One doctor with integrity among so many who have none

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‘I Had to Stand up and Try to Do Something:’ Professor of Medicine on Suing School Over Vaccine Mandate


Dr. Aaron Kheriaty reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic like many other medical experts. He worked long hours as the United States tried to grapple with the new disease. He had too many conversations with family members whose loved ones were dying from it.

But as time wore on, he started noticing a pattern in public health decisions that seemed to diverge from traditional medical ethics, including an insistence that people at little risk from COVID-19 get a vaccine.

Kheriaty is now on suspension from the University of California, Irvine, (UCI) and challenging the school’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in court.

“I had to stand up and try to do something about it,” the professor of psychiatry and director of the UCI Health’s Medical Ethics Program said on The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

"I knew that I would wake up in the morning & not have a clear conscience."

Deep-dive w/ medical ethics prof @akheriaty who filed a lawsuit challenging his university's #VaccineMandate. He was suspended & put on "investigatory leave."

🔴WATCH PART 1: https://t.co/gDuQ1J5jjn pic.twitter.com/E3ByL1pIWW

— Jan Jekielek (@JanJekielek) October 30, 2021

UCI spokespeople declined to comment for this story.


Kheriaty contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, in mid-2020. His infection was confirmed by two different tests from two independent labs. His five children and wife also contracted the disease. They all recovered, with none requiring hospital care.

“It was, for me, actually a very liberating experience afterward, because I didn’t have to worry about the illness anymore. I knew the science on natural immunity,” Kheriaty said.

Natural immunity refers to when people contract COVID-19 and recover. Dozens of studies have documented that these individuals enjoy strong immunity against CCP virus re-infection. Some of the studies suggest the immunity is superior to that provided by COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the Johnson & Johnson one.

“I knew that at that point, I was among the safest people to be around, I didn’t have to worry about transmitting the infection to my patients,” Kheriaty said.

He continued taking precautions, wearing personal protective equipment like masks as required at the hospital. But he was confident he didn’t pose a risk to others, which served as a relief.

That relief turned into disbelief when, around a year later, the University of California system, which includes UCI, imposed a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Opt-Out is Temporary

The mandate (pdf) included a natural immunity opt-out, but only temporarily. People who recovered from COVID-19 were told they would only be exempt from the mandate for up to 90 days after their diagnosis.

University officials cited the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which alleges that the antibody tests it has authorized “are not validated to evaluate specific immunity or protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

SARS-CoV-2 is another name for the CCP virus.

“For this reason, individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had an antibody test are not permanently exempt from vaccination,” officials said.

The mandate violated rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment, including equal protection and substantive due process, Kheriaty’s lawsuit asserts.

“Plaintiff is naturally immune to SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, plaintiff is at least as equally situated as those who are fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine, yet defendants deny plaintiff equal treatment and seek to burden Plaintiff with an unnecessary violation of bodily integrity to which plaintiff does not consent in order to be allowed to continue to work at UCI,” it states.

The situation creates two classes, vaccinated and unvaccinated, when a more reasonable division would be those who are immune and those who are not, Kheriaty believes.

“What kind of discriminatory policies do we have in place that are excluding someone like me from the workplace when I’m 99.8 percent protected against reinfection whereas someone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, by the company’s own data that they submitted to the FDA, is 67 percent protective against COVID infection?” he said.

Whose Burden?

Kheriaty initially planned to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Now he’s working to change the narrative around mandates. ...

Most mandates across the country don’t have alternatives for people who had COVID-19 and recovered.

Kheriaty proposes putting the burden of proof on people who want to opt out.

“Just have them go get the testing on their own time. You don’t have to administer the T-cell test or the antibody test. You don’t have to go dig up their old medical record establishing that they’ve already had COVID,” he said.

“Just ask them to bring that in and sign off on that as a kind of immunity passport.”

Side Effects ...

Kheriaty worries about other research that seems to show vaccine recipients with natural immunity experience side effects at a higher frequency than those who are not immune who get a shot.

“There are now about five independent studies that strongly suggest that individuals that already have natural immunity, when you vaccinate them, the risk of vaccine adverse events or vaccine side effects is higher for that group,” the professor said. “They have higher risk of side effects from the vaccine. It’s not going to help the people around them because natural immunity already is sterilizing, [yet] we don’t yet have any COVID vaccines that offer sterilizing immunity.”

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94   stereotomy   2022 Sep 26, 11:19am  

Patrick says

Yes, I see no reason to doubt it.

To reject the hospital's authority makes doctors very angry.

WTF? Are "doctors" like the Hulk? "Don't make me angry - you wouldn't like me when I'm angry . . ."

Just to be clear - I'm not accusing Patrick but the hypothesized mindset of the doctors.
95   Tenpoundbass   2022 Sep 26, 11:31am  

stereotomy says

Just to be clear - I'm not accusing Patrick but the hypothesized mindset of the doctors.

