Vaxx Failure Thread

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A thread for obvious failures of the jab.

First one:


A married Michigan couple who were fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 both died of the virus just one minute apart.

Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.

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843   Patrick   2022 Oct 11, 1:47am  


67,000 English People Died Unnecessarily Due to the Government's Poor COVID Response.
The UK government's over-reaction and woefully misinformed policies, including lockdown, masks and the mRNA experiment resulted in substantially more deaths than neighbouring Sweden.
844   richwicks   2022 Oct 11, 2:22am  

Patrick says

Full movie here:


I have pushed for you to make a site that just allows conversation on videos, where the video can be mentioned in a thread, but when the video is made, it creates a comment thread. I can do the backend of embedding the video, and such a thing would take away the ability of censorship, provided it can be embedded.

You're looking for a way to monetize aren't you? I'm looking to make better communication. Youtube==bitchute==odysee==rumble. I can, with an external script, take any URL to make it so it can be embedded. What I CAN'T do is make a comment page on it. I can also extract and save any video from any of those sites, in the event they are deleted.
845   richwicks   2022 Oct 11, 2:39am  

stereotomy says

This might be too dark, but what if the libtards want their parents/grandparents dead? Jab, rinse, repeat, before the funding runs out and the kids/grandkids are on the hook.

I watched the boomers riot against the Vietnam war because SUPPOSEDLY they believed war was bad, claim "greed is good", shove their parents into nursing homes, demand the government bail them out of their bad housing (and 2nd and 3rd housing) purchases, who screamed that the Middle East should be turned to glass in 2002 and THEN have them call me crazy for pointing out their hypocrisy and insanity.

And these people run our government now, they restarted the hard won Cold War, needlessly. I saw Noam Chomsky state that the unvaccinated should be quarantined, you know, that paragon of ethics and reason.

If there is a monster generation, it's them. I have met and known boomers here, but look at your crazy fucking generation. I'm only 30 years behind you, and I know you're closer to death than I am, but I'm going to the same destination. Don't take the rest of the world with you.

I don't have kids, I am glad I don't have them, because of the boomer generation. Most destructive, scary, malicious generation ever. I have to fix what they fucked up and that's a lot to fix.

This is not a blind attack, it's observation. I once believed in the rhetoric, but they never did. It's a total betrayal for my generation, generation X. Nothing that the boomers promoted they believed in is my conclusion. I can see it. I've taken to sociopathic thinking to understand the world as a result. There's no morality involved, just game theory.
846   Patrick   2022 Oct 11, 2:51am  

richwicks says

I can, with an external script, take any URL to make it so it can be embedded. What I CAN'T do is make a comment page on it. I can also extract and save any video from any of those sites, in the event they are deleted.

I think a business relying on embedding or extracting videos would get sued out of existence.
847   richwicks   2022 Oct 11, 2:57am  

Patrick says

richwicks says

I can, with an external script, take any URL to make it so it can be embedded. What I CAN'T do is make a comment page on it. I can also extract and save any video from any of those sites, in the event they are deleted.

I think a business relying on embedding or extracting videos would get sued out of existence.


Why? All the sites I'd consider allow embedding. I'm not even suggesting doing anything clever to pull them, although I can do that as well, but when a site doesn't allow embedding, I would expect that would be trouble.

So, sued for what? For making use of their own site? This is what Facebook did at its start, they depended on Youtube for content, they didn't host it themselves.
848   Patrick   2022 Oct 11, 3:28am  

You need permission to embed videos and can get sued without permission. But if you are dependent on permission, they can take all your profits.
849   richwicks   2022 Oct 11, 3:38am  

Patrick says

You need permission to embed videos and can get sued without permission. But if you are dependent on permission, they can take all your profits.


You embed videos here all the time, I'm just suggesting a way to expand it in that ability.

Let people talk about what they want to talk about, subjects of interest where a video is mentioned, create a thread for that video alone. On top of that, just let people to mention a video to be discussed.

Hell, I'll poach from you if you allow it. You're running this website from a server. all you need to do is a redirect based on the server name. You could have SEVERAL sites on your VM you realize. You're limited by storage is all, and 128GB of TEXT is infinity more or less. That's a $20 SD Card today. I keep telling people they don't know what power they have, you must have some idea that I'm not lying about this after running this site for over a decade.

