ANTIFA Teacher Suspended

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2021 Sep 2, 4:40am   223 views  4 comments

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The Natomas Unified School District announced Wednesday it plans to fire a teacher shown on an undercover video discussing antifa and saying he wanted his students to become “revolutionaries.”

District officials spent two days investigating the teacher’s alleged actions and classroom environment. Superintendent Chris Evans wrote in a letter to the public that the teacher’s educational approach was “disturbing and undermines the public’s trust.”

The Inderkum High School AP Government teacher drew national attention after speaking with an unknown person in a cafe in a 12-minute video. The video, originally published by Project Veritas, a conservative activist group that often produces undercover videos, sparked threats towards the school district and the teacher.

The Sacramento Bee is not identifying the teacher because he has received threats and it is unclear whether he consented to be recorded by Project Veritas. The teacher has not responded to requests for comment.

Nah, they'd do it in a heartbeat if it was a Teacher pushing Traditional Values or any other situation of a Public Employee being a conservative, regardless of circumstance.

The video quotes the teacher saying, “I have 180 days to turn them (students) into revolutionaries…Scare the s--- out of them.”

“From the evidence gathered so far, the teacher violated the district’s political action guidelines which are aligned with Board Policy and California Education Code,” read a letter from Evans. “For example, in addition to inappropriate statements from the video, the teacher posted a sign supporting a personal decision for at least (a) local political issue, and possibly more.”

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/education/article253928883.html#storylink=cpy

This is the way forward, folks!

Yes, the Teacher's Union will vigorously defend the Antifa Revolutionary who flat out admitted his goal is to turn students into Radicals.

BUT, that means the Teacher's Union will be spending resources on the DEFENSE, instead of on the OFFENSE. This is key to regaining the initiative; it's how the Left ulimately took control, with nitpicking lawsuits to remove all vestiges of traditional/American things in every aspect of society.

Another Project Veritas WIN.

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1   Booger   2021 Sep 3, 11:53am  


In a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court upholds a New York state law that prohibits communists from teaching in public schools.
2   stereotomy   2021 Sep 3, 12:43pm  

NYS is a one party state. The recording is perfectly legal; yes, even in the PRNY.HunterTits says
MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says

The Sacramento Bee is not identifying the teacher because he has received threats and it is unclear whether he consented to be recorded by Project Veritas

If this was in a public arena, no consent to be recorded is required.

Agreed, and going even further, NYS is one-party recording; surprising, yes, even in the PRNY (Peoples Republic of NY - damned if you can find ammo, though).
3   Karloff   2021 Sep 3, 2:46pm  

My guess is they'll just lay low and keep quiet for a few weeks until this blows over, then lift his suspension.

That is, unless parents in the area raise bloody hell about it so that it can't be ignored.
4   AmericanKulak   2021 Sep 3, 5:22pm  

Another teacher is being suspended... I lost the link, will update when I find.

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