Church of globull warming and drought fully spiraling down the toilet

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Remember when this winter started with good rains in.the west all these articles by climate "scientists" and globahomo agitprop "news" corporations about how this will be a dry winter for the drought stricken west despite initial rains. Fuck you moron sell-outs, this will go down as one of the wettest winters in recent history in the west. Reservoirs should be full to the brim but I'm sure politicians made sure there is enough drainage and poor planning so they can keep promoting state of emergencies and fuck over their constituents.

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562   Eric Holder   2023 Oct 23, 11:58am  

Patrick says


A world-renowned Arctic scientist has spoken out to debunk the globalist “climate crisis” narrative and warn the public that the Earth is actually heading for a period of “global cooling.”

Leading polar expert Andrey Fedotov of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences declared that “warming is about to end” and the planet is about to enter an “ice age.”

“We will inevitably transition to an unfavorable cold,” he warned, according to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

According to Fedotov, the director of the Limnological Institute of the RAS, the period of “unfavorable cold” will begin around 2030.

This might not happen either. I still remember predictions about imminent new ace age I've read in old popular science magazines from the 60s I found in granma's attic.

Deserves a link in the predictions thread.
571   Patrick   2023 Nov 2, 7:31pm  

The_Deplorable says


Seems to be true:


5. Why does CO2 lag temperature?

Through Earth’s history, the climate has changed considerably over a wide range, from ice ages to warm periods without any ice at the poles. These climate variations had several triggering mechanisms, like variation in solar activity, Milanković cycles, volcanic activity and changes in atmospheric composition. With data from ice cores, scientists were able to recover atmospheric data from the past 400,000 years. The data from these ice cores included the annual atmospheric composition over the period of these 400,000 years, with the different concentrations of atmospheric gases. After analyzing the data, a correlation between CO2 and temperature can be reconstructed (see figure below). However, a rise in CO2 did not precede a rise in temperature but is lagging behind the temperature curve by 200 to 1000 years. At the first glance, the temperature seems to be the driving factor causing the increase in CO2 concentration, which is contrary to the common point of view that CO2 drives global warming.
572   stereotomy   2023 Nov 2, 7:55pm  

CO2 lags temperature because there are teratatons of carbon present in the oceans in the form of carbonates. Think Coca-cola or beer where the warmer it gets, the more it fizzes, outgassing CO2. As the oceans warm, they release CO2 into the atmosphere.

This is "scientific" fraud on the highest level.
573   Patrick   2023 Nov 6, 1:12pm  


Microsoft co-founder and leading green agenda advocate Bill Gates openly gloats about owning a fleet of private jets, describing the luxury planes as his “guilty pleasure.”

Despite being one of the most vocal “climate change” activists, Gates now owns four private jets.

For several years, Gates has been one of the most prominent figures in advancing the globalist “Net Zero” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN).

However, the billionaire has come under mounting scrutiny for his use of private jets, one of the biggest contributors to the alleged “climate crisis.”

But according to Gates, his own carbon-spewing jet-setting lifestyle is justified because he uses his vast wealth and influence to demand that the general public lowers their standard of living to “save the planet” from “global warming.”
576   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Nov 14, 2:19am  

The Alt-Energy Bloodbath In 10 Charts

From wind and solar to EVs and fuel cells, investors are fleeing “clean” energy

577   HeadSet   2023 Nov 14, 6:57am  

PumpingRedheads says

From wind and solar to EVs and fuel cells, investors are fleeing “clean” energy

Pump and dump scam. Just like what happened with Solyndra and SunEdison.
583   AD   2023 Nov 14, 3:30pm  

Chicoms are just as culpable as the USA... even thought per person their emissions are about 50% less than the USA ..

need new technology like molten salt reactors which are a lot safer than uranium reactors if cannot improve efficiency and reliability of solar and wind power
584   BeneTiberCato   2023 Nov 14, 9:26pm  

Patrick says

India's numbers so low, with all them sacred cow farts! Now I know it's all a hoax! I'm a gonna fire up my charcoal grill this weekend and smoke a side of beef!
586   The_Deplorable   2023 Nov 18, 10:17am  

Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer, dispels the myth pushed by climate zealots that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant", as an excuse to seize power and control over every aspect of our lives.

See "Prof. Ian Plimer: CO2 Is The Food Of Life, Not A Pollutant"
588   The_Deplorable   2023 Nov 18, 11:58am  

We need more CO2. Not less. Right now we are at a very dangerously low level of CO2 because CO2 is life, without CO2 there is no photosynthesis, no plants and no animals on this planet.

589   Patrick   2023 Nov 21, 9:11pm  


Jet-Powered Hypocrisy: Richest 1% of Global Elites Emit as Much Carbon as Bottom Two-Thirds

Private jets. Private yachts. Multiple holidays a year. Garages full of luxury vehicles. Investments driving – and profiting from – high polluting fossil fuel industries. These are just some of the factors that combine to see global elites, who comprise one percent of the planet’s population, emit the same amount of carbon as the world’s poorest two-thirds, or five billion people, an analysis published Sunday by the nonprofit Oxfam International details.

All this as the same rich and famous “super-emitters” from business, finance, entertainment, and politics tell the less fortunate to mind their carbon footprints.
590   HeadSet   2023 Nov 22, 8:06am  

Patrick says


That is a good term. We should always refer to Kerry as "Super-emitter Kerry" and others as "Super-emitter Gates and Super-emitter DiCaprio.
591   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 6:04pm  


"The climate right now is no warmer than it's been many times throughout history. [It's] now the lowest that carbon dioxide has been in 600 million years."

American geologist, Randall Carlson, perfectly summarises the "human-induced climate change" hoax, in under a minute.

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592   Patrick   2023 Nov 24, 6:59pm  

Very true.

China pollutes a lot more than the US, and benefits from our higher cost of production imposed by globull warming policies.
593   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 26, 6:56am  

Greta Thunberg’s climate crusade is heading for defeat | Michael Shellenberger interview

594   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Nov 26, 6:14pm  


Greta Thunberg’s climate crusade is heading for defeat | Michael Shellenberger interview


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