Well then why don't you take it up with the millions of Doctors and other health officials worldwide that were fired during the pandemic for not sharing a few hundred Administrator's Opinion on Science? Ask them if they think Patrick is just being a big fat meanie head.
96   Tenpoundbass   2022 Sep 26, 11:33am  

Subject yourself to woke medicine at your own peril.
I'll never trust our medical system until the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 take place and a bunch of Evil Bile Cocksuckes meet a Shitty Pant end.
97   Ceffer   2022 Sep 26, 11:34am  

Patrick says

To reject the hospital's authority makes doctors very angry.

You're attacking their money. Attacking their honor is one thing, but attacking their money, well, that's fightin' stuff. Why do you think that relatives can't fire the doctors off their hospitalized kin. Doctors want their cut from the Covid processing.
98   stereotomy   2022 Sep 26, 11:39am  

Tenpoundbass says

stereotomy says

Just to be clear - I'm not accusing Patrick but the hypothesized mindset of the doctors.

Well then why don't you take it up with the millions of Doctors and other health officials worldwide that were fired during the pandemic for not sharing a few hundred Administrator's Opinion on Science? Ask them if they think Patrick is just being a big fat meanie head.

Every time I go for my annual check-up, I remind the doctors how many have died from the vaccine. Last time, they wanted me to do an EKG. I was like WFT? I told them the only reason they're pushing this is because of clot shot induced myocarditis, I reminded them of how many children under the age of 10 are dying from side effects. They say jack fucking shit.

I do my part to take it up one by one with every doctor I have the unpleasant experience to deal with. What are you doing?
100   Patrick   2022 Sep 26, 1:20pm  

stereotomy says

I do my part to take it up one by one with every doctor I have the unpleasant experience to deal with. What are you doing?

When I go to the dentist, they always ask if I have accepted the holy toxxine into my bloodstream.

I always reply loudly enough that other can hear: "No, my wife's co-worker Danielle Carmichael got the toxxine and DIED from it. She was 35. And the wife of a friend got myocarditis from it. No way will I ever take that poison."
101   Ceffer   2022 Sep 26, 1:27pm  

stereotomy says

I do my part to take it up one by one with every doctor I have the unpleasant experience to deal with. What are you doing?

Haven't seen them for a couple of years. I figured the risk with them, especially when in militant vax mode, was much greater than the risk without them. They also are clearly accumulating data for the monsters in charge up the line, because they tried to get me to sign away my HIPPA rights in an updated agreement, pretty sneaky. Kaiser is definitely Globalist cuck and Rockefeller all the way.

I'll have to go back eventually. I'll probably just tell him to check the fine print in his employment contracts, because especially if he has reimbursements from promoting vaxes, they will eventually, as is the Globalist Satanic custom, lay every blame they can at providers' feet to suck up the liability and the indemnities. Kaiser deploys a very abusive management style for some years now, and they will gladly hang their doctors out to dry to deflect.

My wife already kind of gave him the business about vaccines, and she said he didn't flinch or contradict her, even though I imagine they give them courses on how to deflect vaccine skepticism and get the sheeples to submit to the death shots.

They stopped the many saturation emails promoting the vaxes as 'safe and effective' (I have archived some of them) and now just send infograms about the availability of testing and boosters for the indoctrinated worried.
102   Patrick   2022 Sep 28, 3:03pm  


Replying to @Empty_America
I never "trusted" doctors but did think they cared about my well-being.

How ridiculous that sounds now - they actually WILL harm me without a second thought if it benefits them in any fashion, especially monetarily.

They have NO qualm enjoying their booty at our expense.

John Priest
Replying to @Empty_America
Every time I’ve been to a doctor and received “treatment”, I would have been better off doing nothing at all.

Sep 27
Replying to @Empty_America
Doctors are psychopaths. They were the earliest and deadliest Hitler enablers.

Commentary: The Third Reich—German physicians between resistance and participation
To evaluate the role of the medical profession in the Third Reich is a delicate and difficult task. Its participation in major atrocities was, to a large extent...

"Doctors joined the Nazi party in higher percentages than any other profession. About 45% of doctors were party members."
104   Patrick   2022 Oct 23, 4:52pm  


PARIS—A prominent French physician has won a stunning victory against charges that he denigrated official covid policies, with the French Order of Physicians holding that he was in fact obliged to speak out.

In its ruling, the French governing body for doctors found that Christian Perronne, 67, acted in the best interest of citizens and his profession in critiquing covid treatments and vaccines on social media, in national television interviews, and in a best-selling book. ...

In an announcement of Perronne’s “complete victory,” his attorney, Thomas Benages, hailed the tribunal’s finding that doctors are entitled to debate and criticize health policies.

