Durham Report ?????

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2021 Sep 15, 10:39pm   1,435 views  36 comments

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Sorry kiddies...looks like the statute of limitations is running out. We maybe/might see a charge against a lawyer for the DNC. No charges against any FBI agent, of course.

Yep, he is letting the clock run out.


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16   Ceffer   2021 Sep 16, 6:33pm  

Looks like Sussman better get his go bag with diamonds, foreign bank accounts, and Swiss passport ready.

17   Ceffer   2021 Sep 16, 6:43pm  

MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
But the Universal Monarchist Holy Roman One World Order portrayed it as mercilessly brutal extremist acts.

Kind of like that thing in January

Habsburg propaganda from Vienna, LOL. Reputedly, Klaus Barbie Schwab is run by Habsburg.
18   AmericanKulak   2021 Sep 16, 6:53pm  

Ceffer says
Habsburg propaganda from Vienna, LOL. Reputedly, Klaus Barbie Schwab is run by Habsburg.

Yep. Hitler saw himself as the new Barbarossa. The first EU/EC President was the leader of the Nazi Professors and Lawyer's Union. It's long been a dream of a Superstate; The only argument was run from Vienna, or Aachen. Brussels was the compromise. Napoleon also had such a dream. And the Hapsburgs are still trying.
19   Patrick   2021 Sep 16, 6:58pm  

MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
I'm just waiting for the Truth & Reconciliation Committee, an Transitional Government project ;)

This occurred to me too.

Since there are such a vast number of criminals in the US government, it seems impossible to prosecute them all.
20   just_passing_through   2021 Sep 16, 7:47pm  

Ceffer says
but it's nice to see Durham isn't completely a Deep State myth.

Needs a cool name. Like Heisenberg or something.
21   Ceffer   2021 Sep 16, 10:56pm  

"And he told the FBI General Counsel that he didn't do this on behalf of any client when in fact all along he was being paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign to do this work.
In fact, Michael Sussman charged his meeting with the FBI to Hillary Clinton's campaign."

LOL! Couldn't resist those billable hours. Probably wishes he had, now.
24   Ceffer   2021 Sep 17, 11:39am  

Message from IHLlary to Sussman:

Got that crunchy, thrown under the bus feeling yet?
26   Ceffer   2021 Sep 17, 11:48am  

"5 day turn around.
Anyone ever seen justice habben so quickly ?????
Picking up speeeeeeed!!!
28   Ceffer   2021 Sep 17, 12:56pm  

"And the price for suiciding an entire law firm, again?"
29   AmericanKulak   2021 Sep 17, 2:51pm  

Neither are lawyers, like the dastardly Lynne Stewart.


Guiliani is paying the price now for his prosecution of her, they have waiting for revenge and to humble him.

And of course, Trump.
30   richwicks   2021 Sep 17, 3:22pm  

Ceffer says
"5 day turn around.
Anyone ever seen justice habben so quickly ?????
Picking up speeeeeeed!!!

It's just to release him more quickly.

At the worst, he'll get a suspended sentence and maybe get a fine.

There is no judicial system.
31   HeadSet   2021 Sep 17, 4:30pm  

richwicks says
There is no judicial system.

True. That judge will be under serious political and other threat to make sure this guy goes free. That is assuming they will not "judge shop" for an already compromised Obama appointee. If we had a real justice system, that guy would get a light sentence only if he turns state's evidence on the higher ups.
32   Ceffer   2021 Sep 17, 5:00pm  

Can't claim client privilege because crime. Pry a few singing rats loose to start going after the top rungs?

Let the dance of a thousand legal veils begin!
33   richwicks   2021 Sep 17, 10:02pm  

Ceffer says
Can't claim client privilege because crime.

Haha. Attorney/client privilege ended with Michael Cohen who was Trump's former attorney.
34   Misc   2022 Jan 14, 2:41am  

What, Durham wants the trial in July?

Sorry...ain't gonna be any charges against anybody else. Time will have expired.

Our hero !?!?!?!?!?!

35   Misc   2022 Jan 14, 2:47am  

I hear that after his investigation into the beginning of the Russian Hoax is completed he will then begin the investigation into the Afghanistan pullout catastrophe.

How old is Durham again?
36   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jan 14, 8:00am  

Let's stop fooling ourselves, at this point, it is what it is. There is no maybe, he's doing the right thing. Just like we thought Barr was doing the right thing. Just like we thought Durham was doing the right thing, he never did come out and spring on the bad guys and arrest them. He was just sitting over the stinkhole so it didn't smell so bad. He doesn't give a Fuck about none of it..

He should be shot first, then ground up and made into bullets to finish off the rest!

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