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Back in January I wrote an article about four randomized controlled trials of ivermectin as a treatment for covid-19 that had at that time released their results to the public. Each of those four trials had promising results, but each was also too small individually to show any meaningful impact on the hard outcomes we really care about, like death. When I meta-analyzed them together however, the results suddenly appeared very impressive. Here’s what that meta-analysis looked like:

It showed a massive 78% reduction in mortality in patients treated with covid-19. Mortality is the hardest of hard end points, which means it’s the hardest for researchers to manipulate and therefore the least open to bias. Either someone’s dead, or they’re alive. End of story.

You would have thought that this strong overall signal of benefit in the midst of a pandemic would have mobilized the powers that be to arrange multiple large randomized trials to confirm these results as quickly as possible, and that the major medical journals would be falling over each other to be the first to publish these studies.

That hasn’t happened.

Rather the opposite, in fact. South Africa has even gone so far as to ban doctors from using ivermectin on covid-19 patients. And as far as I can tell, most of the discussion about ivermectin in mainstream media (and in the medical press) has centred not around its relative merits, but more around how its proponents are clearly deluded tin foil hat wearing crazies who are using social media to manipulate the masses.

In spite of this, trial results have continued to appear. That means we should now be able to conclude with even greater certainty whether or not ivermectin is effective against covid-19. Since there are so many of these trials popping up now, I’ve decided to limit the discussion here only to the ones I’ve been able to find that had at least 150 participants, and that compared ivermectin to placebo (although I’ll add even the smaller trials I’ve found in to the updated meta-analysis at the end).

As before, it appears that rich western countries have very little interest in studying ivermectin as a treatment for covid. The three new trials that had at least 150 participants and compared ivermectin with placebo were conducted in Colombia, Iran, and Argentina. We’ll go through each in turn. ...

What we see is a 62% reduction in the relative risk of dying among covid patients treated with ivermectin. That would mean that ivermectin prevents roughly three out of five covid deaths. The reduction is statistically significant (p-value 0,004). In other words, the weight of evidence supporting ivermectin continues to pile up. It is now far stronger than the evidence that led to widespred use of remdesivir earlier in the pandemic, and the effect is much larger and more important (remdesivir was only ever shown to marginally decrease length of hospital stay, it was never shown to have any effect on risk of dying).

I understand why pharmaceutical companies don’t like ivermectin. It’s a cheap generic drug. Even Merck, the company that invented ivermectin, is doing it’s best to destroy the drug’s reputation at the moment. This can only be explained by the fact that Merck is currently developing two expensive new covid drugs, and doesn’t want an off-patent drug, which it can no longer make any profit from, competing with them.

The only reason I can think to understand why the broader medical establishment, however, is still so anti-ivermectin is that these studies have all been done outside the rich west. Apparently doctors and scientists outside North America and Western Europe can’t be trusted, unless they’re saying things that are in line with our pre-conceived notions.

And HCQ falls into that same bucket. Even worse - to admit HCQ works would be to admit Trump was right about something.

Liberals would rather that millions die than that Trump be allowed to be right about anything. They hate Trump more than they love their fellow humans.

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In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with the extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states with p < 0.002. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models, of SARS-CoV-2 and a related betacoronavirus. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.
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A Day After Our Investigative Reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer Proved That the FDA Lied (And Thousands Likely Died) with the Ivermectin Horse-Dewormer Hoax, She Was Locked Out of Twitter

Please share the brave story by Mary Beth and Linda Bonvie far and wide, and help us beat the censors with the truth about IVM and early treatments. ...

Quoting from FDA emails obtained by Linda through the Freedom of Information Act, including from the acting commissioner, the story documents that one of the most popular tweets in FDA history, written to shame people into not taking ivermectin for covid-19—“You Are Not a Horse. You are Not a Cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it”—was based not only on inaccurate medical science but bad reporting of flawed data, a 3,400-percent exaggeration.

Yet that was enough for the government, just as it pushed more for mass vaccination, to launch a weeks-long media onslaught to demonize a Nobel-Prize-winning human drug with powerful efficacy against covid—one of the safest human drugs in history—as dangerous horse medicine.

