Also the Left; The Great Hypocrisy thread

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2021 Jan 29, 6:34pm   71,192 views  645 comments

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I'll start

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1   latitude38   2021 Jan 30, 1:10am  

So what if it takes more carbon footprints to deliver oil to its destination at a substantial higher cost .There’s no hypocrisy ......... once you know that the transportation of the longer and more dangerous route is the trains owned by your biggest campaign donor Warren Buffet .It’s commonly called pay back .You grease my hand I grease yours
4   Patrick   2021 Jan 30, 9:09pm  

3.6 Question: "What is the difference between capitalism and socialism?"

Answer: "In a capitalist society man exploits man, and in a socialist one, the other way around."

5   Patrick   2022 Aug 23, 3:45pm  


Steven Spielberg says he is “terrified” of climate change but has burned over $116,000 in jet fuel on his private plane in 2 months 🤔
12   GNL   2022 Sep 15, 3:47pm  

Patrick says

It's a Bolshevik revolution.
14   Eric Holder   2022 Sep 27, 10:55am  

Patrick says

Remember how actual armed people stromed the Capitol and actually shot at and seriously wounded actuall senators? Yet, Jan 6th was "the worse attack on the Capitol EVER".
15   Patrick   2022 Sep 28, 2:32pm  


Avi Yemini

Extremist brings Sydney to a standstill: Quickly gets away with it blaming 'climate change anxiety'.

Mother protesting lockdown alone: Police rip young screaming child from her hands and pursue her for OVER two years.

23   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 1, 5:49am  

Patrick says

30-somethings were asked "Do you want a husband who is a plumber and makes $250k/year, or a lawyer who makes $150k/year."

And they chose the latter.

It's not just the money, they want the prestige and overvalue education.
24   Shaman   2022 Oct 1, 7:44am  

Women get advanced degrees.
Men get advanced job skills.
Men make more than women as a result.

The cultural shift to value blue collar work again is in full swing in the youth. There are millions of unfilled tradesman jobs which pay $150k+ And often include benefits like health insurance and even pensions! Find me a lawyer who’s making a pension…
That union machinist is going to have a nice retirement income at 65 while the retired lawyer has to keep working past 70.
29   Misc   2022 Oct 8, 9:31am  

The SEC fined someone for touting an investment ???????

All publishers of all financial publications get kickbacks for touting investments, and so do the journalists. The SEC just didn't like that it was done with a crypto currency because the Crypto firm didn't have a program of hiring SEC officials.

34   HeadSet   2022 Oct 28, 5:38pm  

I smell racism on the part of the NYT above..
37   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 6, 8:22am  

Before the Transban: "There are no elective trans surgeries for minors, it almost never happens! No need to ban"

After the Ban: "Nooo! You can't ban this vital procedure that is underutilized and necessary! Reeee!"

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