The best way to fight wokeness: Take your children out of government schools

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The most frequent question people pose to me is: What can I/we do to fight back against the nihilistic anti-American destruction of virtually all the country’s major institutions?

There is an answer.

The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America—against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions, its sports, its news and entertainment media, its medical establishment, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department, and the military—is to take their children out of America’s schools.

Other than in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the vast majority of America’s elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities teach your child or grandchild almost nothing important; prematurely sexualize them, thereby robbing them of their innocence; and harm them intellectually and morally. They rarely teach them, for example, art or music because they are too busy teaching them race-centered hatred of whites, of America, and of America’s values.

Sending your children to most American schools is playing Russian roulette with their values—but unlike the gun in Russian roulette, which has a bullet in only one of its six chambers, the schools’ guns hold four or five bullets.

In many elementary schools, your child is taught that gender is chosen and that there is no difference between boys and girls (in a growing number of schools, the teachers are told not to call their students “boys and girls”); they are taught about masturbation; and many children from first grade on attend “Drag Queen Story Hour,” wherein an obvious man wearing women’s clothing, garish makeup, and a wig entertains them.

Given that all this is well-known, why do any non-left—meaning, liberal or conservative—parents send their children to American schools?

One reason is they are in denial. Many parents don’t want to know what their children are being taught and the consequent damage done to them. They don’t really believe schools will ruin their children, let alone their children’s relationship with them.

These parents should speak to any of the millions—yes, millions—of Americans whose children have contempt for America, for free speech, and for their parents as a result of attending an American college or even high school. I meet such people at every speech I give, and I speak to them regularly on my radio show. Ask these parents, if they could redo their lives, whether they would keep their child in school.

A second reason is they feel they have no choice. If they remove their child from the local public or private school (most private schools are just as committed to anti-American indoctrination over education as public schools), what will they do with their child? They often can’t find a local school that doesn’t harm their child. They can’t necessarily even rely on Christian or Jewish schools. Most of them are as “woke” as most secular schools. And if they do find a school that teaches rather than poisons, they may not be able to afford the tuition.

The only other option, then, is to homeschool one’s child. The problem is that many parents assume this is essentially impossible. For one thing, they assume that one of the parents would have to leave his or her work, which would mean a serious reduction in the family’s income. In addition, homeschooling strikes most people as simply too daunting a task, even if they could afford to take it on.

Neither fear is entirely justified. It’s true that, at least at the outset, a working parent may have to cut back from full-time work, and it’s true that no matter what the family’s financial condition, there are challenges to taking one’s children out of school and homeschooling them.

But given the low intellectual state of most American schools, the damage they do to young children’s innocence, and the anti-American, anti-white, anti-Western indoctrination in most schools, if you are a parent of school-age children, what is your choice?

Other than a) finding a good school that b) you can afford, you have no other choice. You are fooling yourself if you think the odds are that after attending American schools from kindergarten through college (not to mention through graduate school), your child will turn out well-educated, intellectually alive, rational, kind, happy, well-adjusted, grateful to be American, and respectful of you and your values.

While there are some wonderful young Americans who recently attended American schools, and there are some lost souls who were homeschooled, American schools are largely producing the following:

Poorly educated students. Ask your college son or daughter to diagram a sentence; identify Joseph Stalin, “The Gulag Archipelago,” or the Soviet Union; name the branches of the American government; identify—or just spell—Beethoven; date the Civil War; identify the Holocaust; and name which sentence is correct—“He gave the book to my friend and me” or “He gave the book to my friend and I.”

Angry young people. Why wouldn’t they be? First, they graduate college with a huge load of debt, having received almost nothing useful for their money. Second, if they are anything other than a white heterosexual Christian male, they have been taught to regard themselves as victims of oppression. Third, their future is so bleak they may not even have one: They are threatened with extinction by climate change.

The single best thing Americans can do to fight the left-wing destruction of the country is to withdraw from the “educational” system that is actively and deliberately miseducating them by the tens of millions. If millions of American parents did so, the country would turn around as fast as you could say “teachers unions.” If they don’t, their children will continue being used as guinea pigs in the left’s sick and dystopian experiment.

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698   NuttBoxer   2024 Jan 19, 7:08am  

Also railed against pizzagate.
699   Patrick   2024 Jan 19, 10:00am  


Listen to this "gay teacher" brag about how he's been asked to "tone it down" by administration and how he teaches kids to "sissy that walk"

Yeah, I don't think I'd want my young child anywhere near this dude either. So to the people who pulled their kids from his class, (applause gif)

Notice how admin simply told the guy to "tone it down." If you fire the guy, you're in trouble. If you keep him, he just ignores you and does what he wants all the time.

