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2021 Feb 2, 10:07pm   191,043 views  1,566 comments

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Can't find anything at all in the media anymore, except wildly biased yellow journalism.

Trump continues to insist there was mass fraud, but all media simply dismisses his claim as "false" without any reasoning or evidence.

I'm pretty damn sure Biden's election was fraudulent.

Update: after 2000 Mules presented the evidence, I'm 100% sure that Biden's election was fraudulent. See https://2000mules.com/

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1504   Patrick   2024 May 28, 12:09pm  


It’s been nearly four years since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election after several days of locked rooms, late-night ballot deliveries, and triple-counting ballots.

On November 18, 2020, The Gateway Pundit first posted the impossible numbers that swung the election to Old Joe.

Mysterious late-night ballot drops in every battleground state swung the election to Joe Biden. And subsequent ballot drops in perfect ratios of ballots to Trump and Biden solidified the results.


1509   Patrick   2024 Jun 1, 9:04pm  


The end result is a 2020 election where Biden and Trump combined received 155.5M votes vs the 128.8M combined for Hilary and Trump in 2016. That's 26.7M more votes in 2020 compared to 2016. That's a 20% increase in voter turnout in a period where the population only grew by a few percent. In an election where people weren't inspired by either candidate. And where there was more voting friction than ever before due to COVID-19.
1510   The_Deplorable   2024 Jun 2, 1:08pm  

Patrick says
"The end result is a 2020 election where Biden and Trump combined received 155.5M votes vs the 128.8M combined for Hilary and Trump in 2016. That's 26.7M more votes in 2020 compared to 2016. That's a 20% increase in voter turnout..."
" Mysterious late-night ballot drops in every battleground state swung the election to Joe Biden..."

Especially the late-night drops at 3 am...
1513   Patrick   2024 Jun 3, 8:23pm  


Want to Do Something? Help Review Voter Rolls! Training this Wednesday!
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Hi Friend -

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We only have about six weeks left to review voter rolls. After that, most states will begin closing down any maintenance reviews in accordance with the election deadlines established through the National Voter Registration Act. To date, IV3 users have identified 191,705 challenges. If you are curious about the accuracy of your local voter rolls, and willing to engage, IV3 is the project for you.

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Your True the Vote Team
1514   stereotomy   2024 Jun 5, 3:52pm  

I don't like what Zoom is trying to do with my computer. If they really cared, they would have figured out a much less invasive way to join. Zoom is a predatory organization that tried to scam my wife. 'Nuff said.

EDIT: It was dropbox that tried to scam my wife.
1520   porkchopXpress   2024 Jun 16, 2:30pm  


There are over 20K unsubstantiated ballots in GA’s 2020 original results from tabulators that “do not exist” according to the Rossi/

Fulton County provided “proof” they exist.

Except their proof showed they used serial numbers for DIFFERENT machines.

There’s a word for this... Oh yes, fraud.
1525   Patrick   2024 Jun 18, 4:04pm  


320,000 ‘Ghost Voters’ Found in Michigan Ahead of November Elections

Ghost voters are shadows who linger on the voter rolls after their original registrants have moved on.

Often, the original registrants relocated out of state died.

In addition, some of the ghost voters were automatically re-registered with a duplicate identification number.

Many are automatically re-registered due to Michigan’s new automatic voter registration law

The issue raising serious concerns about voter integrity as the critical November elections draw near.
1528   porkchopXpress   2024 Jun 23, 12:35pm  

I found a good resource related to election fraud. These guys really dig into facts and details and have been taking action since the election:
1533   Patrick   2024 Jun 28, 1:30pm  


china wants an end to the US as a superpower. they also know they cannot fight us militarily and that their own potemkin economy is tottering toward failure and burial beneath a mountain of debt. they will not attack us directly, they’ll undermine from within pushing a border crisis and bad military entanglement all over the world.

but what they really want is american internal collapse. how do you do that?

you push a candidate so senile and dishonest and unpopular to the fore and then help him rig an election so blatantly that no one can miss that the fix was in. you want irregularities, box stuffing, machines that suddenly get 300,000 biden votes at once at 3 AM, and exit polls that are 65% trump resulting in vote counts that are 51% biden.

you create an election so obviously fraudulent that america will not accept it and spark civil war or, at the very least, a full de-legitimatization of the US system. you cannot really lose. either your guy gets 4 more years to play the wrecker on a newly demoralized nation, or you spark a constitutional crisis and perhaps internal uprisings. it’s the final denouement of a decades long play to destroy US institutions.
1535   Patrick   2024 Jun 29, 12:58pm  


Newly released transcripts from House Judiciary Committee interviews prove that the letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials was a political ploy.

The revelations on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was abandoned by the drug-addled son of the then-candidate, were explosive.

Because they couldn’t refute the substance of the since-verified information, former CIA Director Michael Morell confessed he concocted the letter that the “Biden world had asked for.”

The letter gave cover to Joe Biden exactly as it was supposed to at the final debate.

“Look, there are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plan,” Biden said on the debate stage.

Why are those "intelligence" officials not being prosecuted?
1538   Patrick   2024 Jul 1, 9:39am  


PARIS (AP) — French voters in Sunday’s presidential election will use the same system that’s been used for generations: paper ballots that are cast in person and counted by hand. Despite periodic calls for more flexibility or modernization, France doesn’t do mail-in voting, early voting or use voting machines en masse like the United States.

Interesting that the AP would publish this.

Are they finally opposed to voter fraud because they don't want to see the pedo potato remain in the White House?
1541   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 8, 9:30pm  

I'm open to being wrong, after all the media hid Biden's Dementia for years, but there's a difference between ballot stuffing in a few Urban Blue Zones in Swing States and a NeverTrump RINO-controlled city that accidentially on-purpose made sure they had voting machine problems, and printing enough ballots over the whole country.

Wisconsin is lost, Maricopa is still under RINO domination, but everywhere else the Dems are going to have real problems. Pennsylvania legislature, which has some based Republicans in it, really did close a lot of loopholes. I think the Dems are going to be shocked in some of their backyard areas, too.

That being said we have a real, real narrow window of time to desocialize and depussify the country. Libertarians, Classic Liberals, Moderates, and Conservatives need to get it through their thick skulls that Academia, K-12, and Culture-Media has to be completely revolutionized.

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