Defund the FBI

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If there was ever an organization desperately in need of defunding, it's the FBI.

They have become a tool of state oppression of citizens, like the old East German Stasi. They actively incite crime to get people to commit it in order to then "catch" them and justify their budget.


But for BLM, they studiously look the other way and never prosecute...

The best way we can defend ourselves is to cut off their funding. We need to make a national movement out of this.

Local police deserve our funding and support, but the FBI deserves defunding and hard prison time for its upper management.


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571   Patrick   2023 Oct 6, 10:52am  


Somebody leaked. Newsweek said it reviewed “secret” FBI and Department of Homeland Security data that tracks incidents, threats, investigations and cases, and found the vast majority of the FBI’s current domestic terrorism “anti-government" investigations are of, you guessed it, Trump supporters. ...

Even more troubling, Newsweek also reported “enormous growth” in what the FBI calls "assessments," which more than doubled from 2019 to 2021. Assessments are the most speculative of any FBI investigation, where an FBI agent only suspects wrongdoing, because of an association or an encounter, and then further digs into someone's background. So-called assessments are the closest thing to domestic spying that exists in America and are generally not discussed by the Bureau.

The data showed 31% of all current FBI investigations now relate to Trump supporters, and 60% of all its terrorism investigations include cases that are categorized as AGAAVE (a brand-new category of domestic political subversion not requiring a criminal act) as well as loosely-defined civil unrest.” ...

One wonders why they don’t just get to the bottom line and investigate the entire Republican Party as domestic terrorists.
572   Misc   2023 Oct 8, 2:11am  

Yes, every time there are rallies in support of terrorist attacks on civilians, remember the #1 terrorist threat is those White Nationalists.

579   HeadSet   2023 Oct 15, 3:24pm  

Hama will not attack on US soil. Doing so would ruin their support among the left and cut off funding. However, it would be to Israel's and Biden's advantage to do a false flag attack.
580   Ceffer   2023 Oct 15, 3:31pm  

Time for the glowies to start putting on Hamas gear and yell Allah Akbar while spraying malls with gunfire. Have to generate as much negative publicity as possible.
582   Patrick   2023 Oct 16, 10:26am  


On Thursday, FBI Director Chris Wray and Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas warned Americans that terrorist threats are rising in the US since Hamas attacked Israel, October 7th. Mr. Wray explained: “Here in the U.S., we cannot and do not discount the possibility that Hamas or other foreign terrorist organizations could exploit the conflict to call on their supporters to conduct attacks on our own soil.” We must be especially alert to the “lone wolf” lurking amongst us, he added.

Neither of these officials noted that the rising terror threat here had any relation to the thousands of aliens streaming daily across the US border unvetted, or that the agencies under Homeland Security were helping to distribute them into every corner of America by plane and bus, giving them free cell phones, loaded debit cards, and other rewards for breaking the law.

And that “lone wolf” bit — is it possible that any number of them actually arrived as trained and pre-organized cadres or squads? How would we know? Most of them are military-age young men. Are these unreasonable questions to ask? And if Hamas was so supernaturally successful in secretly planning the mass murder and kidnapping operation of 10/7 from Gaza that the world’s supposedly top intel agencies were blindsided as it rolled out, why should Americans have any confidence that the FBI has a clue what any of those unvetted border-jumping mutts are up to here? Especially since those free phones enable them to find each other and hook-up right from the get-go, without delay. It’s even possible that those phones were preloaded with their comrades’ numbers on speed-dial. Not to mention that illegal migrants have been coming here in huge waves for years, and surely some have been busy ever since setting up networks aimed at making trouble that new arrivals can easily slot into.