What was your total data collection before you allowed video embedding? 30GB? I can literally buy a flash drive that will contain that at a convenience store. I can download your entire site in about 5 minutes if your connection is fast enough, your site would be the limiting factor.
851   Patrick   2022 Oct 12, 2:19pm  


“If you don’t get vaccinated, you are antisocial,” Rob Roos said. “This is what the Dutch Prime Minister and Health Minister told us. You don’t get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others. You do it for all of society. That’s what I said today. This turned out to be complete nonsense in a Covid hearing in the European parliament, one of the Pfizer directors just admitted to me at the time of introduction, the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus.”

“This removes the entire legal basis for the Covid passport, the Covid passport that led to massive institutional discrimination as people lost access to essential parts of society,” Roos added. “I find this to be shocking, even criminal.

Everyone in government who pushed death jab mandates should be tried and hanged for this crime against humanity.
852   Patrick   2022 Oct 14, 5:14pm  

Higher Levels Of Inoculation Against Covid-19 Increase Chance of Death While Infected With Virus


original link
853   Patrick   2022 Oct 17, 3:21pm  


A new study conducted by scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins, currently in pre-print, reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines were up to 98 times worse than the virus itself. The study is critical of the booster requirement for American university students, stating in the abstract: “Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities.”
857   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 10:15am  


Another new study - yes, a SECOND one - says the "Omicron-specific" mRNA Covid boosters are worthless
OCT 31
861   Undoctored   2022 Nov 2, 7:28pm  

Nothing hits the mainstream press that the controllers don’t want us to hear. First I thought it was just them lowering our expectations. But maybe also publicizing the failure of these preventives and treatments is a subtle way of denying the actual damage that they do? Putting the focus on the ineffectiveness as a strategic loss? Limited hangout? Plea bargaining? Why else would Fauci and Walensky’s handlers let us know?
863   Patrick   2022 Nov 9, 9:39am  


“If you got infected with Omicron at any time, a third vaccine dose actually doubles your risk of reinfection compared to 2 doses only,” Dr. Daniele Focosi, who specializes in hematology and works at Pisa University Hospital in Italy, wrote on Twitter in response to the findings. “Amazing immune imprinting at work.”
865   Patrick   2022 Nov 12, 11:13pm  


Rukshan Fernando

If you are seeing the news about the cruise ship with 800 positive cases docking in Syd, see if any of them mention that every passenger & crew member onboard had to be fully jabbed and tested. It’s an excellent case study on why the vaccinated economy and passports was bullshit.
Nov 11, 2022

866   Patrick   2022 Nov 15, 9:50pm  


Bivalent Vaccines Up to Bat: a Swing and a Miss
SARS-CoV-2 Easily Mutates Away from Newest mRNA Products
867   Patrick   2022 Nov 18, 7:00pm  


With selection pressure, there will be consequent viral immune escape, with original antigenic sin (I call it ‘mortal antigenic sin) (immune fixation, immune priming, pathogenic priming, prejudicing to the initial prime or exposure, recalling induced antibodies to the initial prime), and thus the viral mutants that are ‘fittest’ and ‘strongest’ that can overcome this sub-optimal mounting population immune pressure will be selected forward, and become enriched in the environment and become dominant. You saw this in Delta and Omicron and all of its sub-variants/clades. There will thus be ongoing continual transmission and as such, waves. You will also see the waves not coming back to baseline and as such not getting to herd immunity. In other words, those doing this, those pharma and health officials and policy makers doing this, know full well that this pandemic will continue for 100 more years, with infectious variant after infectious variant. ...

If you left the population alone, allow them to develop natural immunity that would get them to herd immunity. Many may already be immune but you are now damaging their natural immunity (layering vaccine immunity on top of natural immunity) with this fraud vaccine that is subverting it and even causing cancers to explode in metastasis. Just stop this fraud vaccine madness, it is causing the virus to be transmitted from the vaccinated. The data is clear on this. It is the vaccine, stupid! It is the vaccine (and boosters) that is driving the infections and subsequent hospitalizations and even death in particularly older persons.
868   WookieMan   2022 Nov 19, 9:58am  

It happened. Wife and I have covid. Not pleasant but not awful. Tired as fuck. Fever is a weird one. Aches. No sinus or cough. Flying today. Kind of feel bad but I’ll steer clear of older fat people.