“By these fundamental decisions, the Disciplinary Chamber has reaffirmed the freedom of expression enjoyed by university doctors,” Benages wrote, “while highlighting the preponderant role played by Professor Perronne during the health crisis by bringing contradiction to the government and having”—as the decision stated—“‘a discordant voice on a subject of general interest.’ ”

The tribunal’s finding did not specifically endorse Perronne’s views, but rather his right to speak them.

That is a right which doctors in California no longer have, in direction violation of the First Amendment.
105   richwicks   2022 Oct 23, 4:57pm  

Patrick says

That is a right which doctors in California no longer have, in direction violation of the First Amendment.

Wouldn't be hard to give them a platform to speak out anonymously, @Patrick.
106   Patrick   2022 Oct 23, 4:59pm  

Sure, I'd be delighted if they would speak here, but how do inform them that they can do that?

Is there some way to contact all doctors in California?
107   mell   2022 Oct 23, 5:56pm  

richwicks says

Patrick says

That is a right which doctors in California no longer have, in direction violation of the First Amendment.

Wouldn't be hard to give them a platform to speak out anonymously, @Patrick.

I think that's a great idea - maybe they can use some anonymous feature so they don't have to register at all, or instruct them to use a throwaway email address. I think many would still fear being trapped by newscum and the leftoid traitors' henchmen.
108   richwicks   2022 Oct 23, 6:01pm  

Patrick says

Sure, I'd be delighted if they would speak here, but how do inform them that they can do that?

Is there some way to contact all doctors in California?

I wouldn't know, but I bet it can be done in someway.

The biggest problem with any product is making people aware the product exists. Maybe that's something that should be worked on.

I considered making a site that ONLY advertises products. Nothing else. When I'm looking to buy something, I know what I want, I just have to decide which particular version I want.
109   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 1:40pm  


Russell Gonnering: A Profound Rotting Evil has entered medicine. Unless it is decisively and completely excised it will continue to destroy our profession. We now have so-called medical ethicists who proclaim publicly that it is a moral duty to refuse care to individuals who are not “vaccinated” even though we now know vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission.
110   Patrick   2022 Nov 7, 9:50am  


Board-Certified Obstetrician cries "STOP"
Promoting SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in Pregnancy is an unprecedented ethical breach

Experimental, Never before Tested Novel Genetic Therapy Pushed in Pregnancy.
The Most Egregious Violation of Ethics in the History of Medicine
James A Thorp, MD.

This IS the greatest medical disaster in the history of obstetrics and all of medicine. I testify that this unwarranted experimental gene therapy was NEVER indicated in pregnancy and was perpetrated unlawfully and with falsified data. Res ipsi loquitor. Facts speak for themselves.

It was known by Schadlich et al as early as 2012 that the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) concentrate in the ovaries of mice and Wistar rats. The FOIA request of the Japanese Pfizer biodistribution studies absolutely confirmed: within 48 hours the “vaccine” was immediately absorbed into the blood stream and concentrated in the ovaries 118-fold by 48 hours and the trajectory of the concentration would have risen even higher had the animals not been sacrificed at 48 hours. This experimental therapy may have permanent damaging effects on the human genome for multiple generations and makes diethystilbestrol pale in comparison.
111   Patrick   2022 Nov 10, 9:00pm  


Experimental, Never before Tested Novel Genetic Therapy Pushed in Pregnancy.
The Most Egregious Violation of Ethics in the History of Medicine
By: James A Thorp, MD.

Thursday, November 10, 2022
112   Patrick   2022 Nov 17, 10:59am  


The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

For the first time in American history a president, governors, mayors, hospital administrators and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments based not on accurate scientifically based or even experience based information, but rather to force the acceptance of special forms of care and “prevention”—including remdesivir, use of respirators and ultimately a series of essentially untested messenger RNA vaccines. For the first time in history medical treatment, protocols are not being formulated based on the experience of the physicians treating the largest number of patients successfully, but rather individuals and bureaucracies that have never treated a single patient—including Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, WHO, state public health officers and hospital administrators.[23,38]
113   Patrick   2022 Nov 21, 10:32pm  


It turns out that for a small (but significant) number of people, the vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

People like Tyson Illingworth (known to his millions of fans as ‘tyDi’). He is an acclaimed composer, songwriter, and DJ with a swag of awards. Like so many others trying to ‘do the right thing’ he stepped up for his first dose with ‘complete faith and trust in (Australia’s) leadership and medical system’.

What happened next was alarming. He writes, ‘Within days I started to feel severe and unbearable shooting pain and paralysis in my hands and feet.’

Soon afterward, Tyson was rushed to hospital. ‘I couldn’t believe the vaccine could do this to me, especially when we were all told it was safe and effective and if there was a reaction it would be minor.’