How many covid-19 patients died without access to ivermectin as a result we’ll never know. It was enough for CNN and other media to unleash a barrage of lies about Joe Rogan taking horse medicine that finally forced the rankled podcaster to demand an apology from CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta for his network’s deceptive reporting. “It’s a lie! It’s a lie on a news network!” Rogan said, “You are talking about a drug that has been given out to billions and billions of people…Why would they lie and say that is horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine, motherfucker. It’s ridiculous.”

Ivermectin cures people and saves lives.

But it doesn't make money for Pfizer and the rest of the Big-Pharma/woke/government mafia.

So they suppress it, and people die because of it.

Wokeness kills people. Lots of people.
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Groundbreaking: Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID, Calls Out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media for ‘Fueling Confusion and Misinformation’
At the request of the Nebraska Department of Health, on Oct. 15, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson issued a legal opinion that Nebraska healthcare providers can legally prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID, so long as they obtain informed consent from the patient. ...

For example, a paper published in the Lancet — one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world — denounced hydroxychloroquine as dangerous, yet the statistics were flawed and the authors refused to provide analyzed data.

The paper was retracted, but not before countries stopped using the drug and trials were cancelled or interrupted.

“The Lancet’s own editor-in-chief admitted that the paper was a ‘fabrication,’ a ‘monumental fraud’ and a ‘shocking example of research misconduct’ in the middle of a global health emergency,” ...

Peterson cited numerous studies showing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine reduced mortality by up to 75% or more when used as a preventative or prophylaxis for COVID, suggesting hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved had the drugs been widely used in America. ...

Peterson cited several studies showing ivermectin led to improvement of COVID outcomes when used in early treatment or as a prophylaxis, while noting many studies with negative findings about ivermectin “excluded most available evidence,” cherry picked data within studies, misreported data, made unsupported assertions of adverse reactions to ivermectin and had “conclusions that did follow from evidence.”

Peterson also found that epidemiological evidence for ivermectin’s effectiveness, derived by analyzing COVID-related data from various states, countries or regions is instructive in the context of a global pandemic.

In one instance, a group of scholars analyzed data comparing COVID rates of countries that routinely administer ivermectin as a prophylaxis and countries that did not. The research showed “countries with routine mass drug administration of pro­phylactic … ivermectin have a significantly lower incidence of COVID-19.”
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NIH is indicating here that Ivermectin and Nitazoxanide are approved or under evaluation for Covid treatment. This seems like a legitimizing statement. At least they are not calling it Horse Paste.
I am going to get some Nitazoxanide to add to my Covid Kit, per the FLCCC I-MASK+ protocol.
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Robert Sproul says
or under evaluation

That part makes me think they will just conclude that the "evaluation" showed that the Nobel Prize winning drug ivermectin is actually horse paste and must be denied to humans.

Doesn't make sense, but they are doing a lot of things that don't make sense - except in terms of increasing vaxx profits and government power.
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Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight

27 OCTOBER 2021

I don't think Japan totally ended the vaxx or uniformly recommends ivermectin, but they do seem to have dropping cases.
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Robert W Malone, MD
Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19.

Early treatment - 67% improvement, p < 0.0001
Late treatment - 36% improvement, p < 0.0001

126 global studies

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UPDATE: 71 out of 75 Districts in Uttar Pradesh, India – Its Most Populated State – Reported No Covid-19 Cases in 24 Hours After Implementing Ivermectin Protocol
By Jim Hoft
Published October 30, 2021 at 11:43am
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Robert W Malone, MD
World’s Leading ICU Doctor Files Lawsuit Against Hospital System After Being Barred from Administering Safe and Effective COVID-19 Treatments
A Virginia Physician has been prohibited from using safe and time-honored medications in hospital while deaths from COVID-19 continue.

Another hospital hunting physicians who try to save their patients by administering lifesaving therapy. All we need is court allowance of legal discovery, and then this whole house of cards will fall.
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In my neck of the woods, a doctor is suing a major hospital chain who is banning the Ivermectin the doctor wants to use to actually save lives:
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America's Top Critical Care Doctor Sues to Save His Patients and the Hippocratic Oath (Paul Marik, Part I).
Dr. Marik helplessly watched seven covid patients die needlessly after his hospital denied his use of life-saving drugs. He goes to court Thursday for the right to use his judgement to save lives.

