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Can't find anything at all in the media anymore, except wildly biased yellow journalism.

Trump continues to insist there was mass fraud, but all media simply dismisses his claim as "false" without any reasoning or evidence.

I'm pretty damn sure Biden's election was fraudulent.

Update: after 2000 Mules presented the evidence, I'm 100% sure that Biden's election was fraudulent. See https://2000mules.com/

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1273   Patrick   2024 Jan 23, 3:40pm  


Benny Johnson asks: WHEN in American election history have all 5 swing states simultaneously STOPPED counting ballots on election night?

Is there any explanation for this other than centrally organized fraud?
1274   Patrick   2024 Jan 24, 1:30pm  


Tucker Carlson: They stopped counting votes on election night.

Ken Paxton: Because what they needed to figure out was how many real votes there were so they could figure out how many mail in ballots to apply to the election. That’s what they would have done in Texas, I’m convinced.

Tucker Carlson: So you think that was fraud, right?

Ken Paxton: I have no doubt, having been through that whole process.

Tucker Carlson: It wasn’t just a water leak.

Ken Paxton: It was definitely planned. I mean, it would have happened in Texas, I promise.

Tucker Carlson: But can you just stop counting ballots on election night whenever you’re watching tv? Oh, I know.

Ken Paxton: Have you ever seen that before? Ever? For three?

Tucker Carlson: Well, you tell me. You’re the one…

Ken Paxton: I’ve never seen it before in my life. I was like, I knew it when they stopped and Trump is leading in all these states. I knew exactly what they were doing. Because there’s no way to know where those mail in ballots came. Anybody could have filled them out. Anybody. There’s no way to know where those ballots came from.

Tucker Carlson: That’s not a dangerous conspiracy theory.

Ken Paxton: I watched it happen.
1278   Ceffer   2024 Jan 24, 10:05pm  

Patrick says

Ken Paxton: I’ve never seen it before in my life. I was like, I knew it when they stopped and Trump is leading in all these states. I knew exactly what they were doing. Because there’s no way to know where those mail in ballots came. Anybody could have filled them out. Anybody. There’s no way to know where those ballots came from.

Two things I remember Trump distinctly saying. I stayed up on election night because I was basically alarmed. Somebody asked Trump on live TV when everybody was getting ready to turn in about how he felt being ahead, and would he go to sleep feeling that he had the election. Trump stated outright that the voting would be stopped at 3AM (the devil's hour) and that the trucks stuffed with ballots would be pulling up at the polling stations. He KNEW the election was going to be defrauded and just plain stated it.

The other thing I remember Trump saying when the 'Chinese scare' started over the Covid fraud disease (the Chinese were happy to kill a lot of their own citizens with 5G to start the Covid scare), I heard Trump say very succinctly that Covid was a psyop. He knew absolutely that Covid was a massive fraud from the get go. He knew all their plans and what they were doing, and whatever strategy he had, he let them do it.

Thanks so much for the education, President Trump, you flogged it into us.
1279   Patrick   2024 Jan 25, 10:36am  


Bridgeport Democrat Mayor Wins Race After His Associate Is Caught Stuffing the Local Ballot Drop Boxes with Bags of Ballots

Mayor Joe Ganim won another victory on Tuesday in the Bridgeport, Connecticut special election for the Democratic primary for mayor. Ganim quickly claimed victory after winning the in-person tally by 274 votes.

In November a local judge overturned the initial primary election after Wanda Geter-Pataky, the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic Town Clerk and a vocal supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, was caught on video stuffing the ballot drop boxes with dozens if not hundreds of absentee ballots.

So Mayor Ganim won again on Tuesday against John Gomes in the Democrat primary.

The Gomes campaign was able to identify the woman in the footage as Wanda Geter-Pataky, the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic Town Clerk and a vocal supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, who is seeking reelection. Gomes’ campaign claims that the video shows Geter-Pataky dropping off stacks of absentee ballots ahead of the September 12th primary.

“Video surveillance proving that the mayoral election was unequivocally stolen through corruption within City Hall by tampering with absentee ballots,” John Gomes said on his Facebook page.

