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Can't find anything at all in the media anymore, except wildly biased yellow journalism.

Trump continues to insist there was mass fraud, but all media simply dismisses his claim as "false" without any reasoning or evidence.

I'm pretty damn sure Biden's election was fraudulent.

Update: after 2000 Mules presented the evidence, I'm 100% sure that Biden's election was fraudulent. See https://2000mules.com/

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1463   Patrick   2024 May 6, 11:02am  


The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Denver business owner Joe Oltmann on Sunday. Oltmann, the founder of FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United, revealed how he infiltrated Antifa and how during a conversation with Antifa members, he discovered “Eric from Dominion” was allegedly part of the chat during the week of September 27, 2020.

Oltmann told TGP that “Eric” was telling the Antifa members they needed to “keep up the pressure.” When one of the caller’s on a September group call asked, “Who’s Eric?” someone answered, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.”

Oltmann said that as the conversation continued, someone asked, “What are we gonna do if F cking Trump wins?” Oltmann paraphrased how Eric (the Dominion guy) responded, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f cking sure of that!”

1467   Patrick   2024 May 7, 5:02pm  


After Pennsylvania House Democrats passed a bill that would allow mail-in ballots to be processed before Election Day, the bill heads to the Republican-led state Senate. A Republican Senate leader expressed concerns to The Federalist that the bill’s provisions would endanger “honest, transparent and secure elections.”

HB 847 was passed along party lines, 102-99, on Wednesday and would permit county election officials to begin opening and counting mail-in ballots and absentee ballots seven days before Election Day. The results would be tabulated on Election Day.

But Chairman of the Senate State Government Committee Sen. Cris Dush said in a statement to The Federalist that the Senate had previously rejected a similar pre-canvassing provision in March due to concerns of “pre-canvassing endangering honest, transparent and secure elections which remain the cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic.”

“Just like House Bill 847, this measure also failed to include proven election integrity safeguards such as constitutional Voter ID requirements or proof of citizenship for voter registration,” Dush continued. “With the next major election only months away, I will not commit to advancing any so-called election modification legislation that does not contain proven election integrity safeguards.”
1469   Patrick   2024 May 7, 6:43pm  


Wisconsin govt employee printed up 64,000 fraudulent ballots used in the fraudulent 2020 election.
1470   richwicks   2024 May 7, 6:59pm  

Patrick says


Wisconsin govt employee printed up 64,000 fraudulent ballots used in the fraudulent 2020 election.

Fired? So what.

You let me know when they are prosecuted, if they aren't prosecuted, it will just be done again.
1475   The_Deplorable   2024 May 8, 4:57pm  

Fulton County (Georgia) Elections Board Member confirms *MISSING* ballots

Patrick says
""Does the investigation confirm that there are missing ballot images?
"We have NO ballot images for 380,761 ballots..."

This means what?
After the votes were counted, Fulton County discovered that 380,761 ballots did not exist. In
other words the election in Georgia was stolen, meaning 380,761 votes were given to Biden
out of thin air. https://twitter.com/BehizyTweets/status/1787908232368857306
1477   Patrick   2024 May 9, 3:03pm  

Patrick says

But now, thanks to Benz, I know they were mapping all social circles online. That’s how they were able to censor Trump supporters. This was especially chilling regarding their campaign for mail-in ballots, which they’d planned long in advance. ...


My response to the Washington Post.

This is a 40-minute lecture, Part 1 in what I'd like to be an ongoing series, Censorship Industry Decoded.

This first video cut through the tricks & traps in WaPo's verbage. These tricks are stock for the industry & essential to understand.
1478   Patrick   2024 May 9, 3:57pm  


Fulton County double-scanned ballots in 2020 recount

“Does the investigation confirm that there are missing ballot images?”


there are 380,761 ballot images from machine count that are not available from Election Day

1480   Patrick   2024 May 10, 10:22am  


It’s hardly a mystery anymore how “Joe Biden” got elected. It’s perfectly obvious despite the “big lie” narrative that the 2020 election was stoked with a veritable orgy of ballot fraud and direct election interference by agency rogues, especially the ones leaning hard on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to manipulate what the public actually saw. Don’t believe your lying eyes they told the nation. What is a mystery is why they chose “Joe Biden” to front for the cabal around Barack Obama actually running the show. Never before in US history was there a president who left such a slime trail of bribery and corruption. Just as they had spent all their energy the previous four years in undermining Mr. Trump, they had to spend the next four years propping up and defending “Joe Biden,” and then desperately trying to save their own asses from a Trump return.
1485   Patrick   2024 May 12, 5:38pm  


Georgia Election Board hearing confirms Fulton County double-scanned thousands of ballots in the 2020 election recount, lost hundreds of thousands of ballot images
1486   Patrick   2024 May 13, 8:44am  


All of which is to say that something beyond desperation has set in amongst the Democrats, an emotion so dire that Elizabeth Kubler Ross couldn’t find a word for it on her transect of grief. They don’t know what to do at this point. They have only a few months to figure it out and there is more at stake than a mere turnover in administrative duties. The shadow of the gibbet looms in their nightmares. Their lawfare schtick was one thing, a kind of fun-and-games compared to what’s coming at them: the actual law, trials for more serious crimes than mere book-keeping errors and mis-pricing real estate valuations. Think: sedition, treason, bribery and tack on conspiracy to commit all the above.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump provided a further shock to the awakening Woke with a Saturday evening fan meetup down-the-shore in Wildwood, New Jersey. Somewhere between eighty to a hundred-thousand voters showed up in what is said to be among the bluest states in the country. Bruce Springsteen must have been weeping into his avocado toast over in Red Bank. Then, across the Sunday morning news digests there was talk about “a landslide win,” and even more amazed chatter about RINOs and Never-Trumpers returning to the folds of the Golden Golem’s heavenly garment, as though Mr. Trump had virtually Jeezified himself through a year of tribulation.

Will the Democrats just go through the motions the next six months, awaiting execution? Naw. One way or another, they are going to jam Hillary into this psychodrama. Stay tuned for a couple of medical emergencies. First, Kamala Harris will resign on account of a sudden “health problem” that prevents her from attending to her duties. Cancer will be implied but not spelled out. “Joe Biden” will appoint HRC of the Purple Pantsuit as veep. Three weeks later, “JB” will submit his resignation for medical reasons, and nobody will need to ask why. Voila! The first woman president, she-whose-turn-has-finally-come, flies triumphantly out of the Democratic Convention in her hometown, Chicago, like Rodan the Flying Reptile emerging from the mythic volcano, cawing her battle-cry across the land. The Golden Golem answers with a roar. The great re-match is on!
1492   Patrick   2024 May 16, 5:23pm  


The proportion of non-citizens who voted was less than fifteen percent, but significantly greater than zero.

Oh great, 15% of the seven million illegals that Biden imported.

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