But there was worse to come. Before release from hospital, Tyson was strongly advised to get the second vaccine by the neurologist. ‘I acted on the neurologist’s advice and ended up taking the second vaccine… in hindsight I cannot believe I listened to her as I have always thought of myself as a critical thinker, and instead I took advice from a doctor who had no regard for my personal situation.’

Tyson’s symptoms were further exacerbated by the second dose, and he was rushed to hospital once again. ‘I was unable to move, my hands felt like they were on fire, and I struggled to get through the day… I thought my life was over…’

A couple of months later he contracted the virus, sending him to hospital yet again.

TBH he doesn't sound very bright.
114   Patrick   2022 Nov 25, 2:01pm  


Top Doctor Put in Psych Ward by Police for Covid ‘Misinformation’

A top doctor has spoken out to reveal how he was arrested by police and put in a psych ward over allegations that his views about treating COVID-19 constituted “misinformation.”

Dr. Thomas Binder, a Swiss cardiologist with a doctorate in immunology and virology, says police forcibly took him to a psychiatric ward to be examined for mental illness.

Authorities determined that Binder, who has held a private practice for 24 years, should be examined for mental illness in response to his public criticism of Covid restrictions, mandates, and testing.

Binder had argued that the methods were unscientific. ...

He was then diagnosed with “corona insanity” and placed in a psychiatric unit.

Binder was released on the condition he takes psychiatric medication and continues to practice medicine in Switzerland.

“These are really Soviet-style, [East German]-style psychiatry methods,” he said.

The West really has arrived at Soviet levels of oppression
115   Patrick   2022 Dec 15, 7:55pm  


Today a British doctor named Dr. Ahmad Malik added his voice to the group of medical professionals who are calling for a complete cessation of the COVID vaccine program, ASAP. ...

A UK politician named Kishan Devani, a member of the Green LibDem party allowed himself to publicly add his voice to the group of professionals questioning the COVID vaccine narrative.
117   Patrick   2022 Dec 25, 9:39pm  


An Australian Cardiologist Speaks Out

After witnessing as many as 70 cases of vaccine-related heart conditions similar to Eskandar’s, Australian Cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker is now saying publicly that he believes there should be a ban on the use of mRNA booster vaccines.

According to Walker, the mRNA vaccines are “very pro-inflammatory,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “ He contended that The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization should never have mandated mRNA vaccines.

“I’ve seen many people getting vaccine reactions, who get symptoms for about three to six months afterwards,” Walker said. “I’ve seen 60-70 patients in my own practice over the past 12 months who have had similar reactions.”

Those reactions have included shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and chest pain, he continued.

Eskandar said that even though her symptoms began immediately after the vaccine, doctors originally denied the connection, telling her it only happens to teenage boys.

“You can’t breathe,” she said. “You can’t sit, you can’t lay down. It’s horrible. You actually feel like you’re having a heart attack.”
118   Patrick   2022 Dec 27, 1:04pm  


One of the most disappointing features of the COVID debacle has been the cowardice shown by the majority of scientists and academics in general.

One would expect politicians to play politics but whilst scientists protected their careers, many people died preventable deaths.

Obviously, there are very notable exceptions to the cowardly crowd and I am humbled to have become closely acquainted with some of them.

Finally, the rest of their peers are now stepping up with papers that confirm many of their early suspicions and warnings.

There is one paper in particular, out of Philadelphia, which is doing the rounds. I’ve read three appreciations of it now and the professional consensus (ugh!) is that the more you mRNA inject, the more you disrupt the normal immunological response to a mutating, respiratory pathogen.

Who knew?

Well, I know half a dozen who did and were courageous enough to keep shouting it through the attempts to censor, vilify and denigrate.

They warned about the cancer too. Who listened?

Here’s a few Substacks on the recent papers in the order in which they appeared, ICYMI...
119   Patrick   2022 Dec 27, 6:41pm  


Defeat The Mandates
Dr. Renata Moon explains how she did a 180 on her views regarding the C•19 mRNA products.

121   Shaman   2023 Jan 5, 12:13pm  

Patrick says

Time to be a mob doctor then!
Gangsters need medicine too!
122   Patrick   2023 Jan 6, 10:14am  


Transcriber B
Writes Transcriber B’s Substack
17 hr ago
Another from a pediatrician:

A UK Pediatrician "It's simply time to stop the shots"

Press Release 21.12.22 - Doctors For Patients UK




DR. ROS JONES: I'm Dr. Ros Jones. I'm a pediatrician and I've been speaking out against covid 19 vaccinations for children for the last 18 months. But we've got way beyond that now. There's an increased all cause mortality, there are increased side effects from the booster shots, and apart from anything else they're not effective against any of the current variants. It's simply time to stop the shots.



