Church of globull warming and drought fully spiraling down the toilet

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Remember when this winter started with good rains in.the west all these articles by climate "scientists" and globahomo agitprop "news" corporations about how this will be a dry winter for the drought stricken west despite initial rains. Fuck you moron sell-outs, this will go down as one of the wettest winters in recent history in the west. Reservoirs should be full to the brim but I'm sure politicians made sure there is enough drainage and poor planning so they can keep promoting state of emergencies and fuck over their constituents.

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659   RWSGFY   2024 Jan 29, 8:41am  

Patrick says


The end of the world is not around the corner

Environmental predictions about the End Times have a long and embarrassing history. ...

Indeed, predictions of environmental doom have been made before – and they have been very, very wrong before. According to some of the earliest luminaries of the modern environmental movement, we should probably all be dead already. It seems we’ve actually been living in the End Times for a very long time now. ...

Predictions in general are fun because they more often than not turn out embarrasing for the prophet. 🤡
661   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 30, 11:36am  

The Revolt Against The Nazi Globalists in France.

Farmers in France are spaying animal waste on Government buildings in response to the
so-called environmental reforms in the European Union.

662   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 30, 11:45am  

MASSIVE protest from the German farmers. Tractors lined up as far as you can see - The
Globalist media is hiding the true scale of the protests... File this under "Vox Populi, Vox Dei."

663   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 30, 11:54am  

"France is in full Revolt against the Globalists."

"French farmers have had enough. Truckers and construction workers join the farmers to stand against Macron & his net zero Globalist policies. They’re holding a 5 day blockade on Paris surrounding the city and blocking all goods from entering. This is just the beginning."

664   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 30, 12:04pm  

'Army Of God' Convoy Heads To US Border While EU Farmers Block Cities

"In the US, a convoy of truckers, calling themselves "God's Army," is preparing to embark on a journey
from several locations across the Lower 48 to the southern border as tensions soar between Texas and
the Biden administration. Meanwhile across the Atlantic, farmers are bearing down on Europe's
capitals - from Bucharest to Warsaw to Brussels - venting frustrations about climate policies. These social
instabilities are breaking out ahead of key European and US elections this year. "

665   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 30, 1:10pm  

Astonishing Scenes Across Europe - & NOTHING On MSM News!

"French farmers have got Gov to concede but they’re pushing for it all. Good!
German Dutch Italian Farmers massive public support.
Stand Together everyone #NoFarmersNoFood #NoFarmsNoFood"

666   Eric Holder   2024 Jan 30, 4:07pm  

The_Deplorable says

Astonishing Scenes Across Europe - & NOTHING On MSM News!

"French farmers have got Gov to concede but they’re pushing for it all. Good!
German Dutch Italian Farmers massive public support.
Stand Together everyone #NoFarmersNoFood #NoFarmsNoFood"


What is ironic is while they are against EU wrt free trade inside the bloc, they are very much in favor of EU subsidies. 🤡
671   Patrick   2024 Feb 1, 10:30am  


MEP Christine Anderson Torches “Climate Emergency” Policies In Fiery Two-Minute Address

The highly unpopular Green Deal championed by Ursula von der Leyen, involving overregulation, tax hikes, subsidy cuts, and environmental reforms, has sparked widespread protests, especially among farmers in Germany.

In response to the protests, the German government has recently called protestors “extremists” and “enemies of the Consitution”

However, German member of the European Parliament Christine Anderson says protestors are not extremists. No. “The real Extremists are sitting on the German government bench!” she declared.

“Criticizing the government is not anti-constitutional, but a government that disregards the people ... is anti-constitutional!” MEP Anderson added.

She lamented that “our economy is in tatters,” and “a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country” because of globalist policies to put the “climate emergency” above all else.

As such, MEP Anderson urged the government to end the climate nonsense. “I call on you all to finally stop fleecing the citizens and making them pay for your crazy, ideological, and mentally-retarded projects.”
678   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 12:44pm  


However, even after doubling the current amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in their calculations, the scientists found that figures quoted for the impact on “global warming” were exaggerated by at least 40 percent.

In addition, they found that CO2 isn’t capable of heating the atmosphere beyond the levels already passed in the pre-industrial age.

“Transmissivity in the CO2 band center is unchanged by increased CO2 as the absorption is already saturated,” they note.

The study’s findings destroy the “settled” climate science that backs the collectivist “Net Zero” agenda of WEF and its allies.
680   Patrick   2024 Feb 11, 11:46am  


A top European Union official has spoken out to warn the public that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing to seize control of carbon dioxide (CO2) so the unelected globalist organization can “control the people.”

The warning was issued by Rob Roos, a Dutch politician and a current independent Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

As farmer protests rage across Europe, sits down with The HighWire’s Del Bigtree to discuss the climate scam being pushed by globalist elites as part of the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda.

As Roos notes, the WEF has no interest in environmental issues and is only pushing the green agenda to seize more power and control in the Western world.

“[WEF elites] go against family values,” Roos explained.

“They go against natural food.

“They go against freedom – because if you have to buy an electric car.

“They’re almost twice as expensive – and people cannot buy that – it’s not about the car – it’s about you can’t go anywhere and must depend on public transportation.