Michael Capuzzo
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Dr. Pierre Kory: "Barring Dr. Marik from using the medicines he believes will help his patients is unconscionable, contrary to reason and science." (Marik, Part II)
Dr. Kory and Dr. Joseph Varon have saved thousands of covid patients who would have died elsewhere without the protocols Marik and these FLCCC physicians developed.

Joyce Kamen
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A Virginia Doctor Calls for a Protest this Thursday Outside the Circuit Court in Norfolk to Support Dr. Paul Marik (Part III)
Dr Sheila Furey has saved many patients with Marik's protocols; "We need to send a message to the judge and to Sentara hospital that the doctor-patient relationship is sacred."

Sheila Furey, MD
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HeadSet says
In my neck of the woods, a doctor is suing a major hospital chain who is banning the Ivermectin the doctor wants to use to actually save lives:

We live in times where:

One of the few hundred "essential drugs" recommended for the most basic of health care clinics is now banned from a Hospital Chain.
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CaptainHorsePaste says
One of the few hundred "essential drugs" recommended for the most basic of health care clinics is now banned from a Hospital Chain.

Yes, because if Ivermectin or HCQ or some combination were to prove effective as a prophylactic or treatment for Covid, the EUAs for the jabs would be voided. That is billions of dollars in profits and related bribe money at stake.
350   Al_Sharpton_for_President   ignore (5)   2021 Nov 17, 5:01am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Dear Covid Recovered Families:

I am writing to ask your assistance at a critical time. Dr. Paul Marik, the medical director of the FLCCC, will be in court at 1 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, in Norfolk, Virginia. He is suing Sentara Hospital because he is forbidden from using any part of protocol to treat ICU patients with covid. I am attaching the press release.

Dr. Marik and his team of doctors developed the protocol that I used to help so many of you when you were diagnosed with covid. Dr Marik has been fighting this battle alone. We cannot let him walk into that courtroom feeling he has no support. We need to send a message to the judge and to Sentara hospital that the doctor-patient relationship is sacred and that doctors should never be prevented from saving the lives of their patients.

If you can make a sign and come to the General District Court at 150 St. Paul’s Boulevard in Norfolk on Thursday, please let me know. We will be assembling at 11 a.m. Please share this with your friends and family or anyone who may be able to assist. I would like to let the FLCCC know today how many people can come. We need everyone. If Sentara wins, people will continue to die. You know firsthand how important ivermectin and the other parts of the protocol are. We cannot let the corrupt CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies control the doctor-patient relationship and limit life-saving treatment.

If you cannot attend, please pray. We need the strength, guidance, and blessings of almighty God during this time. With all my sincere appreciation for being strong during your illness and trusting me to help you.

Sheila M. Furey, MD
351   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Nov 18, 3:26pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

The Media is Silent But the Data Speaks: How Ivermectin, Not Vaccines, Saved India's Largest State from Covid-19
Independent data scientist Chamie charts the results of some of the largest and most successful public health campaigns in history in Uttar Pradesh, population 241 million.
352   EBGuy   ignore (0)   2021 Nov 18, 6:23pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

SlateStarCodex does a pretty deep dive here: Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know. Two of the main takeways:
1. Ivermectin doesn’t reduce mortality in COVID a significant amount (let’s say d > 0.3) in the absence of comorbid parasites: 85-90% confidence
2. Parasitic worms are a significant confounder in some ivermectin studies, such that they made them get a positive result even when honest and methodologically sound: 50% confidence

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The treatmentEBGuy says
Parasitic worms are a significant confounder in some ivermectin studies,

The medical protocols done in Europe using Ivermectin et al, along with ivermectin based therapies done by Dr Marik in Norfolk, VA, have nothing to do with parasitic worms.
354   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Nov 18, 9:38pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

There are dozens of double-blind studies now showing a definite benefit to ivermectin.
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Hospital Calls Police to Stop Texas Sheriff Deputy Getting Ivermectin: 'The Medicine Will Kill Him’
Exclusive first interview with Erin Jones who is trying to save her husband Jason Jones from dying of COVID

Emily Miller
Nov 12

Oh bull shit. Ivermectin doesn't kill anyone.