# # #


The video continues with statements by several other doctors.

Archive of articles by Dr. Ros Jones:


Dr. Ros Jones is a member of The Hart Group

123   Patrick   2023 Jan 6, 2:39pm  


Dr Phillip Altmann exposes the entire Australian medical/political nexus. He warns against so-called covid mRNA vaxx and puts the political party duopoly right in his sights. Without doubt the best homespun doco we have seen from a highly qualified doctor who deserves a medal.

124   Patrick   2023 Jan 11, 12:11pm  


Another Doctor Calls For 'IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL' of all mRNA Vaccines
‘We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death’ ...

Hello. My name is Dr. Joseph Fraiman. I’m an emergency physician based in Louisiana. In addition, I am a clinical scientist. I was lead author of a peer-reviewed study that reanalyzed the original Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials for the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines. We found the vaccine increased serious adverse events at a rate of one in 800.

At the time of publication, my coauthors and I did not believe our single study warranted the withdrawal of the messenger RNA vaccines from the market. However, since its publication, multiple new pieces of evidence have come to light and this has caused me to reevaluate my position. An article published in the BMJ regarding the FDA’s own observational surveillance data found the messenger RNAs were associated with multiple of the exact same serious adverse events identified in our original study but the FDA had failed to inform the public of these findings.

In addition, now we have multiple autopsy studies that find essentially conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac deaths. Yet the rate of these vaccine-induced deaths remains unknown.

While many nations that have been using the messenger RNA vaccines have experienced an increase in excess mortality, more people dying than should be expected from past years and this correlates in time with the initial vaccine rollout and then with the subsequent booster campaigns. Nations with higher messenger RNA vaccine uptake have correlations with higher rates of excess mortality.

While the cause of this excess mortality is not known, researchers analyzing this data were unable to identify any other reasonable cause of the excess death other than the vaccines.
126   GNL   2023 Jan 12, 7:12pm  

Patrick says


Defeat The Mandates
Dr. Renata Moon explains how she did a 180 on her views regarding the C•19 mRNA products.

Holy shit.
127   GNL   2023 Jan 12, 7:13pm  

Patrick says

Holy shit.
128   Patrick   2023 Jan 13, 12:41pm  


My former doctor parroted that talking point to me personally. Now that the evidence against the safety and efficacy of the shots is piling up — and thanks to Elon Musk — is being discussed in the open marketplace of ideas, how is it that more doctors aren’t standing up and speaking out?

I’ll tell you. It’s out of fear, cowardice and control. Fear of losing their licenses to practice medicine, cowardice to face the people they have very likely harmed and the control the hospitals hold over most of them. Corporate bosses now dictate what medicine gets practiced, and our physicians have willingly handed over control in the interest of their own personal wealth.

The health care industry has lost an enormous amount of credibility and lost the trust of millions of people. I am historically a big believer in vaccines, as one of the most important medical breakthroughs in history, but I am now going to be very skeptical about putting anything these companies come up with into my body.
129   Patrick   2023 Jan 13, 8:47pm  


A group of Sweden’s leading doctors has issued a warning to the public that Covid shots are “obviously dangerous” and called on governments worldwide to order an “immediate halt” on vaccinations. ...

The following is the full statement issued by the group:

The true character and scope of the harm caused by the unprecedented mass vaccinations for COVID-19 is just now beginning to become clear. Leading scientific journals have finally begun publishing data corroborating what the underground research community has observed over the last two years, especially in relation to complex problems of immune suppression.

Truly concerning numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also emerging.

At this moment in time, a new, allegedly super-infectious Omicron variant is all over the headlines. A sub-variant of XXB, this strain is said to possess immune escape capabilities of precisely the type that some independent researchers predicted would follow on the heels of the mass vaccinations’ narrow antigenic fixation. ...

If, as has been argued, the vaccinations, and especially the boosters, alter the immune profile of recipients such that Covid infections get ‘tolerated’ by the immune system, it’s possible that vaccinated individuals will tend towards a situation of long-term, repeat infections that do not get cleared, and do not present with obvious symptoms, while still promoting systemic damage.

The literature now indicates an extensive substitution in the vaccinated of virus-neutralising antibodies for non-inflammatory ones, a ‘class switch’ from antibodies that work towards clearing the virus from our system, to a category of antibodies whose purpose is to desensitise us to irritants and allergens.

The net effect is that the inflammatory response to Covid infection gets down-regulated (reduced). This means that full-blown infections will present with milder symptoms, and that they won’t get cleared as effectively (partly since fever and inflammation are essential to your body getting rid of a pathogen).

