Defund the FBI

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If there was ever an organization desperately in need of defunding, it's the FBI.

They have become a tool of state oppression of citizens, like the old East German Stasi. They actively incite crime to get people to commit it in order to then "catch" them and justify their budget.


But for BLM, they studiously look the other way and never prosecute...

The best way we can defend ourselves is to cut off their funding. We need to make a national movement out of this.

Local police deserve our funding and support, but the FBI deserves defunding and hard prison time for its upper management.


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633   Patrick   2024 Jan 1, 7:18pm  


Trump believes the FBI, as an institution, can be saved? And that DC should be our "crown jewel"?

This is quite literally the opposite of what every MAGA person has ever told me they want.

What in the world?

... Meanwhile, fellow GOP candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis both had plans for the FBI that involve, well, the end of the FBI:

And DeSantis:

DESANTIS on Trump calling for the FBI to have a “new and spectacular” headquarters in DC:

“NO! That’s part of the problem with the FBI. They’ve become overrun with DC politics — you need to take it out of DC. That’s how you drain the swamp.”

I'm with Vivek on this one.

The FBI itself has become nothing but a criminal organization dedicated to protecting corruption at the highest level, like the overtly treasonous Biden family.
634   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 1, 8:13pm  

Patrick says
"Trump believes the FBI, as an institution, can be saved?"

No, he didn't say that. He was talking about the building, nothing else!
636   Patrick   2024 Jan 6, 10:50pm  


This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th.

Interview with Clay Higgins.
637   Patrick   2024 Jan 6, 10:56pm  

The FBI is obviously criminal scum, planning for months to entrap people who were legitimately protesting the unnecessary Wuhan Virus lockdowns, the fraudulent mail-in ballots supposedly justified by the lockdowns, and the completely fraudulent "election" with those fraudulent ballots of treasonous impostor Biden.

The FBI has destroyed America. They subverted elections, prevented justice, and killed all trust in government.

There is nothing left of America as long as the FBI exists and the FBI conspirators remain untried for treason and unhanged.

The reason they remain unhanged is the other criminal scum at the DOJ, which is denying justice and protecting the Biden Crime Family. Everyone at the DOJ preventing justice must also be tried and hanged. There is no other way that trust in government can ever be recovered after such a fundamental betrayal of the country, of all of their oaths of office, and of basic humanity.

Now it is up to all Americans to continuously and publicly demand these hangings for the worst treason in American history. The more we all talk about justice, the closer we will get to it.
638   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 1:15pm  


Democrat President Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI is still arresting people over the Capitol protest of Jan. 6, 2021.

The Washington Times reports that, on Saturday, the FBI arrested three Florida residents for their involvement in the protest.
639   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 7:28am  


Chances are, if you're reading The Babylon Bee, you're already on a watch list of some type. But now that the FBI listens in on all of your phone calls, you can at least come up with some creative ways to mess with them.

Try a few of these classic pranks the next time you're on the phone:

Say the school board protest has been moved somewhere else: When the FBI sends a whole SWAT team to the wrong location, they'll look SO STUPID! HA!
Mess with their heads by saying "Trump is an insurrectionist dictator" alongside "Trump is our savior": They won't know whose side you're on.
Say "Hey, FBI agent, is your refrigerator running?": When they answer "Yes," then say "Well, you better go catch it!" then hang up and laugh. GOT 'EM!
Identify yourself as Hunter Biden and pretend you're ordering a Ukrainian hooker: They'll hang up faster than you can say "bribery scam."
Sing a few bars of a Beatles song every few minutes so they can't play the recording in court: Licensing fees cost a fortune.
Create a fake accomplice named "Mike Rotch": They'll have to officially enter it into court records and it'll be read out loud. It'll be hilarious.
Say "Hey, are those some catholic nuns over there across the street praying at the abortion clinic? Why, I do believe they are!": Then sit back and watch those guys go crazy falling over themselves to go tackle some old ladies.
Call anyone on January 6th and say "The plan is a go. Execute Operation MAGA.": This one is a lot of fun, but you may end up in solitary for a few decades.
Say "asphinchtersayswhat": What?
If you're going to be under federal surveillance, you might as well get a few laughs out of it along the way. Have fun!
642   Bd6r   2024 Jan 9, 10:38am  

Fucking KGB

Or worse, this starts reeking of Stalin times where you got 10 years for political crimes automatically

There was a story from GULAG where one inmate asks another one what is his sentence and what is he here for

The other answers 25 years and nothing
First one says you are lying, for nothing they give 10 years

Now remember Mr Afrocuban person who got 22 years for NOTHING

UkraineIsFucked says

643   Bd6r   2024 Jan 9, 10:46am  

On another thought, Ray Epps sentence is a clear example of WHITE SUPREMACY and RACISM prevalent in Biden administration. Enrique Tartio got 22 years, no doubt his sentence was 440 times harsher for a lesser crime because he is black…if I had twitter/x account I would be posting this on all liberal feeds.
650   richwicks   2024 Jan 21, 9:05pm  

Patrick says


@Patrick - There's no question about this. Don't you know about the "King suicide letter"?


