Criminal Alien Admits He Came to US Because of Biden, ‘Definitely’ Would Not Have if Trump Were President

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2021 Mar 23, 5:34pm   86,942 views  878 comments

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A migrant An illegal A criminal alien (no person is illegal!) who is seeking asylum in the United States admitted in an interview that aired Sunday that he would not have attempted to travel to the U.S. if Donald Trump were still president.

In fact, the migrant illegal said specifically that he decided now was the right time to seek asylum here because of President Joe Biden.

ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz recently spoke with a Brazilian man — just one of the tens of thousands of migrants illegals who are traveling to the U.S. in search of asylum — who admitted that Biden's presidency was a motivating factor for coming to America.

"Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?" Raddatz asked.

"Definitely not. Definitely. We have a chance, you know. The same environment that's been going on today wasn't there last year," the man responded. "We used to watch the news and I definitely wouldn't do this."

Raddatz followed up," So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?"

"Basically, basically," the man said. "The main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing, I think, was Joe Biden."


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553   Patrick   2024 Feb 3, 2:59pm  


Video Appears To Show Migrants Tucked Away In Hidden Room Under Military Guard At Major US Airport
559   Patrick   2024 Feb 3, 4:22pm  


Popular TV host “Dr. Phil” McGraw visited the U.S. Southern Border in Texas on Friday and blasted Democrat President Joe Biden over the ongoing crisis there.

The former daytime talk show host criticized Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the administration’s response to the influx of illegal migrants flowing freely across the border.

McGraw spoke about the ongoing crisis at the border, including the legal fight between the Texas government and the Biden admin.

He also noted Harris’s absence at the U.S.-Mexico border after being appointed by Biden as the so-called “border czar.”

“Wrapping up my trip to the border,” he wrote in a post on X.

“This is something I needed to see with my own eyes.

“I have so much to say and share.”

In a video posted to X, Dr. Phil cited Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s assertion Biden “refused” to enforce protection laws.

Abbott says Biden has “enticed” thousands of migrants to avoid legal points of entry into the U.S.

“Texas law enforcement has seized over 454 million lethal doses of fentanyl during this mission,” McGraw said.

“Governor Abbott has said that the federal government has broken the pact between the United States federal government and the states.

“Governor Abbott says President Biden has refused to enforce those laws and has even violated them.

“The result is a humanitarian crisis, unlike anything we’ve seen before, smashing records for illegal immigration by wasting taxpayer dollars to tear open Texas border security infrastructure,” he continued.

Good God! Soon he'll become a Trump supporter!
561   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 4, 12:58pm  

Patrick says

With the Scalabrinis and Jesuits providing them "Casas de Migrantes" waystations.

565   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 9:29am  


Stout New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the same corpulent crime-fighter prosecuting President Trump, was also the same plump DA who released the border-jumpers without bail last week. Bragg, battered by criticism is, pillow-like, absorbing the body blows, defending his decision to release the renegade border-jumpers, and is bum-rushing a grand jury to indict the same scofflaws who beat down two cops in Times Square recently on camera and were arrested but immediately released to go about their affairs.

It’s almost like they don’t want to know who these people are. For some reason.

In any case, the well-rounded, Soros-supported district attorney’s “no bail” policy will soon be put to the test when the indictments inevitably come through. Then we’ll all see whether the young men — who have no valid i.d. and are deliberately not tracked as “sanctuary policy” (so as not to put the criminals in any danger of ICE deportation) — we’ll see whether Alvin will be able to find any of them to re-arrest once he gets the indictments.

To help avoid confusion, I made this helpful infographic, so you would know where you stand in the two-tiered criminal justice system these days. You are down on the second tier, which is kind of like being assigned to deck one on the cruise ship. You might even be below the second tier, somewhere underneath the Constitutional waterline:

572   RWSGFY   2024 Feb 6, 10:22am  

Patrick says

How else would they arrive if not through CA or MX border? By boat from Cuba?
573   RWSGFY   2024 Feb 6, 10:24am  

Patrick says

It's not about capability, silly. They need to please the left wing of the Demon Rat party. The "letter of 30" crowd, The Squad.
574   Patrick   2024 Feb 6, 11:54am  


Let's dive into this $118-billion flaming piece of garbage they call a bipartisan "border security" bill
577   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 12:10pm  


Biden Admits Senate Border Bill Is Precursor to Amnesty for All Illegal Aliens
578   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 12:10pm  


Illegal Migrant Encounters Already Exceed 1 Million since October, CBP Data Shows
582   Misc   2024 Feb 7, 11:18pm  

We've gotta deport them now. If we're gaining $7 trillion from the illegals, then central America is losing that much.

Central AMerica needs the coin more than we do...SEND them back.

584   zzyzzx   2024 Feb 8, 11:10am  

Misc says

If we're gaining $7 trillion from the illegals

We clearly aren't. We a spending lots of money on welfare for them.

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