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Lawsuits Are The Answer

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 May 22, 3:36pm 173 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I'm convinced that the right way to fight woke terror and censorship is lawsuits.

Corporations in particular are afraid of lawsuits because they have a lot of money. Sue them first.

But it's also useful to sue the government when they are violating our rights.

A nice suit started by https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/ :





XAVIER BECERRA, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, AND John & Jane Does I-V; Black & White Partnerships; and ABC Corporations I-V,


Dear Friend,

Today America’s Frontline Doctors filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against the U.S. Secretary of the U.S. Department of HHS, Xavier Becerra.

Here’s why:

Children are not guinea pigs: There is a statistically zero percent chance of young people dying of COVID-19. To promote an investigational product that has no long-term studies and no animal studies, to pressure parents and teens to use an experimental product that has not been fully approved by the FDA breaks all of the rules of medicine and the HHS’ own goal to protect Americans.

The expansion of the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for younger children is all risk and no benefit. HHS is ignoring the science and the data.

HHS is betraying its mission to, “enhance the health and well-being of all Americans…and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.”

Sadly, millions of parents are being misled by HHS Secretary Becerra and the FDA, and we are calling on the Federal Courts to stop Becerra and compel HHS to suspend the promotion and rush to administer a vaccine that has not been fully tested and approved.

COVID 19 Vaccine Side Effects: We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action. The Rotavirus vaccine was canceled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was canceled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines and they’re still promoting this to our kids.

Support the Science: Under the age of 20, the survivability rate for COVID-19 is 99.997 percent. More than 4,000 deaths have been tied to the administering of COVID-19 vaccines in the last four months as opposed to 1,500 total in the previous ten years for all vaccines.

This last fact alone should be enough to STOP this dangerous vaccine. But HHS, the FDA and the CDC are ignoring the science and they are putting the lives of our children on the line.
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It's clearly an unconstitutional move for a publicly funded school (part of the government) to dictate that a teacher must use outright false pronouns for certain children.
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Patrick says
It's clearly an unconstitutional move for a publicly funded school (part of the government) to dictate that a teacher must use outright false pronouns for certain children.

A direct violation of the first ammendment’s protected speech clause. It couldn’t be more clear.
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Frequent Traveler Sues CDC, Biden for ‘Unconstitutional’ Mask Mandate on Public Transport

A Washington man has filed a federal lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), President Joe Biden, and several other agencies, challenging the mask mandate on transportation systems.

Lucas Wall, who describes himself as a “frequent traveler,” argued in his lawsuit (pdf) that having to wear masks on transportation systems is unconstitutional, particularly while traveling within a state.

“They are improper, illegal, and unconstitutional exercises of executive authority,” Wall wrote.

Wall, who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, was turned away by Transportation Security Administration agents at Orlando International Airport on June 2 when they saw he wasn’t wearing a mask.

“No, I will not wear a mask, that’s why I have my vaccination card,” Wall told an agent.

That agent then told Wall that he needed a mask to fly from Orlando, Florida, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Wall refused to wear a mask, saying that he suffers from anxiety and breathing difficulties.

“I am a frequent traveler, having flown more than 1.5 million miles and visited 134 nations as well as all 56 U.S. states and territories,” Wall wrote in his lawsuit. “I am currently stranded at my mother’s house in The Villages, Florida … because Defendant TSA refused to let me board a flight June 2, 2021, out of Orlando International Airport (MCO) for not wearing a mask even though I have a qualifying disability.”

“Due to my Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I have never covered my face. I tried a mask a couple times for brief periods last year, but had to remove it after five or so minutes because it caused me to instigate a feeling of a panic attack, including hyperventilating and other breathing trouble. I carry cards in my wallet to hand to anybody who asks me to wear a mask.”

The mask mandates have “ignored countless scientific and medical data showing that face masks are totally ineffective in reducing coronavirus spread,” Wall claimed in his lawsuit.

In March, the CDC updated its guidance on mask-wearing while using public transportation.

In its latest update, the CDC said people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, are generally no longer required to wear masks or social distance, including in most indoor areas.

Previous guidance from the CDC had recommended that people wear masks if they were within six feet of others outside, regardless of their vaccination status.

“Biden has no legal authority to do that,” Wall told ABC 7, referring to the current mask mandates. “It’s long past time this illegal and what I argue unconstitutional restriction be removed.”

He said he wants all transportation mask mandates to be lifted.

“I’m not going to be able to travel or be in airports for hours at a time just sitting around and wearing a mask that restricts my breathing so much and makes me uncomfortable,” Wall told the Washington Examiner.

The CDC didn’t respond to a request for comment by press time.

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Ted Cruz: Facebook is censoring “on behalf of the government” and is liable to be sued

Cruz sees a First Amendment angle.

Lawsuits are the answer.
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Law Firm Boss Sued Over Dispute in Firing Pro-Trump Employees
BY LI HAI June 10, 2021

Three Minnesota attorneys have filed a lawsuit against their former boss, alleging that he wrongfully fired employees because they posted pro-Trump or pro-police content on social media.
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June 18, 2021
Lawsuit against Twitter reveals how it works with Democrats to censor
Lawsuits fighting back against Big Tech censorship at the behest of public officials are mounting.

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