Ivermectin or rather horse dewormer

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2021 Sep 25, 11:54am   665 views  4 comments

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So I have this 180 lb horse that I’m worried may eventually get worms. We bought some of the Rogan cure but are unsure how much and how often we should treat the pony should he have symptoms of worms. Any ideas?

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3   Patrick   2021 Sep 25, 12:37pm  

I have 6.08g of DuraMectin 1.87% ivermectin for horses.

The right dose for a 180 lb horse would be around one 7th of the tube (14%).

You come to the same 14% of the tube conclusion whether you do the math on human dosage for a 1.87% ivermectin paste, or whether you look at the normal weight of a horse, which is about 7x that of a 180 lb horse. Either way, about one seventh of that tube.

I think it's typically used once when symptoms first appear, and then again 48 hours later. So twice total.

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