Hopefully it doesn’t get worse but it’s totally manageable so far. 24 hours of legit symptoms didn’t keep me awake at night or anything weird.

Alcohol helps. I’m not joking. 5-6 of us have it and I think I feel the best.
869   stereotomy   2022 Nov 19, 10:23am  

WookieMan says

It happened. Wife and I have covid. Not pleasant but not awful. Tired as fuck. Fever is a weird one. Aches. No sinus or cough. Flying today. Kind of feel bad but I’ll steer clear of older fat people.

Hopefully it doesn’t get worse but it’s totally manageable so far. 24 hours of legit symptoms didn’t keep me awake at night or anything weird.

Alcohol helps. I’m not joking. 5-6 of us have it and I think I feel the best.

Hydroxychloroquine (400 mg per day) or quercetin phytosome (1000 mg/day) plus 200 mg zinc and 0.4 mg/Kg of body mass Ivermectin daily (break these up between morning and evening). I can almost guarantee that within 2-3 days, your symptoms will completely subside. This cocktail doesn't cure the infection, but it completely prevents the virus from further replicating.

My last bout, I developed viral sinusitis, so I was taking the 'mectin for over 2 weeks. I ended up pretty saturated with the stuff (GI started being affected). One completely unexpected benefit is that ivermectin inhibits practically all viruses. I was about to develop a really nasty cold sore, but it was stopped almost as soon as it began - the skin just felt a little rough. Ivermectin is truly the shit. If you're down Mexico way you can pick some up, otherwise alldaychemist (2-4 week lead time).

Edit: Props to @Rin for turning me on to most of this stuff. This has been the silver lining in the whole covid shitshow.
870   Rin   2022 Nov 19, 11:43am  

stereotomy says

Edit: Props to Rin for turning me on to most of this stuff. This has been the silver lining in the whole covid shitshow.

You can add Liposomal Artemisinin (Sweet Wormwood) which has a Quercetin Phytosome, a one-two punch, combo supplement below ...


That's basically like having an all natural Ivermectin-lite in one's daily diet.

In addition, if you need to load up on Zinc, please make sure you have a trace amount of Copper in addendum, like a 15:1 ratio.
871   Rin   2022 Nov 19, 11:55am  

stereotomy says

quercetin phytosome (1000 mg/day)

Also, it's very hard to OD on Que so where it's not safe to ramp up the HCQ or Ivermectin, you can take as much Quercetin Phytosome, as your GI tract will enable you to do.
872   RC2006   2022 Nov 19, 11:57am  

Can I just have a shot of imported absinthe made from wormwood
873   Ceffer   2022 Nov 19, 12:07pm  

WookieMan says

It happened. Wife and I have covid.

It's called 'seasonal virus'. Covid is the brand name of the Globalist fraud confirmed with a fake test.
875   WookieMan   2022 Nov 19, 10:12pm  

Update. I love travel but I do get anxiety that everything goes right. So today was a travel day. I get super tense and body was not relaxed at all today. I don't think it helped. Feeling pretty shitty. Not I'm gonna die shitty but it did get worse from this morning. I also partied for 5 days till 2am each night, probably didn't help. Feels like someone took a hammer or bat and hit every moving joint on my body.

Also it was the sickest flight I've ever been on. I'm pretty sure there's a big outbreak in Mexico. People left and right hacking up lungs. My mom watched our boys and all 4 of them are sick as well. I don't have a fever, so I can deal with the pain. I think 15 years or so not taking OTC pills.

I haven't been sick since the "pandemic" began. I was due. But the vaccine for sure doesn't work. At all. In 25 years of knowing my wife this is the worst she's felt. It doesn't even reduce symptoms. She's a tough chick and I've never seen her like this. Super healthy too. I'm glad it's Sunday and should be a lazy week anyway, so lots of sleeping gonna go down.
878   Patrick   2022 Nov 25, 4:17pm  


Increasing rates of COVID-19 vaccination are associated with increase COVID-19 death rates per country population (p=0.002).
880   Patrick   2022 Nov 28, 3:18pm  


First, systemic vaccination (ie injected vaccines) will only stimulate systemic immunity (the IgG antibody system). It will protect against virus that has escaped the mucosal compartment but have essentially no impact on the mucosal site of primary infection. ...