“This is an undeniable act of voter suppression and a huge civil rights violation. It’s time to restore lasting credibility to our city’s democracy. Once and for ALL. Enough is enough!” he added.
1281   AmericanKulak   2024 Jan 25, 11:56am  

Get this and more charts here from:

Who got 4 months in jail from the Commies.
1284   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 4:59pm  


Federal Bureaucrats Censored Public Concerns over Mail-In Ballots during 2020 Election, Docs Show

Unelected federal bureaucrats censored the concerns of the American people regarding the use of mail-in ballots during the 2020 election, newly obtained documents have revealed.

Public concerns about the election were censored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

According to the newly released docs, CISA officials knew it was wrong to censor Americans voicing legitimate concerns but they did it anyway.

A tranche of documents was published by America First Legal (AFL) on Monday.

The docs alleged the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) CISA was aware ahead of the 2020 election that mail-in ballots were less secure than in-person voting.

They knew that mail-in votes carried a risk of voter fraud but sought to cover up this information and smear and suppress those who, accurately, suggested in-person voting was safer, AFL’s vice president and general counsel Gene Hamilton revealed.

As part of the campaign, the CISA undertook an “unprecedented censorship campaign to mislead the American people about the truth,” according to Hamilton.

“Common sense dictates that ballots submitted via mail are inherently less secure than verified, in-person voting by a citizen who shows identification before casting his or her ballot,” Hamilton said in a press release.

“The American people were lied to, and there must be accountability.”
1286   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 29, 2:27pm  

Harpy: A lying liar who lies, is lying again!

1288   UkraineIsFucked   2024 Jan 31, 11:49am  

Patrick says

Not if they steal.it.
1289   Onvacation   2024 Jan 31, 5:51pm  

"...there are two ways to run [as a candidate] either without an opponent or scared." Kamala

original link
1290   richwicks   2024 Jan 31, 6:11pm  

UkraineIsFucked says

Patrick says

Not if they steal.it.

Yeah, they're going to steal it, again.
1291   UkraineIsFucked   2024 Feb 1, 4:42pm  


On Friday, Green Bay Election Observer Janet Angus won an important battle in the fight for transparent elections. A Brown County Circuit Court Judge ruled in Angus’ favor over the City of Green Bay, who had retaliated against her. This case stems from Green Bay City Clerk Celestine Jeffreys accepting multiple absentee ballots on election day in Spring 2022. Janet Angus bravely challenged this illegal acceptance, was rebuffed by the City Clerk, and then had the City of Green Bay try to intimidate her. Janet Angus’ court victory on Friday is a significant win for election integrity.

Wisconsin law (Wis. Stat. 7.41(1)) states that election observers have a right to “be present at any polling place, in the office of any municipal clerk whose office is located in a public building on any day that absentee ballots may be cast in that office.” Yet when Janet Angus followed this law in the April 2022 Spring Election, she was charged with disorderly conduct for pointing out that Clerk Jeffreys was not following Wisconsin law in accepting multiple absentee ballots from voters. Angus was not engaging in any disruptive behavior, interfering with voting, or intimidating anyone. When she saw wrongdoing, she went to the City Clerk, which is what you are supposed to do. Angus did this in a conversational tone of voice, keeping her voice down so as not to cause a disturbance. She asked if the Clerk had accepted 2 ballots and the Clerk admitted she had. Janet Angus then objected and challenged the Clerk for taking the two ballots in violation of Wisconsin law (Wis. Stat. 6.87 (4)(b)(1) says the absentee envelope is to be delivered in person to the municipal clerk). Janet Angus also filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission for Clerk Jeffries breaking the law.

About 3 months later, the City of Green Bay charged Janet Angus with municipal disorderly conduct. Rather than address the issue the day the supposed incident occurred, the court transcript reveals that this investigation began weeks later after a city official reached out to the police department.

1293   UkraineIsFucked   2024 Feb 1, 10:37pm  

Patrick says

There are no fake ballots when they rig the elections.

They are real, printed ballots. Adding a watermark on them won't do shit.
1294   steverbeaver   2024 Feb 2, 1:50am  

You are forgetting the #1 force behind the fraud, which for some reason most do not want to discuss, is niggers. When was the last time you found a nigger that could comprehend a watermark or how it works. I am not ignorant of their coaches, but... despite the best efforts this will be a smoking gun because... well, you know.
1295   HeadSet   2024 Feb 2, 8:05am  

UkraineIsFucked says

They are real, printed ballots. Adding a watermark on them won't do shit.

