US cities that defunded their police are continuing to experience historic crime waves

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2021 May 26, 9:08am   38,064 views  310 comments

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U.S. cities that virtue signaled by defunding their police departments are seeing record crime levels, forcing many city leaders to rethink their basic levels of intelligence.

Here's what has happened in a few cities that voted to slash police budgets:

Homicide grew by 44% in New York, which had 1,531 shootings and 462 murders in 2020.
Homicides also increased 36% in L.A. to 350, leading the police chief to say "a decade of progress" has been erased.
Minneapolis, the center of the "Defund the Police" movement, saw a 46% increase in murders.
Oakland, California has seen a staggering 314% increase in homicides.
Portland, Oregon has seen murders triple.
Austin, Texas has had a 26% increase in aggravated assault reports.
Chicago saw a 65% increase in homicides from June 2020 to February 2021, despite arrests dropping 53%.
Philadelphia hit a 30-year-high with homicides in 2020, with 499 people murdered.
Even smaller cities like Louisville, Kentucky had a record high of 173 murders and is on track to surpass that this year.
The New York Times reported that many such cities are now expanding their police budgets to try to deal with these outcomes that absolutely no one could have seen coming.

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254   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 4:34pm  

AmericanKulak says

Country Music is trash because Memphis and Nashville are where pop star wannabes who failed in LA go to for a second chance at pop with a twangy voice or Tractor Rap.

Pop stars are just whores for producing the current propaganda.

Name any pop star that came.lut against the vaccine or mandates? That opposed any US war? That went against the establishment on any issue?

There are no real pop stars at all. What you see are just propagandists.
261   Patrick   2023 Oct 2, 9:03am  


Retail theft surged by more than 20% last year, reaching “unprecedented” levels, according to survey of business owners...

This will also explain in part why prices are going up. Retailers have to recoup their losses, whatever they may be — and many of their losses are simply walking out the front door on a daily basis.

And the parameters of the problem are getting worse, too: Retailers on the survey said that shoplifters are "somewhat more or much more aggressive and violent compared with one year ago." They're getting bolder and they're getting meaner too. It's unsurprising.

Unsurprisingly, Democrat-run cities have been hit the hardest by organized retail crime: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Houston, and New York City all rank at the top. Criminals will go where the crime is easiest.
262   AD   2023 Oct 2, 10:14pm  


see above... a Philadelphia activist for the homeless was shot and killed at his home ...

264   Patrick   2023 Oct 4, 1:05pm  

Sounds like she's kind of into the guy who offed her wimp leftist boyfriend.

Same reason that women send love letters to mass murderers in prison.
267   AD   2023 Oct 4, 3:07pm  

Patrick says


yeah and the irony is that it happened on Malcolm X Blvd in Brooklyn

these Woke and white liberals see the world as they wish to see it , not as it actually is

268   AmericanKulak   2023 Oct 4, 11:16pm  

Video of the stabbing and background (both are either ACAB/BLM or legal drug injection site activists)
270   AmericanKulak   2023 Oct 4, 11:35pm  

Andy Ngo has the background info on the Girlfriend, big league ACAB/BLM cunt:

271   AD   2023 Oct 5, 12:20am  

I apologize if this has been mentioned or asked, but why does the other woman, an African American, approach after the victim is on the ground and his girlfriend Morales is staring at him and saying "I'm so sorry".

So she is apologizing for the suspect because she knows him ?

This came from The Sun and it seems to be enough quality for someone to recognize this suspect.

276   Patrick   2023 Oct 18, 1:50pm  


A George Soros-funded prosecutor has been carjacked at gunpoint in his own Democrat-controlled city of New Orleans.

According to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the city’s Democrat District Attorney Jason Williams was robbed on Monday.

Williams was walking his 78-year-old mother to his car when two suspects approached the pair.

They pointed a gun at them and demanded the prosecutor’s car, according to WVUE.

The suspects then jumped into the car and drove off. ...

The DA was elected in 2020 after Soros donated $220,000 to sway the election in his favor, according to the Capital Research Center.

Soros pumped cash into the Louisiana Justice and Public Safety PAC to run campaigns against Williams’ opponent.

Williams campaigned on a platform of “woke” social justice reform, promising to find “alternatives to incarceration” for some criminals.

He also pledged to reform the “ineffective and unfair money bail system,” according to his campaign website.

Williams also attacked President Donald Trump during his campaign in 2020. ...

Williams declined to prosecute 65% of all criminal cases in New Orleans in 2021.

However, he slowly began to prosecute more cases as crime in the city rose, according to data from the New Orleans government’s office.

The DA still continues to prosecute, on average, only 44% of the criminals who have been charged by police.

In 2022, New Orleans was named the “murder capital of the United States.”

Violent crime was the leading cause of death for children in the city that same year.
279   Patrick   2023 Oct 25, 2:10pm  


Reality strikes! National Review ran a very encouraging story yesterday headlined, “D.C. Mayor Introduces ‘Commonsense’ Legislation to Tackle Rising Crime.” Get this: they are re-funding the police.

Yesterday, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser introduced new proposals to roll back progressive police reforms that Bowser said make it more difficult for police to ensure public safety. “We have to reverse the policy environment in the city that, quite frankly, went haywire in the last three years,” Bowser explained.

Note the passive voice. The policy environment went haywire. Not anybody in particular.
280   RWSGFY   2023 Oct 25, 2:29pm  

281   Misc   2023 Oct 25, 3:08pm  

That's racist.
284   Patrick   2023 Nov 12, 1:58pm  


A CVS location in Washington DC was forced to wipe its shelves clean of toilet paper and replace them instead with framed photos of the products amid rising thefts in the country’s capital, according to a report.
286   HeadSet   2023 Nov 12, 2:57pm  

It takes a real sociopath to cause that much damage just to steal some cash. Reminds me of an incident where an asshole used a chainsaw to cut a radio out of a dashboard so he could fence it for a few bucks.
288   GNL   2023 Nov 13, 9:52pm  

Patrick says

billionaires benefit, because they can buy up expensive downtown real estate on the cheap as property values plummet,

Where is any property values plummeting?
289   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 14, 7:09am  

GNL says

Patrick says

billionaires benefit, because they can buy up expensive downtown real estate on the cheap as property values plummet,

Where is any property values plummeting?

Ess Eff. Allegedly. Haven't priced any shopping malls recently though.
293   Patrick   2023 Dec 2, 2:13pm  


One of the most ironic headlines of 2023 had to be this week’s Epoch Times headline:

The agent is fine. But the FBI apparently can’t find the two armed carjackers by itself, so it has offered a $10,000 reward to any citizen who can identify the two thugs who jacked one of its own agents. The agent was probably too distracted by his grief over the January 6th attack on the Capitol to fight back.

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