There's no way out of this if you're the school.
700   Patrick   2024 Jan 20, 9:24am  


Courageous Moms for Liberty founder Tiffany Justice might have just ended the argument over removing sexualized books from schools. And she did it in the most unlikely possible place. How courageous is Tiffany? Yesterday, in a political environment where saying one thing slightly wrong can end your career, Tiffany bravely ventured deep into hostile territory on MSNBC with Joy Reid to answer questions about so-called “book banning:”

When Reid began to loudly press her to justify what Reid called modern-day “book banning,” Tiffany interrupted the liberal anchorlady and explained that nobody is banning books:

“No one’s banning books. Write the book, print the book, publish the book, put the book in the public library, sell the book. We’re talking about a public school library. Children don’t have unfettered access to the internet at school … Why is no one out there protesting to free the internet in schools?”
What an excellent question. How is limiting kids’ access to adult material in school books any different from limiting their access to adult material on the Internet? That question is what I call a mind worm — once you’ve thunk it, it never completely goes away — and in a sane world it should end the debate.
704   NuttBoxer   2024 Jan 30, 9:12am  

14 year old girl is struggling, this we understand very well as our daughter is the same age. But what should have been a normal family issue has ruined this girl's life, and it all started in her public school:

709   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 13, 10:49am  

I've heard something like 80% of people who mutilate themselves regret it and end up in support groups, or worse, kill themselves. These people need counseling, not surgery..
711   Patrick   2024 Feb 17, 12:02pm  


(Minnesota) St. Louis Park public schools will now let parents decide whether their children should be subjected to curriculum that is LGBTQ-affirming.

This change comes after two public interest law firms, True North Legal and First Liberty Institute, sent letters to the school district saying the district’s previous denials of opt-out requests violated the First Amendment and state law.

In 2023, six Muslim families requested that St. Louis Park public schools provide notice before LGBTQ-affirming books were discussed in class. These families, who emigrated from Somalia over the last two decades, also requested the ability to opt out their children from participating in the curriculum.

According to previous press statements from the two law firms, third- and fourth-grade children who were members of the six families were exposed to LBGTQ content in October 2023. These LGBTQ-centric readings were also allegedly accompanied with the teacher’s commentary on LGBTQ identity. This situation caused “significant confusion and distress” amongst the six families.

After the intervention by True North Legal and First Liberty Institute, elementary schools and St. Louis Park High School have now begun granting opt-out requests, per a press release from the two law firms.

“True North Legal exists to protect the religious freedom of Minnesota families,” said Renee Carlson, general counsel of True North Legal. “We’re proud to have worked with these families and the St. Louis Park school district to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. Ensuring the religious freedom of students and their families is paramount, and infringing upon that right is unacceptable.”
713   Misc   2024 Feb 23, 4:43am  

Someone is calling out Public schools for indoctrinating k-5 kids.

The lessons in this coloring book are straight outta Mao's China with gender queer add ons.

715   Patrick   2024 Feb 24, 7:48pm  


To get the whole flavor in condensed form, click here to watch an extraordinary five-minute excerpt. They’re talking about graphic sexual materials in schools, and Chaya Raichik shows batshit cat lady some of the images that are at the center of the debate. Then she asks batshit if she thinks it’s reasonable to show those pictures — graphic pictures of anal sex — to young children.


Batshit’s answer, around the 4:22 mark, takes a century of cultural decline and neatly distills it into a few seconds of lunatic babbling:

I guess…I don’t know. I don’t know. Because — you know who I would defer to on that, just because neither of us are sex educators? I would defer that question to a qualified professional, a sex educator, and say hey, you’re an expert, you’ve treated tons, you know, you’ve educated tons of people, you’re a full-time sex educator, you’ve really studied this. What are the appropriate boundaries? I don’t think that myself, as a journalist, or a media personality, I don’t think I’m the right one to make that decision. And I guess I’m wondering why you….I’m wondering why you feel like you’re qualified to be a sex educator when you have no background in that.

Should we sodomize kittens? Should old men recruit toddlers for dildo play? Should you invite middle-schoolers you meet on the street to your golden showers party in Vegas? Look, who can even say, right? I mean, do you even have a graduate degree in the field? There are simply no questions about appropriateness or decency or propriety that you can even begin to think about until the committee approves your dissertation. Bend over and defer, because you don’t have the credentials to understand the question.