Ivermectin is safer than Tylenol. I've had it myself in the normal human dose and didn't notice any ill effect at all.
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On the latest episode of “The Jimmy Dore Show,” comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore highlighted the similarities between Pfizer’s expensive new antiviral drug for COVID and ivermectin, a generic drug used to treat the virus.

“I’ve never seen the propaganda machine so hard at work as it’s been against ivermectin,” said Dore. “Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize for human medicine in 2015, but the media really has everyone believing it’s for horses.”

Dore suggested the motivation behind the propaganda is profits.

Dore played a video of John Campbell, Ph.D., explaining how Pfizer’s antiviral and ivermectin treat COVID in “the exact same way.” Campbell told viewers Pfizer’s new antiviral drug shows very high levels of efficacy in preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death.

BUY TODAY: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s New Book — 'The Real Anthony Fauci'
“But there’s another drug, which is generic, called ivermectin, which works in the exact same way as the Pfizer antiviral,” Campbell said. “And there is conclusive proof from the scientific literature that the modality of action of the two drugs is the same. Both of these drugs inhibit viral replication.”

Campbell showed the molecular structure of Pfizer’s new drug and compared it to the molecular shape of ivermectin. He conceded the two “are completely different looking molecules” which led him to conclude “it’s absolutely fine to patent” the Pfizer drug.

“So they’re going to be able to make a lot of money out of it for the next 20 years,” he said.

Campbell cited a number of scientific papers which highlighted ivermectin’s effectiveness as an antiviral against COVID, including:

A paper from the Royal Society of Chemistry which concluded ivermectin exhibits “inhibition” to the “catalytic activity” which causes COVID to replicate.
An article in Nature which found that out of the 13 off-target drugs tested by researchers, only ivermectin blocked viral replication of SARS-CoV-2 by more than 80%.
A paper from The Royal Society of Chemistry which showed ivermectin, out of dozens of drugs the researchers experimented with, had the “highest score” when it comes to to stopping viral replication of SARS-CoV-2. Notably, the paper showed that Remdesivir, which is currently patented and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, had the lowest score out of all of the compounds.
Campbell also pointed to a paper from Frontiers in Microbiology, which he said showed ivermectin not only attacked and bound to COVID’s spike protein which stopped it from infecting the cell, but also bound to the cell receptor.

“So it doesn’t just work one way, but two different ways,” explained Dore. “It double screws it up so you can’t get COVID.”

Campbell put it this way: “Not only does ivermectin bend the COVID key, but it also ruins the lock.”

Campbell told viewers:

“So as far as we’ve been told, the new Pfizer drug is only working against one particular biochemical pathway to stop COVID, and with ivermectin, it’s working against that same biochemical pathway to stop COVID but also several others.”

“Why don’t you know this?” Dore asked. “Because ivermectin is cheap, and we live in a world that is made up of corporate propaganda.”

Watch the segment here: ...

original link
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A list of studies demonstrating the role of Ivermectin (IVM) on SARS-CoV-2