More importantly, repeated antigen dosing from vaccination, often in combination with intercurrent COVID infection, activates T reg cells, specifically suppressing immunity to COVID infection. This led to “reverse immunity” with more infections and more severe disease reported in multi-vaccinated subjects, so that COVID has now become a pandemic of the vaccinated. ...

Natural immunity from COVID infection is broader and more durable than that following vaccination, while immunisation post-infection adds to the risk of impaired immunity due to specific immune suppression. ...

Genetic vaccines were hoisted on the world at “warp speed” with no idea of their biologic impact, or the adverse event profile. They had great patents creating a huge commercial opportunity which converted into historic and extraordinary windfall profits. It’s as simple as that. ...

The have been more reports of severe adverse events for COVID vaccines than the combined total for all other vaccines over 20 years! Estimates of under-reporting severe adverse events at 40-fold are claimed.

The appearance of myocarditis as an example of a post-vaccine adverse event exemplifies the evolution of understanding. Initially, rare cases were reported in teenage boys. Recent prospective studies using troponin levels find 2-3% of mRNA vaccinations are followed by myocarditis in both women and men. The long-term impact of myocarditis is unknown, though three- to six-month follow-up studies suggest many have persistent damage, with scars from healed myocarditis suggested as the cause of an increase in sudden deaths in athletes. ...

These short-term adverse events following genetic vaccines have led to ratios being calculated showing significantly more deaths following genetic vaccines than lives saved from COVID by vaccination. These ratios are higher in children who rarely develop severe disease. Longer-term disease possibilities that must be investigated further include integration of spike protein genetic coding into DNA, and prion sequences within spike protein that may cause amyloid deposition in neural tissue.

The message of potential damage, reduced protection, and need to rationalise immunisation strategies is slowly learnt. Denmark has stopped routine vaccination in those under 50, and mandates are quietly being dropped.


Replacing a narrative driven by commercial interests with science is surprisingly difficult. But it must happen.

Review of existing data for both efficacy and safety of genetic vaccines by professional organisations, mainline journals and the media has been a “no-go” area. Denial and ignorance fall in line with a narrative, with those who ask questions excluded from participation in the discussion by methods which have ranged from accusations that the offenders are “anti-vaxers” to the de-registration of health professionals. Recently, recognition of limitations and concerns with respect to genetic vaccines and the consequent failures to impact public health policies has begun to seep into the mainstream press. ...

Numerous legal challenges current across the Western world may be the only way to bring clarity and sense to the table, with reversion to a tested pattern of safe, science-based medical practise, based on the relationship between doctor and patient that evolved from the time of Louis Pasteur.
882   Patrick   2022 Dec 1, 12:43pm  


The 50 Countries with the Lowest deaths per million population (per World Meter).
(#173) Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Tonga, Rwanda, Sudan, Kiribati, Kenya, Laos, Timor-Leste Nauru, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Uganda, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Yemen, Congo, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Cook Islands, Angola, Liberia, Madagascar, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Vanuatu, Mali, Guinea, Nicaragua, Togo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Bhutan, CAR, Burkina Faso, DRC, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Benin, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Niger, South Sudan, Chad, Macao, China, Burundi, DPRK, (#223) Western Sahara

So…in reviewing the list of countries, clear patterns seem to emerge. Of course, one can easily generate lots of hypothesize as to what it all means. For instance, the median age, health, co-morbidities and/or weight of the population, ivermectin or HCQ routines, other traditional medicines used in Africa, staying out of the hospitals -so ventilator deaths didn’t occur during the first wave, the use under reporting and/or vitamin D levels are just some of the reasons that could have led to the lower deaths per million in these regions.

Also included in this list of countries are some of the island nations. The isolation of which during the Alpha (Wuhan) and Delta strain waves - which were the most lethal may account for their lowered death rates.

In any case, this data set, although crude - leads to some very interesting questions about why some “developed” or “first world” nations, with all their exensive medicines, vaccines and hospitals fared so much worse than these countries with the lowest death per million population rates.

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