That these developments alone aren’t cause for an immediate halt to the mass vaccinations, as well as thorough investigations, is astonishing. ...
130   Patrick   2023 Jan 15, 11:13pm  


'Safe and Effective' Is a Complete and Utter Lie: These Shots Provide Negative Protection

Dr. Paul Marik: "There's absolutely, at this time, no group of patients who would actually benefit from the vaccine. None."
131   Patrick   2023 Jan 18, 9:21pm  


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah plastic surgeon, his neighbor, and two others are facing charges after allegedly giving people fake vaccination cards and destroying government-provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58, and his neighbor, Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59, have been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property, conversion sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

This guy also deserves the medal of honor for saving children's lives.
132   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 7:48pm  

A few more doctors with integrity:


Press Release 21.12.22 - Doctors For Patients UK


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE [JANUARY 2023 UPDATE]: In early January 2023, I found that the video had been uploaded again to the same link but it was missing the first testimony by Dr. Malik. A few days later, the entire video and channel had been removed.


DR. AYIESHA MALIK: Hello. I'm Dr. Ayiesha Malik and I'm a GP in the Midlands. I'm recording this video as I've been concerned that so many patients have reported side effects since having an mRNA injection including the boosters. Patients are reporting many symptoms including myocarditis, which is a serious heart condition, and menstrual irregularities. I've discussed this with other GPs and medical specialists across the country who are also observing a similar pattern on a regular basis. Many doctors have spent years reassuring patients about the safety of vaccines, but in the case of the covid vaccines, there is something different. If you as a patient have developed new symptoms consider if and when you a vaccination or booster and when your symptoms started. This is also a question doctors should be asking. There is international concern amongst the medical profession and studies are also showing that there are more cases of adverse reactions than there should be. We want our patients to stay safe. When we became doctors we took an oath to do no harm and that oath needs to be honored. And that's why I, alongside other medical colleagues, are asking the government to halt the vaccination program and investigate these serious concerns.



Dr. Ayiesha Malik in the Midlands, UK


Dr. Ayiesha Malik is a member of The Hart Group


Her bio reads: "Dr Ayiesha Malik is a General Practitioner who works in the NHS and private sector. She is an integrative practitioner who has a special interest in chronic pain and mental well being. She is also the director of Doctors For Patients UK."

UPDATE: As of January 2023 it appears that Dr. Malik is no longer a member.


DR. ROS JONES: I'm Dr. Ros Jones. I'm a pediatrician and I've been speaking out against covid 19 vaccinations for children for the last 18 months. But we've got way beyond that now. There's an increased all cause mortality, there are increased side effects from the booster shots, and apart from anything else they're not effective against any of the current variants. It's simply time to stop the shots.



The video continues with statements by several other doctors.

Archive of articles by Dr. Ros Jones:


Dr. Ros Jones is a member of The Hart Group


Her bio reads:

"Ros is a retired Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in neonatal intensive care and paediatric HIV. She has served on the Advisory Committee of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit and on the Education & Training committee of the RCPCH. An active member for many years in the British Perinatal Trials Group, she was also involved in reviewing NICE guidelines alongside some time editorial. Since retiring from the NHS, she has undertaken several tours teaching on SAFE Obstetrics courses in countries in Africa."


DR. ROHAAN SETH: Hi, my name is Dr. Rohaan Seth. I'm a former GP. I relinquished my license to practice medicine in 2021 because I did not agree with many of the covid policies, the lockdowns, the masking, and primarily because of the vaccine rollout. I think these vaccines are unsafe, they're not effective, the rollout is unethical and unnecessary. It's unnecessary to vaccinate children for covid. It's unethical to vaccinate pregnant women without any long term studies. The harms being caused by these vaccines are quite apparent now. The excess deaths around the globe correlating with this vaccine rollout, the media are silent about this, the data is alarming, and the vaccines need to be stopped.



PROFESSOR ANGUS DALGLEISH (ONCOLOGIST): I'm Angus Dalgleish, I'm professor of oncology at St. George's and a consultant medical oncologist and I have started to notice that several of my patients have melanoma who've been stable, stage IV disease, they've had very good immunotherapy or other treatments and I've been reviewing them from 5 to 20 years, I've noticed that I have now over 6, possibly 7, even an 8th yesterday, who've clearly relapsed following the booster vaccine. At first we didn't put the two together. But one patient said, I felt awful since the vaccine, I've just been drained. They describe symptoms of like a long covid, and the next thing we know, 2, 3 weeks, couple of months later, they've got clear evidence of relapse. And these relapses are quite aggressive. They're not a gentle relapse. They're relapses that are requiring systemic therapy, as opposed to a little nodule that requires a surgical excision.

