Also the Left; The Great Hypocrisy thread

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I'll start

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653   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 9:54am  


SPOKANE, WA — The three teenagers who were arrested for riding scooters on a Pride flag painted on the road were kicking themselves for not simply lighting the American flag on fire and threatening violence instead.

"I guess we picked the wrong flag," said one of the teens, whose name has been withheld for anonymity. "I had no idea the Pride flag was so much more sacred than the American flag."

According to sources, the teenagers were surprised to learn they could deface statues, light smoke bombs outside the White House, hold up a bloody mask of the President, threaten mass murder, and light the American flag on fire without any consequences whatsoever. "That's completely insane," said one of the teens. "All we did was ride our scooters in circles a couple of times. I know I'm just sixteen, but that seems a little less bad than all that other stuff."

At publishing time, the teens were informed that they would be released without charges so long as they would say their scooter circles were to protest the rescue of the Israeli hostages.
654   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 9:56am  

Seems to be a real thing:

685   RWSGFY   2024 Jul 9, 7:13pm  

DemocratsAreTotallyFucked says

But she didn't exactly defended herself - her bodyguard defended her. See? SEE?!!!
686   HeadSet   2024 Jul 9, 8:47pm  

stereotomy says

DemocratsAreTotallyFucked says

That's a damn shame.

Yes, a shame. He meant "Schrodinger's Feminism."

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