Since the FBI has been so preoccupied the duration of the “Joe Biden” regime tracking down every native-born living soul who attended the 1/6/21 legitimate protest against the 2020 election fraud at the US Capitol, instead of using the agency’s assets to monitor alien networking, you have to wonder why Mr. Wray even bothers to comment on the current situation. He can only embarrass (or incriminate) himself more deeply. One thing for sure is not happening: any effort by Mr. Mayorkas and his 260,000 employees to make the US/Mexico border any less porous. If it hadn’t occurred to them yet, they might consider closing down the US-funded United Nations operation in Central America (with help from several international NGOs) that is running way-stations to transport aliens north to our border in hundred-plus bus fleets at a time, taking every possible advantage to accelerate the flow. I guess we’ll just have to stand by and see what happens.
585   Misc   2023 Oct 25, 7:14am  

Just like the DoJ let the statute of limitations expire on some of Hunter's tax transgressions, everybody who is anybody knows they are just gonna let the time run out on their ability to charge Hunter for FARA violations.

586   Patrick   2023 Oct 26, 8:53am  


Mass Shooting in Lewiston Maine - Media Foreknowledge Reveals Another Government Sponsored Terror Event.

A custom Google search by date reveals Mass Shooting story already uploaded to Media servers up to 5 days prior to the event. ...

The custom Google search by date revealed foreknowledge because the story was uploaded into the News media servers 1 to 4 days ahead of the event, waiting for the story to be triggered by fake news MSM actors on the 25th.

The Purported date of the shooting was the evening of Oct. 25th, so the custom search parameters were set to return only results for dates between Oct first through Oct 24th for "Lewiston Main Shooting". So the search would end one day prior to the shooting.

Most results came back reporting the article was uploaded to the media server 1-2 days before the shooting, however 2 search results revealed the story was in the system 4 days prior to the purported “mass shooting”.

Not sure it's true, but could be.
587   RWSGFY   2023 Oct 26, 9:04am  

The search results should be repeatable. Of course, if they are not, the claimant will say that the articles have been scrubbed off the interwebz by the omnipotent FBI.

The best proof, of course, would be a screen recording of searches being performed snd showing the results consistent with the screenshots, but I bet it somehow slipped their mind at the time...
594   Misc   2023 Nov 2, 5:58pm  

Ohhhhhhhhh, big deal the FBI will just spy on the House Judiciary committee, their staff AND Families. - So take that.
598   Misc   2023 Nov 7, 12:00am  

The FBI has been so busy creating domestic terrorists, surveilling white supremists and tracking people who speak out at schoolboard meetings that they are not equipped to deal with actual foreign controlled terrorists. If events spread in the Middle East, expect some real terrorist attacks on American soil. Yes, Hezbollah has plenty of agents in the US already and Iran has plenty of coin to fund more.
599   HeadSet   2023 Nov 7, 6:26am  

Misc says

If events spread in the Middle East, expect some real terrorist attacks on American soil. Yes, Hezbollah has plenty of agents in the US already and Iran has plenty of coin to fund more.

That would be foolish, as Hamas has plenty of grassroot support in the US, which would be curtailed somewhat by a Hamas terrorist attack. Thier money would be best spent on bribes and campaigns to get pro-Israel pols voted out. If there is a mass Hamas terrorist attack, I would suspect a false flag since such an attack would actually damage Hama support in the US.
601   RayAmerica   2023 Nov 10, 3:44am  

Not only will the FBI not be defunded, a new, multi-billion dollar headquarters is about to be built.
602   zzyzzx   2023 Nov 10, 5:25am  

RayAmerica says

Not only will the FBI not be defunded, a new, multi-billion dollar headquarters is about to be built.

Near the Greenbelt Metro. I have no idea why it's being moved. Seems like a waste of money to me.
605   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 6:13pm  


Worst Winning EVER: House GOP Rewards Rogue FBI With $375 Million Housing Allowance

It just couldn't last, could it?

On the same day that House Republicans announced that they had issued subpoenas to several members of the Biden crime family, that same legislative body decided to be generous with the American taxpayers' money.

Roll Call:

The General Services Administration has picked Maryland as the home of the new FBI headquarters, the agency confirmed Wednesday, after a lengthy and high-profile competition over where the new facility would be built.

The GSA most recently had narrowed down the search to three sites, two in Maryland and one in Virginia, and lawmakers and officials from both states aggressively pushed for the project, with jobs and economic benefits on the line.

An issue over the selection criteria even briefly delayed a sprawling $1.7 trillion fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill in December 2022, which included $375 million to relocate FBI from a dilapidated building on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest in Washington.