There's no doubt the US government killed him. No doubt. They had the motive to do it. He was against the Vietnam war, and he was telling blacks to ignore the draft, among other things. He was a flawed man as well, but he went against major powers and our FIB killed him.
651   Patrick   2024 Jan 22, 9:31am  

Thanks, I had not heard about that.

The FBI should not exist and everyone involved in their actions against innocent Americans must be jailed.
652   richwicks   2024 Jan 22, 9:51am  

Patrick says

The FBI should not exist and everyone involved in their actions against innocent Americans must be jailed.

This will only happen if people pick up torches and pitchforks and they won't do that.
653   Patrick   2024 Jan 23, 9:28am  


Judge orders the release of men framed by the FBI: “The FBI invented the conspiracy; identified the targets; manufactured the ordnance.”

When the FBI learned that a judge was releasing a group of men that were targeted, entrapped, and framed by the Bureau they probably had to try hard to remember the specifics.

The "Newburgh Four" were arrested and tried in the post-9/11 fog in a terrorist sting that a judge now believes to be totally illegitimate.

James Cromitie, 58, and three other co-defendants have been given time served after they were convicted of terrorism charges in New York in 2010.

From the judge:

In a scathing ruling, McMahon wrote that the FBI invented the conspiracy and identified the targets. Cromitie and his co-defendants, she wrote, "would not have, and could not have, devised on their own a crime involving missiles that would have warranted the 25-year sentence the court was forced to impose."

"The notion that Cromitie was selected as a ‘leader' by the co-defendants is inconceivable, given his well-documented buffoonery and ineptitude," she wrote.

These were 4 low-level criminal knuckleheads. It was completely ludicrous to think that they could somehow come up with a plan to launch a rocket attack on New York City.

According to the judge, the only reason this became a case against the Newburgh Four is because an FBI informant made up the entire plan.

Cromitie was bought into the phony plot by the federal informant Shaheed Hussain, whose work has been criticized for years by civil liberties groups.

McMahon called him "most unsavory" and a "villain" sent by the government to "troll among the poorest and weakest of men for ‘terrorists' who might prove susceptible to an offer of much-needed cash in exchange for committing a faux crime."


Judge McMahon said that Cromitie was a small-time "grifter" who was broke and unemployed when he was enlisted in the FBI-driven plot and provided fake bombs to plant in exchange for $250,000 in the "jihadist mission." Cromitie enlisted the other three men to serve as lookouts, according to the judge.

"The three men were recruited so that Cromitie could conspire with someone," the judge said. "The real lead conspirator was the United States. .... The FBI invented the conspiracy; identified the targets; manufactured the ordnance."

You mean that the FBI sends people out to troll for "fed posting," then entraps people by coming up with elaborate and illegal plans that they push on them?

That's so weird. ...

I'm glad that these 4 men have been given their freedom that was, by all appearances, unjustly taken away.
I hope it's the start of a trend.
654   Patrick   2024 Jan 24, 11:57am  



The 9th Circuit compared the searches to the “abuses of power” that “led to adoption of the Fourth Amendment in the first place.”
655   HeadSet   2024 Jan 24, 6:55pm  

Patrick says


So when is the FBI commander who ordered the warrantless search going to jail?
658   Patrick   2024 Feb 1, 6:54pm  


FBI Violated Constitutional Rights of Hundreds of Americans by Raiding Safety Deposit Boxes, Appeals Court Rules

When agents representing Democrat President Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI raided a California safety deposit box business in 2021, they violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of Americans, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The FBI violated private citizens’ constitutional rights when it seized contents from hundreds of safe deposit boxes during a 2021 raid on the Beverly Hills business.

The federal agency claims that the business was suspected of money laundering.

Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Rob Frommer, who represented several plaintiffs in the case, celebrated the ruling.

“This was a resounding victory, not just for our clients, but for the hundreds of people who’ve been stuck in a nightmare for years because of what the FBI did,” Frommer said in a statement.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found the bureau violated U.S. Private Vaults box holders’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures by opening and cataloging the contents of 1,400 safe deposit boxes.

The FBI searched the private boxes without individual criminal warrants for each.
659   HeadSet   2024 Feb 1, 8:27pm  

Patrick says

The FBI searched the private boxes without individual criminal warrants for each.

So which agents and FBI supervisors are going to jail?
661   richwicks   2024 Feb 3, 11:07am  

HeadSet says

So when is the FBI commander who ordered the warrantless search going to jail?

When citizens finally get fed up, and march to his office, drag him out by his hair, and throw him in jail.
666   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 6, 1:11pm  

The DOJ issued a memo putting parents on a list for complaining that graphic Queer porn was in the School Library or Assigned Reading.
667   Patrick   2024 Feb 12, 10:01am  


Guys! What are we doing here?

I mean, what the heck is going on?

Is Mark Cuban running this account? What's the goal here?

Maybe if we just had a few more Pride flag-waving homosexuals the FBI could uncover a motive for the largest mass shooting in American history that took place right under their noses in Vegas!

Seriously though, no one thinks that adding LGBT people to the force is going to make the FBI more effective. It's only about branding the FBI as inclusive and diverse.

The FBI is proudly declaring itself as the gay law enforcement now!

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