I propose a Math Course

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2021 Apr 23, 12:42am   636 views  3 comments

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I will call it Fuck Niggers. Do you think this course will succeed in teaching math? Math is racist nowadays, so there is no need to tiptoe around the course title.
Entrance testing required.

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1   Misc   2021 Apr 23, 1:11am  

Oh, is this the one where they do the calculations where they show that with the excess: welfare, social security, food stamps, subsidized housing, subsidized school lunches, under payment of taxes for schooling, disproportionate amounts of earned income tax credit, child credits, WIC, and TANF payments; the costs to white society exceeds the benefits derived from the period of slavery by trillions of dollars.

I love that class.

Even though it doesn't take into account the extra societal damages from the preponderance of Black on White crime, and the associated costs with policing and detentions, it is still a good class.

I like the extra credit assignment in trying to calculate the trillions lost to Blacks for them skipping rent payments.
2   Misc   2021 Apr 23, 1:35am  

Looks like I lost a few points for not including the trillions spent disproportionately on Medicaid for Blacks.
3   clambo   2021 Apr 23, 4:59am  

I recently watched a silly movie “Fear of a black hat”
The fake rap group was NWH=niggas with hats.
There was a problem with one of their songs; producers didn’t like it.
“Kill Whitey” was therefore not released.

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