Yes, that would be the same FBI that has been focusing most of its energy on harassing conservative voters, pretending that we're all a bunch of raging domestic terrorists.

The FBI should not even exist anymore. They have proven themselves to be the worst enemy of Americans ever, especially by orchestrating the unjust prosecution of people who were brave enough to protest the screamingly obvious 2020 election fraud.
607   Patrick   2023 Nov 13, 2:37pm  


FBI accused of targeting Trump types; agents who served in military deemed ‘disloyal’

More whistleblowers have stepped forward to tell Congress that high-ranking FBI officials are targeting agents, specifically former military members, for their political beliefs and trying to force them out of the bureau.

A Marine and other military veterans at the FBI have been accused of disloyalty to the U.S. because they fit the profile of a supporter of former President Donald Trump, according to two disclosures sent to lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee.
609   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 12:48pm  


In something that must have felt a lot like a tense action-movie moment, FBI agents unexpectedly surrounded Mayor Adams on the street and ordered his security team to stand down. The mind boggles with all the violent possibilities thinking about how everyone must have calculated what to do next. But fortunately the Mayor’s security force yielded, and then FBI agents climbed into Adams’ black-windowed SUV for a closed-door private chat with the Mayor.

All we know about the message the federal agents delivered is that they snatched all the Mayor’s electronics including at least two cellphones and an iPad.

Unless Adams was smart enough to scrub his data — which almost never happens — Biden Administration operatives have now reviewed every single message Adams sent to or received from anyone over the last several years.

And if in all those messages there’s anything else they could charge the Mayor with, they have it now. And they have intel on everyone who was talking to the Mayor.

Publicly, the murky allegations against Adams — which none of the Establishment Media reports seem able to clearly explain — relate to an alleged ‘bribe’ in the form of airfare to Turkey in exchange for “favorable political treatment” like “pressuring city officials to open Manhattan's Turkish consulate in 2021 despite concerns over fire safety.”

“Pressuring.” As far as we know, the consulate has never burst into flames or anything.

Other reports say Adams stands accused of the horrifying federal crime of “organizing a fundraiser for a nonprofit that had not yet registered with the state.” And failing to abate a smokey chimney.

Folks are speculating that the FBI’s process-crime-fueled escalation against Adams is politically-motived and not a legitimate federal criminal probe. The thinking is that Adams has been scoring points on Biden over the country’s wide-open southern border. That’s possible. Or maybe Adams’s border rhetoric is part of a Newsom-like play relating to a potential presidential run against Biden.

No matter how many times it’s happened in history, leftists never learn that weaponized law enforcement always turns inward. And usually sooner rather than later.
610   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 9:31am  


Under Joe Biden, the FBI is laser-focused on hunting down the most dangerous people in the country, the worst of the worst. And now, they need your help! It is time for every American to do their part and keep a lookout for these horrendous villains, the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted:

The sandbag that almost killed Biden: A Bourne-level assassin, but with no moral code.
Teenage girl praying silently outside abortion clinic: Do not approach this dangerous criminal without SWAT team backup.
The dad from Bluey: A non-stop fountain of heteronormative hate crimes. Lock him up!
The invisible man who goes to all of President Biden's speeches, offers to shake his hand, but quickly pulls his hand away leaving Biden to look like a fool: The guy's like a ghost.
Campbell Biology 101 Textbook, 11th Edition: Millions have been assaulted by its basic explanations of sex and gender.
Flight of stairs: Has made several attempts on the President's life. Approach with caution.
Your grandma: You may think she's sweet, but she's just one Ben Shapiro podcast away from storming the Capitol with crochet needles. Turn her in!
Donald J. Trump: Subject to change on the off chance someone else ends up being Biden's election opponent.
Mom who asked school board not to give porn to her nine-year-old: The level of barbarism is sickening.
Jesus Christ: Rumored to be leader of a dangerous sect known as 'Christians'. Followers say He will return, so keep your eyes peeled!

You're unlikely to ever encounter a more terrifying group of miscreants in your life. But don't worry, the FBI is on the case to rid the world of these dangerous threats once and for all!

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