Correct, especially when the tallies are changed by Dominion anyway. If they wanted to take the fraud out, they would do what virtually every other Western country does and have voter ID with paper ballots counted at each polling station under supervision of competing parties.
1297   Patrick   2024 Feb 3, 4:21pm  


Oregon Supreme Court Bans 10 GOP State Senators from Seeking Re-Election

The Supreme Court of Oregon has banned ten Republican state senators from seeking re-election.

Fox News reports that the court’s members blocked the GOP lawmakers by accusing them of violating state rules.

It is, perhaps, not irrelevant that the court is dominated by leftist judges.

Banning the opposition party is also a form of election fraud.
1304   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 3:51pm  


In 2020, Biden won each of the six swing states by fewer than 20,000 votes, a tiny margin in the context of the overall vote.

But here’s the rub: When we extrapolated for mail-in voter fraud in the six crucial swing states, using state-specific mail-in voter data and accounting for a variety of fraud rates (from the 28% level all the way down to the 1% level), the Electoral College vote changed considerably.

In almost all the hypothetical scenarios we lay out, Trump would have won enough Electoral College votes to defeat Biden soundly. In other words, Biden’s Electoral College victory, although seemingly large, was predicated on razor-thin margins in all six of the swing states.

We know for a fact that each of the six swing states changed its election rules in the months leading up to the 2020 election to allow for mass mail-in voting based on inaccurate state voter registration rolls. We also know that several of these states made it easy for mail-in voting fraud to be committed by eliminating common-sense guardrails like signature verification and permitting shady election practices to take place like ballot harvesting.
1305   Patrick   2024 Feb 10, 2:25pm  


🔥 The Orlando Sentinel ran an uplifting election-law story yesterday headlined, “Federal judge grudgingly rules for DeSantis in elections law challenge.” Grudgingly is one way of putting it.

In 2021, Florida passed a package of election-law reforms designed to prevent cheating. After a legal challenge in 2022, a federal Judge (an Obama appointee) ruled large parts of the new laws were unconstitutional because, to him, they were obviously targeting black folks, because the entire Florida Legislature and Governor DeSantis are obviously racists.

In 2023, a three-judge panel on the 11th Circuit overturned part of Judge Walker’s decision, but allowed other parts to stand, barring elections reforms that to you and me look like commonsense proposals completely unrelated to anybody’s race, but to race-experts are clearly, without a doubt, 100%, invidious racism masquerading as election security reforms.

So then Governor DeSantis appealed the panel’s ruling to the entire 12-judge 11th Circuit. And the whole 11th said, wait a minute, this isn’t right, and sent the case back to the start, to Judge Walker, to certify whether the suing plaintiffs had met a key evidentiary test required to invalidate any law for racism: whether plaintiffs provided real evidence in the record that the law in fact “unduly burdened” their First Amendment and equal-protection rights.

Whoops. Judge Walker was forced to admit that, no, there was no evidence the laws in fact burdened the plaintiffs. So he closed the case, leaving the original law in place. But he was not very happy about it, and grabbed the last word, criticizing his judicial bosses on the 11th Circuit on the way out, who apparently are also racists. I’m not saying Judge Walker sees racists everywhere he looks or anything (he’s a very smart judge), but in this case, well, decide for yourself:

“As this court previously found after a lengthy, two-week bench trial, the state of Florida has, with surgical precision, repeatedly changed Florida’s election code to target whichever modality of voting Florida’s Black voters were using at the time,” Walker wrote. “That was not this court’s opinion — it is a fact established by the record in these cases. Even so, following the state of Florida’s appeal, this persistent and pernicious practice of targeting the modalities of voting most used by Florida’s Black voters has apparently received the stamp of approval in this (11th) Circuit.”
In case you were wondering, by “modalities of voting most used by Florida’s Black voters” I think Judge Walker means voting without showing a driver’s license and using mail-in voting options.

There you go. According to Judge Walker, we are going backwards. Racism now has the official stamp of approval by the 11th Circuit Court of appeals. Cue a federal investigation by the Justice Department. But in the meantime, the package of election security laws is no longer enjoined and is fully in place, right in time for the 2024 election season.


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