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So, making so much money on this vaccine, with the government backing the cost for multiple doses to almost a billion, maybe much more, people worldwide now and in the immediate future, how come this stock hasn't doubled or tripled in price?

A First Order Analysis says "Ha,ha - foolish Conspiracy Theorist, perhaps this is not the boon to Pfizer you think it is! They are just making modest amounts on the vaccine because the good people at Pfizer just have your good health in mind"

They didn't do the Second or Third Order Analysis.

Almost 400M COVID "Vaccine" doses have been administered, according to CDC. A large percentage of that is by Pfizer.

Why HASNT the Smart Money plowed into this stock and sent it's price skyrocketing?

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187   Patrick   2024 Feb 19, 4:37pm  


Now Hiring: Full-Time Social Media Doctor

Pfizer, Inc. | All Locations

Pfizer, Inc. is seeking a dedicated, enthusiastic healthcare professional to work full-time hours on social media, demonizing those who question the safety and effectiveness of the company’s products. The ideal candidate will have a medical degree approved by Pfizer, along with previous experience vilifying users in an online environment. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including the opportunity to quit your job practicing actual medicine.

In this exciting remote position, you will work under our Director of Public Ridicule to tear down large numbers of independent researchers, naturopaths, stay-at-home moms, and other threats to the company’s bottom line. Daily responsibilities include name-calling and labeling, creating smear campaigns, and leading a team of medical attack officers to gang up against the target population.

This is a senior-level cyberbully position with potential for growth into an even more destructive role.


Basic medical training at a university funded by Pfizer

8+ years in public shaming and/or ridicule

Ability to mock alternative health practitioners at a grade school level or above

Working knowledge of X, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, and other social humiliation platforms

Up-to-date on the latest industry taunts, including “Hey, anti-vaxxers…”

Comfortable following a script and using our auto-debunker tool to quickly debunk claims made by critics of Big Pharma

Strong adherence to company guidelines, and a willingness to trust our Science

To Apply:

Please email paidshills@pfizer.com with your resume, cover letter, and an online portfolio showcasing some of your best anti-vax roasts and put-downs. Only serious medical trash talkers will be considered.

Pfizer, Inc. is an Unequal Opportunity Employer that discriminates on the basis of medical beliefs and vaccination status.
192   Patrick   2024 Mar 15, 10:30am  


Pfizer Event Staffer Admits to Avoiding mRNA Jab during a Pfizer Vaccination campaign.

(Leaked Audio) Pfizer Event Rep : "Honestly, I took Sinovac! hehehe"

There's this whole charade about "Making a Pledge," as if you're swearing into knighthood rather than just rolling up your sleeve for a shot. Pfizer is here using a psychological play straight out of a textbook; it's not merely a vaccination, it's your solemn oath to humanity, your solemn promise to do your bit in some grander global scheme.

This maneuver taps into a primal need for belonging and purpose, packaging a medical decision as a moral high ground. However, dressing up a health choice with the emotional weight of a pledge blurs the lines between personal health autonomy and social coercion.

The moment Pfizer's "Project Vax" came into my view, it was like flipping a switch, dragging me back to my Pharma days. Back then, I learned the cardinal rule that you just don't see Pharma companies hawking their products directly to the unsuspecting public. That's a big no-no. The official playbook says you market to the medical professionals, not the patients — except, of course, in the US and New Zealand, where direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertisements are part of the landscape.

But here's Pfizer, strutting across the stage with "Project Vax," acting like they've got the run of the place. And why wouldn't they? Their ties with regulators and political bigwigs seem to give them a sense of invincibility, a belief that they can bend the rules without consequence.

Typically, Pharma's approach to boosting drug sales is more covert, wrapping their intentions in “Disease Awareness Campaigns”. They'd rather create fear educate you on the horrors of cancer or the risks of heart disease than mention their products outright. But if you attend an event or visit their site, suddenly you're on a path straight to their "partnered" doctors, who unsurprisingly, lean towards prescribing their drugs over any competitors'. That's Pharma marketing 101 – indirect, insidious, and incredibly effective.

Thankfully, people are finally opening their eyes to Pfizer's manipulative tactics, as they're met with a wave of outraged citizens shining a light on the dark corners of Pfizer’s so-called experimental vaccines - tainted with e.coli DNA and peppered with undisclosed SV40 promoters. . But wait, the plot thickens when Pfizer's very own carnival barkers, I mean, event reps, with a straight face, assure us that their glittering "Project Vax" extravaganza isn't about vaccinations at all. How utterly preposterous!

Stick around until the end of the video, and you'll catch a moment of pure comedic gold – a Pfizer event rep confesses they opted for the Chinese vaccine rather than their own brand of experimental mRNA wizardry. Talk about the punchline of the century!

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