But it's not just this. I'm now very much aware in my own circle of many people who are having, they haven't had melanoma but they've never had anything before, but they've got lumps and bumps and they're not feeling well. And two people I've interviewed at great length they all put it down to feeling awful after their booster. They were fine with the first two vaccines, or just had their shivers, flu, etcetera, but they've described being very tired, very fatigued, wanted to stay in bed, and this has dragged on to the point where they're going to the doctor and they've had blood counts and investigations. And I now know 7 of them. Two of them have leukemias and the others have lymphomas and one of them has a very bad myeloma which he is absolutely sure was instigated by the booster as he developed dreadful symptoms. So really I want to bring to everybody's attention that I think this does not look like a coincidence to me and we need to join forces and see if this is a real effect, and if it is, we must stop all the boosters immediately. Thank you.





DR. FIONA MARTINDALE: My name is Fiona. I'm a GP and I'm really concerned about the deterioration I've seen in the health of many of my patients since the rollout of the covid 19 vaccinations and in particularly as people have accumulated more doses. The problems include several heart attacks in fit and healthy 40 and 50 year olds, neurasthmaic symptoms in adults with no previous diagnosis. People getting getting chronic fatigue type symptoms, shoulder pains and inflammation that are continuing months after their jab. I'm also concerned about the national and international safety data that suggests something may be terribly wrong with these vaccines and possibly may be causing changes to the immune and the vascular systems that could be long-standing. We're beginning to hear from oncologists and hematologists about unexpected and aggressive cancers and surgeons and pathologists are talking about multiple blood clotting issues. I believe it's time we stopped the vaccination program and give weight and consideration to the data. It's unethical for us to vaccinate people or indeed treat people with any medical intervention without being sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. At present I'm concerned that the risks of continuing this program greatly outweigh the benefits for the vast majority of patients. Thank you.



DR. DAVID CARTLAND: My name is Dr. David Cartland. As a GP and a father I'm astounded and angry this vaccine has been rolled out to younger and younger cohorts and has recently been authorized for use in the 6 month old baby to 5 year old child category. The adverse events data is unprecedented and stacking up week by week in systems that are likely underreported such as the VAER system and Yellow Card system. Medicine is all about safety and given the huge safety signals of the mRNA injections are giving off we need to stop these shots immediately pending urgent investigation for the sake of our next generation and children.



DR. DEAN PATTERSON: Good evening. My name is Dr. Dean Patterson. I am a consultant general physician and cardiologist. Since the covid 19 vaccines have been launched, I have noticed an increasing signal of both myocarditis and myocardial injury. In conjunction with this I've noticed an increasing signal of thrombosis and other serious adverse events. Prior to the vaccine roll out I didn't witness any evidence of myocarditis in relation to the covid infection itself. Over the last two years we've witnessed an increase in the loss of the efficacy of the covid 19 vaccines. The covid 19 vaccines clearly lack durability and hence the recommendation has constantly been amended to go from first two vaccinations followed by a booster to regular campaigning for ongoing booster vaccination. If there was a very clear absence of serious harms then this strategy might be acceptable, however, in light of my serious concerns I think we should halt the roll out of the vaccination program and perform a thorough investigation into the serious adverse events.

After all the preliminary studies that have been done in these vaccines are yet to be completed in 2023 and almost the entire placebo group in these studies has now been vaccinated, making extrapolation of the harms extremely difficult. At present we're seeing a wave of noncovid excess mortality which brings me to my conclusion that there is serious harm in association with the vaccine roll out and until proven otherwise these vaccines are not safe.



DR. ANNA FORBES: My name is Dr. Anna Forbes and I place tremendous importance on listening to what my patients have to say to me. And many of my patients have been telling me that they've been feeling increasingly unwell to varying degrees since their covid 19 vaccinations and that they have not been listened to by their usual doctors. And this is not been investigated any further. And I believe that this whole situation demands immediate and deep investigation.



DR. TONY HINTON: Hello, I'm Tony Hinton, a London surgeon. I know many people who've had the covid vaccine and then caught covid. I also know a lot of people that have had side effects from the covid vaccine. So what do we think? Safe and effective? Or just stop the shots.



DR. JULIA WILKENS: My name is Dr. Julia Wilkens and I'm consultant in obstetrics and gynecology. In the UK the MHRA is tasked with the monitoring of adverse evens related to the use of medicines or devices in healthcare. As a regulator, they are supposed to take action when significant safety signals are recognized. The MHRA has regularly published summaries of Yellow Card reports submitted by people who have experienced adverse events after a covid 19 vaccine.

The summary published on the 1st of December 2022 indicates almost half a million reports, which is about 1 in 114 people who have received the vaccine. This includes 2,362 deaths. It also includes over 30,000 acute cardiac events and almost 300,000 nervous system disorders as well as many more serious and potentially life-threatening conditions. Whilst this report obviously cannot be taken as proof of causality, these numbers are huge and as such unprecedented, and also reflected in the adverse events reporting systems in the US, in Europe, and by the WHO.