“It’s also digitalization,” he noted.

“What we see is the digital identity and central bank digital currency.

“This is all about a new form of communism,” Roos said.

“If you want to control the people, you have to control the CO2 – because everything we do in life, breathing, living, traveling, eating, and everything we do in life leads to CO2 emissions.

“And if you can control the CO2, you can control the people.”
683   WookieMan   2024 Feb 13, 10:31am  

Patrick says

This is/has been my point that we need to stop dicking around in the east. We have a self deprecating issue here in the West. Politics aside we can absolutely kick ass and only do it on this side of the planet. Fuck the east. It's not even America first. It's Western hemisphere first. We need to stop dicking around over oceans.
684   Patrick   2024 Feb 13, 11:05am  


Latest environmental catastrophe: The earth is getting greener. Oh no! We're all doomed?

When you are faced with an unsettling truth, the realization that everything you've believed, everything you've been taught, was all a lie, a ruse, a construct designed to keep you in line, there's really only one thing you can do.

Make believe you were right all the time, no matter how ridiculous you may appear to others.

"Scientists are worried."

Of course they're worried, there are grant dollars on the line!

Vox Senior Environmental Reporter, Benji Jones, starts off the piece with a recitation of how we humans are destroying the planet almost as if it's just muscle memory and he can't help it. In times of personal upheavals we often return to the safe and the known, like comfort foods. For Jones, it's his comfort narrative.
691   HeadSet   2024 Feb 19, 7:06pm  

The_Deplorable says

And you can bet she has plastic straws in the galley.
692   Patrick   2024 Feb 20, 9:08am  


Suddenly, as the economy’s nose-cone turns back Earthward and heads down, big corporations are ditching — not just ESG — but now their climate pledges too. In bunches. ...

A pesky awkwardly-named group, the ‘Climate Action 100+,’ has been collecting Fortune 100 companies that “pledge” to adopt expensive, useless, and money-wasting green policies. But conservative lawyers have been claiming all this concerted corporate action violates antitrust laws, and on top of that, is usually not in the shareholders’ best interests. Directors, after all, are responsible to shareholders rather than to The Earth, which does not pay their oversized salaries or vote or attend shareholder meetings.

Even if it wanted to pay the Directors, I’m not sure The Earth could even get a bank account, since The Earth includes Russia. Ick.

On Friday, JPMorgan, Blackrock, State Street, and Pimco all pulled out of the Climate Action 100+ group. On the same day. Which doesn’t show concerted action, at all, so stop whining. Oh, and Goldman Sachs ‘declined to comment’ on Saturday, which is not a good sign for that one, either.

While the Times framed the story as bad news, it’s actually terrific news, and it is significant progress. Virtue-signaling climate boondoggles are getting unaffordable.

As I’ve often said, we don’t have many problems that a good recession won’t fix.
693   Patrick   2024 Feb 21, 8:12pm  


Several world-renowned experts have dropped the hammer on the anti-carbon agenda pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations, warning that the globalist agenda is based on a hoax.

“Decarbonization” is one of the key goals of the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda.

To reach these targets, members of the general public will need to make significant cuts to their quality of life.

Achieving “Net Zero” by the year 2030 requires bans on air travel, private car ownership, an end to privacy, and the introduction of digital IDs, vaccine passports, 15-minute cities, and “cashless societies” that only facilitate central bank digital currency (CBDC) instead of physical cash.

It will also require most of the farming industry to be eliminated with major restrictions on the food supply enforced that include banning meat and dairy products and replacing them with lab-grown alternatives and insect-based “foods.”

Additionally, the introduction of large global carbon taxes would need to be introduced to cover the cost of the globalist agenda.

Each year from 2023 to 2030, climate change sustainable development goals will cost every person in economies such as the United States $2,026, the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development estimates.

In lower-income economies, the per-person annual cost ranges from $332 to $1,864.

In total, the global price tag comes to about $5.5 trillion per year.

Separately, a report from the left-aligned nonprofit Climate Policy Initiative found that in 2021 and 2022, the world’s taxpayers spent $1.3 trillion each year on climate-related projects.

It also found that the “annual climate finance needed” from 2031 to 2050 is more than $10 trillion each year.
694   Misc   2024 Feb 22, 4:49pm  

Looks like the European manufacturers have finally figured out that Net-zero means no manufacturing in Europe.

It forces Europeans to pay a shitload more than for stuff than if it was made in China.

698   Patrick   2024 Feb 28, 12:08pm  


One of the world’s most prominent and highly respected climate scientists has just dropped the hammer on the entire “global warming” fearmongering narrative by warning the public that it is all a “lie.”

Politicians and activists alike have warned of a looming “climate catastrophe” for decades.

“Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency,” reported NBC last year.

“Climate Changes Threatens Every Facet of U.S. Society, Federal Report Warns,” announced Scientific American.

Cambridge University climate scientist Mike Hulme disagrees.

“Declaring a climate emergency has a chilling effect on politics,” he tells Public.

“It suggests there isn’t time for normal, necessary democratic process.”

That's the best way to put it. It's yet another attempt to eliminate democracy via a "state of emergency".

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