Level 1: Action on SARS-CoV-2 cell entry
IVM docks in the region of leucine 91 of the spike protein and histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor Leher et al. 2020 [22]
IVM has the highest binding affinity to the predicted active site of the S glycoprotein; Considerable binding affinity to the predicted active site of the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp protein; Highest binding affinity to the predicted active site of nsp14; highest binding affinity to the active site of the TMPRSS2 protein Eweas et al. 2021 [23]
IVM utilizes viral spike protein, main protease, replicase, and human TMPRSS2 receptors as the most possible targets for executing its antiviral efficiency by disrupting binding Choudhury et al. 2021 [24]
Level 2: Action on Importin (IMP) superfamily
in presence of a viral infection, IVM targets the IMPα component of the IMP α/β1 heterodimer and binds to it, preventing interaction with IMP β1, subsequently blocking the nuclear transport of viral proteins. Yang, S.N.Y et al. 2020 [26]
Level 3: Action as an Ionophore
Two ivermectin molecules, reacting with each other in a “head-tail” mode, can create a complex suitable to be considered as ionophore. These ionophores allow neutralizing the virus at an early stage of the infection before it can adhere to the host cells and enter it. Rizzo E et al. 2020 [28]
Level 4: Action as an antiviral
IVM has antiviral properties against other viruses including the RNA viruses such as Zika Virus (ZKV), Dengue virus, yellow fever virus (YFV), and West Nile virus (WNV), Hendra virus (HEV), Newcastle virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV), Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), Semliki Forest virus (SFV), and Sindbis virus (SINV), Avian influenza A virus, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV), Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 as well as DNA viruses such as Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) and Pseudorabies virus (PRV). Heidary, F et al. 2020 [29]
Level 5: Action on viral replication and assembly
In Vero/hSLAM cells infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus when “exposed” to 5 µM IVM showed a 5000-fold reduction in viral RNA at 48 h when compared to the control group Caly L et al. 2020 [30]
utilizing modeling approach, predicted lung accumulation of Ivermectin over 10 times higher than EC 50 Arshad et al 2020 [31]
best binding interaction between IVM and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) Swargiary et al.* 2020 [33]
highly efficient binding of IVM to nsp14 Ma et al. 2015 [35]
highly efficient binding of IVM to the viral N phosphoprotein and M protein Eweas et al. 2021 [23]
Level 6: Action on post-translational processing of viral polyproteins
IVM binds to both proteins, Mpro, and to a lesser extent to PLpro of SARS-CoV-2 Eweas et al. 2021 [23]
Level 7: Action on Karyopherin (KPNA/KPNB) receptors
IVM inhibits the KPNA/KPNB1- mediated nuclear import of viral proteins Caly L et al. 2020 [30]
Level 8: Action on Interferon (INF) levels
IVM promotes the expression of several IFN-related genes, such as IFIT1, IFIT2, IF144, ISG20, IRF9, and OASL Seth C 2016 [40]
Level 9: Action on Toll- like-Receptors (TLRs)
IVM blocks activation of NF-kappa B pathway and inhibition of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signaling Zhang X et al. 2008 [42]
Level 10: Action on Nuclear Factor-κB (NF-κB) pathway
IVM at its very low dose, which did not induce cytotoxicity, drastically reversed the resistance of tumor cells to the chemotherapeutic drugs both in vitro and in vivo by inhibition of the transcriptional factor NF-κB. Jiang L et al. 2019 [44]
IVM inhibits lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced production of inflammatory cytokines by blocking the NF-κB pathway and improving LPS-induced survival in mice. Zhang X et al. 2008 [42]
Level 11: Action on the JAK-STAT pathway, PAI-1 and COVID-19 sequalae
IVM inhibits STAT-3, SARS-CoV-2-mediated inhibition of IFN and STAT 1, with the subsequent shift to a STAT 3- dominant signaling network that could result in almost all of the clinical features of COVID-19; STAT-3 acts as a “central hub” that mediates the detrimental COVID-19 cascade Matsuyama, T., 2020 [39]
STAT-3 induces a C-reactive protein that upregulates PAI-1 levels. Ivermectin inhibits STAT-3. Matsuyama, T., 2020 [39]
The PD-L1 receptors present on the endothelial cells are activated by STAT-3 causing T cell lymphopenia. IVM inhibits STAT-3 through direct inhibition Matsuyama, T., 2020 [39]
Level 12: Action on P21 activated Kinase 1 (PAK-1)
IVM suppresses the Akt/mTOR signaling and promotes ubiquitin-mediated degradation of PAK-1 hence compromising STAT-3 activity and decreasing IL-6 production. Dou Q et al. 2016 [54]
Level 13: Action on Interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels
IVM suppressed IL-6 and TNFα production Zhang X et al. 2008 [42]
IVM “dramatically reduced” IL-6/IL-10 ratio modulating infection outcomes. G D de Melo et al. 2020 [55]
Level 14: Action on allosteric modulation of P2X4 receptor
Positive allosteric modulation of P2X4 by IVM enhances ATP-mediated secretion of CXCL5 Layhadi JA et al. 2018 [58]
Level 15: Action on high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)
Ivermectin inhibits HMGB1 Juarez M et al. 2018 [60]
Level 16: Action as an immunomodulator on Lung tissue and olfaction
No olfactory deficit was observed in IVM-treated females; IVM dramatically reduced the IL-6/IL-10 ratio in lung G D de Melo et al.
2020 [55]
Level 17: Action as an anti-inflammatory
anti-inflammatory action of IVM was explained as inhibition of cytokine production by lipopolysaccharide challenged macrophages, blockade of activation of NF-kB, and the stress-activated MAP kinases JNK and p38, and inhibition of TLR4 signaling.
Zhang X et al.,

Ci X et al.,

Yan S et al.