Fuck these people, and fuck the hole they’ve dug. Chaya Raichik’s response: “I don’t want to be a sex educator — I just don’t want to give kids porn in school.” Of course. You know right and wrong, and the babbling idiot asking if you’re a credentialed sex educator knows it too. Leave children alone, scumbags, and stop pretending it’s complicated.
716   stereotomy   2024 Feb 24, 8:58pm  

Taylor Loretz - what a globohomo cunt. Now Libs of TickTok is demonitized - coincidence, given TL was almost the DHS disinfo czarina?
719   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 8, 7:09am  

That's why one of the planks of Communism is public education. In case your wondering instituted under FDR 1930's...
730   Patrick   2024 Apr 1, 2:25pm  


SFUSD allocates funds using the Weighted Student Formula, which gives sites more funding per pupil for each student who is a foster child, homeless, living in public housing, an English language learner, or who qualifies for free or reduced lunch or special education. There’s even a “concentration bonus” — schools receive extra funding if 55% or more of its students fall into one or more of the categories above. The following analyses are based on this SFUSD budget spreadsheet maintained by Tim Tahoe and CAASPP test results from EdData.

Of the 10 best funded general education elementary, middle and k-8 schools:

7 of 10 are predominantly black + Hispanic (>50% of the student body)

Considering these 7, the average pass rate on the CAASPP is just 18.43%

The three schools which have more Asian + white students than black + Hispanic students had a much higher average pass rate of 53.55%.

All but 1 of these are “Title 1” schools (the percent of low-income students at the school exceeds their proportion in SFUSD)

Of the 10 worst funded elementary, middle and k-8 schools, we find the opposite:

Relatively high average pass rate of 73.79%

9 are predominantly Asian + white (on average, about 65% of the student body).

The 1 outlier with less than 50% Asian + white students also had a much lower pass rate of 60.20%

None of these are Title 1 schools.

So, to recap, if anyone is going to “underfunded” schools within SFUSD, it’s Asian and white students. It’s students who are not low income or attending schools with a disproportionate number of low income students. Not a single one of the 10 worst-funded SFUSD elementary or middle schools is predominantly black + Hispanic. Not one. And yet, I doubt Virginia Marshall is concerned that these underfunded schools are putting Lowell out of reach for Asian and white students!
731   NuttBoxer   2024 Apr 2, 7:48am  

Shouldn't be surprised, yet I still am..
732   Patrick   2024 Apr 2, 11:05am  


Parents of students in a California school district organized a walk-out in protest against an LGBTQ club that had been held without parent notification.

The LGBTQ+ group was created by a third-grade teacher at the Pleasant Grove Elementary School in the Elk Grove Unified District.

"Deal with the bullying. Don't keep secrets from parents," said Brittani Cortina, a parent of the district. "Take that issue with the parents don't take that issue with the students in the school."

"These little minds, they just can't wrap their head around what these types of things mean to them," said Pamela Davila, a parent of the elementary school. "I don't think any of us have an issue with that topic. It's just that they did that without notifying the parents."

The National Center for Law & Policy, on behalf of the outraged parents, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the district over the controversial club.

“All of the evidence points to the fact that Elk Grove Unified School District’s UBU Club at Pleasant Grove Elementary School was intentionally designed and planned to be a covert child sexuality club whose very purpose was to deceive and undermine parents and families whose viewpoints regarding human sexuality differ from the extreme ideological and political agendas of the Youth Development Office, aligned administrators and rogue teachers like Daniel Bishop,” the NCLP wrote in the letter.
733   NuttBoxer   2024 Apr 2, 3:23pm  

The best way to fight THAT wokeness... All parents pull their kids out of that school the very next day. Defund is the only solution sicko's will understand.
734   richwicks   2024 Apr 2, 3:25pm  

NuttBoxer says

The best way to fight THAT wokeness... All parents pull their kids out of that school the very next day. Defund is the only solution sicko's will understand.

The problem is you can't stop the funding. That's the problem with government, it doesn't represent the will of people ruled by it.

A minority of parents may support this, but the vast majority oppose it, yet they can't stop it in our so-called "republic". It's not a republic,
735   NuttBoxer   2024 Apr 2, 3:29pm  

If the school loses even 50% of their students it would make the news(the real news), and spread like wildfire on socials. How do you justify paying people with no students? Federal funds are dependent on attendance. Even the feds won't pay for an indoctrination institution if no one is being brainwashed...
736   richwicks   2024 Apr 2, 3:43pm  

NuttBoxer says

If the school loses even 50% of their students it would make the news(the real news), and spread like wildfire on socials. How do you justify paying people with no students? Federal funds are dependent on attendance. Even the feds won't pay for an indoctrination institution if no one is being brainwashed...

Generally both parents work. What do you do with the kids that get pulled?

The reality is that school is largely a daycare center, and it was when I was a kid as well, same for you. Do you retain any of the supposed knowledge you got out of history or English class? I spent 10 years unlearning all the garbage that was dumped into my head about history.

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