states, and we’ve seen those. But as for other strategies, one must wait till very close to the election before revealing the whole plan.

I do not know all the plans. I do not need to know. But I do know there is a lot of planning going on. There’s no guarantee the plans will work. But never think that conservatives are rolling blindly into this election cycle without plans. And today’s WaPo story proves how just upset the liberals are to find out about conservative planning.
393   Patrick   2023 Nov 11, 1:50pm  


The Department of Justice and FBI pride themselves on being the top federal agencies to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of hate crimes. Their zeal for tracking down racists and targeting Americans based on fabricated white supremacy allegations apparently stops, however, when it comes to classifying the type of anti-white crimes that occurred at Covenant School earlier this year.

On March 27, 2023, Audrey Hale, a woman masquerading as a man, shot and killed three children and three staff at a Christian grade school before local police took her out.

Even though the ambush bore several telltale signs of a hate crime, the identity-obsessed ruling class passed on consoling the Christians mourning the slaughter to stand in solidarity with trans-identifying Americans like Hale.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters shortly after the massacre that it was a “targeted attack.” However, MNPD, along with the Tennesse Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, repeatedly refused to release the manifesto detailing Hale’s motives.

It was only this week, more than nearly eight months after the shooting, that conservative media personality Steven Crowder leaked three of the manifesto pages. The publicization of the bombshell writings put seven MNPD officers on administrative leave but exposed the reasons Hale decided to shoot up her former school.

In her “DEATH DAY” notebook, Hale claimed she planned to murder Covenant schoolchildren because she hated their white skin, light features, and “privilege.”

“[G]oing to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles. F-ck you little sh-ts,” Hale wrote weeks before the attack. “I wish to shoot you weak-ss d-cks w/ your mop yellow hair wanna kill all you little cr-ckers!!! Bunch of little f-ggots w/ your white privileges.”
396   BeneTiberCato   2023 Nov 13, 9:12am  

Patrick says

She is probably out of work now, AI replaced her on the DEI team at whatever corp-globo-homo she worked at. Unless she's in government, in that case she has been promoted.
399   Eric Holder   2023 Nov 16, 2:29pm  

I think this one fits the thread:

PS. Was he cucking out to please the Mooslim who was occupying the WH then?
401   Patrick   2023 Nov 18, 2:02pm  

The photo looks computer-generated, but the truth remains.
403   HeadSet   2023 Nov 19, 2:01pm  

Patrick says


Patrick, be careful here. We need to be sure of what crime the teen was sentenced for, as it may be unrelated to calling anyone a race traitor.

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