[42, 62, 63]
Immune cell recruitment, cytokine production in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, IgE, and IgG1 secretion in serum as well as hyper-secretion of mucus by goblet cells was reduced significantly by IVM Yan S et al. 2011 [63]
Level 18: Action on Plasmin and Annexin A2
Annexin acts as a co-receptor for the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin in the presence of t-PA. increased levels of plasmin leads to direct activation of STAT-3. Kamber Zaidi et al. 2020 [64]
IVM directly inhibits STAT-3 and could play a role in the inhibition of COVID-19 complications. Matsuyama et al. 2020 [39]
Level 19: Action on CD147 on the RBC
The SARS-CoV-2 does not internalize into the red blood cells but such attachments can lead to clumping.

IVM binds to the S protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus making it unavailable to bind with CD147.

David E.Scheim et al. 2020 [65]
Level 20: Action on mitochondrial ATP under hypoxia on cardiac function
IVM increased mitochondrial ATP production by inducing Cox6a2 expression and maintains mitochondrial ATP under hypoxic conditions. This prevents pathological hypertrophy and improves cardiac function. Nagai H et al.
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Marik, who is the director of the Critical Care Unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, is suing the healthcare system because they won't allow him to treat COVID-19 patients with the drug ivermectin, along with a host of other drugs that make up his developed MATH+ Protocol.

"Almost all of the treatments we use have been demonstrated to be safe and effective in randomized controlled trials," Marik said.

Marik claims that Sentara's policy may have led to the deaths of four of his patients who were never given the opportunity to learn of or be treated with potentially life-saving medicines. He said these actions are criminal.

"It's not just for me; it's for patients across the whole country. They have the right to choose what treatment they want," Marik said Thursday. "It's an outrage and yet there are other effective treatments available that they are trying to silence. The patients across this country need to know that they have options."

Marik's support of ivermectin was the subject of a different News 3 investigation in September.
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A Judge Stands up to a Hospital: "Step Aside" and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin
A Chicago-area judge saved a grandfather's life with the single question that exposes hospitals blocking doctors from using a safe, FDA-approved drug: Why?

The hospitals won't administer it because then they are "not following CDC guidelines" and have legal liability.

The reason the CDC refuses to recommend very safe and effective ivermectin is because it works so well and is so cheap. Pfizer cannot make money off of it, so Pfauci lets hundreds of thousands of Americans die for the profits of vaxx makers by denying all those patients life-saving early treatment.

Fauci is a mass murderer, the worst individual criminal to exist in our lifetimes. Collins and Bourla would also be tried for mass murder and hanged if there were any justice in the world.
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A pandemic of the vaccinated or Ivermectin ignored?
by Justus R. Hope, MD Nov 23, 2021 ...

Over the last 75 days, Delhi has recorded less than 10 COVID-19 deaths. Likewise, Uttar Pradesh, with more than 230 million people, has recorded fewer than 20 COVID deaths in the past 60 days, while the United States, with a roughly similar population, has recorded some 87,300 deaths - more than 4,000 times as many.

India's only remaining hotspot remains the highly vaccinated state of Kerala, which continues to pay the price. Over the last 30 days alone, Kerala has logged over 10,000 deaths. The main difference between Kerala and the rest of India was its lower use of Ivermectin, as I wrote on August 23, 2021, in an article published in the Desert Review.

Out of India's 267 deaths reported on November 19, 2021, fully 204 came from Kerala. With 36 million people, tiny Kerala represents only 2.5% of India's population of 1.399 billion. However, they have 76% of India’s daily COVID-19 deaths. In other words, it is 30 times more likely for an Indian resident of Kerala to die from the virus compared to a resident outside the state.

