Also the Left; The Great Hypocrisy thread

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2021 Jan 29, 6:34pm   64,025 views  600 comments

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I'll start

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546   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 Mar 15, 10:00pm  

Isn't this the same shit they are prosecuting Trump for in Georgia?

549   AD   2024 Mar 16, 6:11pm  

552   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 Mar 17, 3:55pm  

Community Notes is finally getting its shit together:

567   Patrick   2024 Mar 26, 12:02pm  

And who was the "top" in that incident?

Why is no one in the press even asking that question?
580   Tenpoundbass   2024 Mar 31, 9:50am  

The_Deplorable says

That has backfired on China. It turns out, that without a huge consumer middle class in America, and China's ability to manufacture our cheap retail thrills.
They don't have any middle class. Then their 80 million yuan shit shack flats become only worth 10 million, while they default on their mortgage and get foreclosed. People over 35 can't find a job outside of the service sector. China is having a harder financial collapse than any we have ever experienced in America. Remember those ghost cites in China in 2010? For the most part, those were all eventually sold to newly minted executive, management, and tech class of people in China. Their IP theft had lifted China up from being the Wests cheap labor pool, employed by foreign companies. To they were using that stolen technology and know how to run their own companies, manufacturing, and tech companies with America as their intended target.
Then they go and spread Communism in warp drive around the West, drop Covid, and quit manufacturing our Best Buy, and Costco crap. All at the same time our jobs and economy was being impacted by the missing supply chain.
Look just how much is missing from your store's shelves these days. In Big Box stores, Building suppliers, Retailers, just look at the lack of options and brands these days. Each hole represents thousands of Chinese workers unemployed right now.

It's not good in China.

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