Meanwhile it has become clear that covid 19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. They are meant to reduce hospitalization and death but even compared to the first year of the pandemic a significant increase in excess mortality has been observed in the last two years. This increase across all age groups has occurred at least in Scotland in temporal association with the covid 19 vaccine roll out.

There has also been a significant increase in cardiac morbidity and now several studies indicating covid 19 vaccines to increase the risks of myocarditis.

Unprecedented numbers of sudden death in all age groups including children have been reported. Also including many athletes suddenly collapsing in training or on the playing field.

Post-marketing surveillance is essential when a new pharmaceutical product is given to the majority of populations without robust and long-term safety data, as even the regulatory trials were ended prematurely. If this was taken as seriously as we have always assumed it would be, these numerous and alarming safety signals should have led to a thorough investigation whilst halting any further administrations. It is inconceivable that to date this has not been pursued. And so in the interest of the safety of our population we must call for an immediate and comprehensive evaluation of all the available data and whilst this investigation is ongoing we must stop the shots.



The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK.

133   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 7:48pm  


DR. CLARE CRAIG: Hello. I'm Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team. I want to talk to you about why what you've been told about these covid vaccines does not stand up to scrutiny.

First of all, regarding safety, there are a number of problems that have been recognized as linked to vaccination with people who have been injured by them. But there's also reason to be concerned about cardiac disease risk as a result of vaccination and this needs to be investigated.

So the reasons for concern are as follows.

First of all, there was a paper that showed people who had been vaccinated had higher scores on risk factors that lead to coronary artery disease.

Secondly, there was a study that came out in Israel showing a 25% increase in cardiac arrest and coronary syndromes in 16 to 39 year-olds. We saw in England a 14,000 more cardiac arrests in 2021 than there were in 2020. We've seen a rise in cardiac excess deaths which has happened since the beginning of the vaccine roll outs and continues now with no other explanation for them.

We've seen post-mortem studies that have linked vaccine to such cardiac deaths including one where vaccine-induced spike proteins present in the muscle of the heart and another where there was vaccine-induced inflammation of the arteries of the heart that caused death in somebody 4 months after their last dose.

We've also had a problem with data not being shared. And one concern I have is that the Office of National Statistics were producing regularly data on deaths by vaccination status, but have produced nothing since May 2022.

Finally, you may have heard the claim that 20 million lives have been saved by these vaccines, but that does not hold up to scrutiny, it is another fantasy based yet again on modeling that bears no relation to the real world data.

So it's time to stop these shots and start an investigation into these cardiac excess deaths.



Dr. Clare Craig is a diagnostic pathologist. From her biographical note at https://www.hartgroup.org/bios/ :

"Clare has been a pathologist since 2001 working in the NHS and reaching consultant level in 2009. She specialized in cancer diagnostics including diagnostic testing for cancer within mass screening programmes. She was the day to day pathology lead for the cancer arm of the 100,000 Genomes Project. She was clinical lead for the data team and led on research and development projects at Genomics England and wrote national guidance and helped build bespoke software, working closely with NHSE. Subsequently she has worked on artificial intelligence for cancer diagnostics. She is contributing to HART in a personal capacity."

HART https://www.hartgroup.org/


DR. CAROLINE LAPWORTH: It's not possible and irresponsible to declare a new pharmaceutical product safe in pregnancy. Time is needed to monitor the unborn baby and then the growing child. Have we forgotten thalidomide? It's not evidence-based medicine to tell pregnant women to take these shots. We have got to stop the shots.



DR. ELIZABETH EVANS: Dr. Elizabeth Evans, retired doctor and director of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. There is now overwhelming evidence showing that the covid vaccines are neither safe enough nor effective and that the risks far outweigh the benefits, particularly for the young and healthy. This violates a fundamental principle of medical ethics, that we must first do no harm. The roll out has also been carried out in a way that undermines the ethical process of informed consent with coercive policies and messaging, exaggeration of benefits and failure to fully disclose risks. It is time to halt the roll out. We must stop the shots.





DR. ANGELA MUSSO: Hi, I'm Dr. Angela Musso, international GP, former UK HSA

public health officer. Covid 19 vaccines are not safe or effective due to insufficient evidence.



HSA Health Security Agency (UK)


DR. BILLY RALPH: Billy Ralph. I'm a physician, Ireland. These jabs, these covid vaccines, are not as safe and effective as alleged and they're especially not safe or effective for children. So stop the jabs.



DR. ALI AJAZ: Dr. Ali Ajaz, consulting forensic psychiatrist, lecturer, researcher. I left the NHS because I refused to take the covid 19 jab. I refused to take the jab because I did my own research. Covid 19 jabs are not safe and they are not proven effective and this is the experience of front line doctors across the world and published scientific research. If you look for it, you will see it. It's time to do the right thing. Let's stop the jabs now.


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