But look at other cases. For example, Indonesia adopted Ivermectin and saw their COVID-19 cases drop from 45,000 in July to 347 cases per day in November of 2021 - a drop of 99.2%.

Meanwhile, Gibraltar's cases doubled during the same time frame from an average of 30 per day to 60 per day. The United States' daily cases doubled between July 22 and November 19.

Singapore, a nation that enjoys a fully vaccinated percentage of 88.2% as of November 5, 2021, also sees COVID-19 cases moving fast in the wrong direction. Between July 23 and November 20, 2021, Singapore saw their cases rise from 130 to 1931 per day - an increase of 15 fold.
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My wife and I have been having flu like symptoms for the last 7 days. Lots of coughing, lots of phlegm, chest feeling like it's on fire, headaches, very sore throat and very thirsty. I have taken 1 12mg Ivermectin per day for the last 3 days. I am now starting to feel better. Chest feels a LOT better, less phlegm and woke up with a sore throat but nothing near as bad as the previous mornings. Make of that what you will.

I need to add that we also doubled up on Vit C, Vit D, K2, Quercetin and Allisure Allicin.
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WineHorror1 says
I need to add that we also doubled up on Vit C, Vit D, K2, Quercetin and Allisure Allicin.

Realize, R-Lipoic Acid recycles the Vitamin C and E in one's body. Thus, make sure you have it in your diet.
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Rin says
WineHorror1 says
I need to add that we also doubled up on Vit C, Vit D, K2, Quercetin and Allisure Allicin.

Realize, R-Lipoic Acid recycles the Vitamin C and E in one's body. Thus, make sure you have it in your diet.

@Rin, I don't have any R-Lipoic Acid. Can you help me find it?
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LIttle oopssie from the past:
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WineHorror1 says
Rin says
WineHorror1 says
I need to add that we also doubled up on Vit C, Vit D, K2, Quercetin and Allisure Allicin.

Realize, R-Lipoic Acid recycles the Vitamin C and E in one's body. Thus, make sure you have it in your diet.

@Rin, I don't have any R-Lipoic Acid. Can you help me find it?

Same old site ...
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Robert W Malone, MD
The thing is, who determines what is an effective "protocol"? At the moment, it is CDC and NIH/Fauci (which are not actively engaged in practicing medicine and treating patients) in collusion with Large Pharma. Which is why we are seeing so, so many excess unnecessary deaths.
4:35 PM · Nov 25, 2021
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From Near Death in a Hospital to Happy at Home, a Father Is Saved by His Daughter and Ivermectin
Sun Ng's daughter had to sue an Illinois hospital to allow a doctor to give her father the safe, FDA-approved drug that saved his life.

Trista Ng asked officials at Edward Hospital again and again. Give my father ivermectin for covid.

“Numerous times” the Naperville, Illinois, hospital told her no, she said. No to an FDA-approved drug. No to her offer to release the hospital of “any liability.”

“The doctors and administration refused,” she wrote in a plea to DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Paul Fullerton, who on November 5 answered with a simple yes, telling hospital administrators, “Step aside.”

Last Saturday, nineteen days after his first of five court-ordered ivermectin doses, Sun Ng, seventy-one, came home: To a joyful wife of forty years, Ying. To a year-old granddaughter, Kaylie. To a son-in-law, Hayden, and a daughter who asked only—after the hospital’s menu of Covid care had failed—to give her father “a fighting chance.”

What conclusion can anyone have except that hospitals are now Pfizer/Pfauci death factories which try to kill people and not cure them?
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Patrick says

Robert W Malone, MD
The thing is, who determines what is an effective "protocol"? At the moment, it is CDC and NIH/Fauci (which are not actively engaged in practicing medicine and treating patients) in collusion with Large Pharma. Which is why we are seeing so, so many excess unnecessary deaths.
4:35 PM · Nov 25, 2021

I'm sorry but doctors are lazy shits.

They could have easily recommended Quercetin Phytosome but use a caveat that it's for joint aches and not for Covid. Bang, by-pass Fauci/CDC Inc, and then these ppl don't even get on respirators to begin with.

Instead, they kowtowed to the Rx prescription game which in effect, keeps the alphabet soup in control. The Dietary & Supplement Act allows anyone to take any dietary supplement w/o oversight from the goon squad.

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