The gay flag is also the symbol of pedophilia

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I don't really want to go on about it, but anyone who waves the rainbow flag is in fact also promoting pedophilia. The link between male homosexuality and pedophilia is very strong and always has been, even back to ancient Greece. Pedophilia creates homosexuals. Some relatives of mine deny this fact in spite of the overwhelming evidence throughout history. So I feel compelled to point out some facts which are being censored by all "respectable" people -- people who are thereby contributing to child abuse, just about the worst crime imaginable.

(cached here because of censorship)

An independent research project done by a group of British researchers into the connections between homosexuality and pedophilia used evidence from biographies, histories, criminology and news reports, to demonstrate that a very high proportion of known homosexuals and an even higher percentage of homosexual activists around the world are pedophiles. An index is provided and the evidence is presented in alphabetical order, for easy reference. "This new book is a useful compilation of a lot of available evidence on this subject. Next time you hear somebody say "There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia," you can have all the facts ready. Just consult this handy A-Z. From Auden to Pasolini, from Oscar Wilde to Gore Vidal, most famous gays were paedophiles. and so were all the founders and leaders of the "Gay" Rights movement.

Who says so? Well in most cases they did. Here is the evidence. It gives you the names, the dates and the sources to prove that the correlation is very strong and undeniable. ...

It is something very recent for anyone to deny the links between male homosexuality and paedophilia. Nobody made any secret of it over the last 2,500 years, and even the early LGBT movement in America and Europe was very frank in acknowledging it. Only in recent times have they started to deny it, or to be exact, to issue a confused mixture of angry, hypocritical denial with defiant justification. When no moralists (called “right-wingers”) are around, they will acknowledge it and boast about it. When moralists object, the LGBTs resort to bare-faced lies.

Nobody could write a full account of this subject, unless they were willing to devote their life to a topic that is monotonous and unsavoury, to say the least. All I have done is compile a rough index of some of the most salient evidence for the correlation between homosexuality and paedophilia. ...

If you go and look at the website UK Paedos Exposed you will find that the number of male offenders who molest male victims is at least half of all cases. When you consider the ratio and the proportion, these figures are startling. Since homosexuals are according to the Office of National Statistics only 1.5% of the population and some of them are women, this indicates that male homosexuals are about fifty times more likely than heterosexuals are to molest children . Even if you assume that homosexual men are 3% of the population and that only a third of cases involve boys, the maths still lead us to a conclusion that homosexual men are ten times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children. ...

Just look at the bare facts - out of the thirty paedophile organization listed in Wikipedia as campaigning to legalize adult-child sex in the 20th century, 28 were founded and run by male homosexuals. The movement has been entirely dominated by male homosexuals. None were purely heterosexual. ...

The news media in the UK continues to be willfully blinkered on this subject. It avoids reporting major scandals such as the Scottish Stonewall Paedophile ring and edits out the factual links between the criminals and the prominent LGBT groups. When reporting the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, the TV news always used the word “paedophiles” although this was all about the organized abuse of boys by men. The TV reportage omitted the fact that the abuse had been organised by a network of members of CHE, The Campaign for Homosexual Equality. ...

In 1985, data compiled by the Family Research Institute, Washington D.C., confirmed “a strong pedophilic predisposition among homosexuals." The institute, after reviewing more than 19 studies and peer-reviewed reports in a 1985 "Psychological Reports" article, found that homosexuals account for between 25 and 40 percent of all child molestation. “But this number is low, due to the fact that many reporters will not report if a child molester is a homosexual, even if he knows that to be the case.” One notorious offender in the USA molested more than 500 boys. The idea that paedophiles have no gender preference and therefore cannot be categorized as homosexual or heterosexual is a myth. ...

Homosexual Behavior & Pedophilia is an academic paper of 31 pages by Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight, published by the Family Research Council in the US in 2000. They write observantly, “Although most homosexual activists publicly deny that they want access to boys, many homosexual groups around the world are working aggressively to lower the age of sexual consent. Their cause is being aided by the professional psychiatric and psychological associations, which have moved in recent years toward normalizing pedophilia, much as they did with homosexuality in the early 1970s.” They present a wide range of very strong evidence for their case.
http://us2000.org/cfmc/Pedophilia.pdf (cached here in case of censorship)
This is true. Under pressure from the LGBT movement, the American Psychiatric Association removed pedophilia from its list of sexual perversions in 1994, while in 1999 the American Psychological Association published a report, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," which "claimed child sexual abuse could be harmless and beneficial"

Again, we have been betrayed by the media and the medical establishment.

Note that I am not calling for the persecution of homosexuals. I think that consenting adults have the right to engage in whatever behavior they want with each other. But I am calling for an end to all displays of the sodomy flag in public, and especially in schoolrooms, because of its strong link with pedophilia.

Remember how people were up in arms about cigarette advertising using cartoon characters and bright primary colors? To be consistent, they should also be up in arms about a flag which uses bright primary colors to promote a different life-shortening addiction.

The gay flag is a stealth way of abusing the good will of people who want to be inclusive.

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1   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 13, 12:36am  

Right. It wasn't the North American Man Girl Love Association.
2   Ceffer   2022 Feb 13, 12:51am  

Damning evidence supporting this OP is that the Kommies have told them that they can legitimize pedophilia in our society, and they are trying to do so. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to normalize it if it weren’t that important to them.
3   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 13, 1:06am  

Literally the first thing the Gay Lobby in the UK pushed for was to lower the age of consent for boys.

I heard something similar happened in California recently.
4   Patrick   2022 Feb 13, 9:26am  

Yes, it's true that gays have pushed for and gotten the lowering of age of consent for boys in CA:


As Senator Melissa Melendez Tweeted, “Well what a shock. Newsom signed SB145, the bill that allows a 24 year old to have sex with a 14 year old and escape a felony conviction and requirement to be a registered sex offender. Absolutely disgusting.”

Well what a shock. Newsom signed SB145, the bill that allows a 24 year old to have sex with a 14 year old and escape a felony conviction and requirement to be a registered sex offender. Absolutely disgusting.

— Senator Melissa Melendez (@senatormelendez) September 12, 2020

And yes, the UK is doing similar things under pressure from the gay lobby:


Guardian staff and agencies
Fri 11 Feb 2000 08.02 EST

Britain's lower house of parliament approved a bill on Thursday reducing the age of consent for gay sex by two years to 16, throwing down a challenge to the upper house which rejected the legislation last year. ...

Opposition Conservative Party spokeswoman Ann Widdecombe, who opposed the bill, said it was fuelled by a mistaken sense of political correctness.

"I do not believe that issues of equality should override the imperatives of protecting the young," Widdecombe, a matronly and proudly traditionalist figure on the Conservative benches, told parliament.

She said the government's intention to lift the ban on school teachers promoting homosexuality meant lowering the age of consent for gay sex was even more misguided.

"A 16-year-old will not only be able to engage in homosexual acts, but local authorities will be able to spend public money to promote such acts," Widdecombe said.
5   NuttBoxer   2022 Feb 13, 7:10pm  

Patrick says
The gay flag is also the symbol of pedophilia

This sentence may be more literal than you're aware. The difference in the pedophile flag and the gay flag is subtle.
6   Patrick   2022 Feb 13, 7:15pm  

The pedophiles actually are out in the open with a flag explicitly promoting the sexual abuse of children? That's some gall, but it's been tending that way so it shouldn't surprise me.
8   GNL   2022 Feb 14, 3:50pm  

NuttBoxer says
The difference in the pedophile flag and the gay flag is subtle.

I've never see a pedophile flag.
10   GNL   2022 Feb 14, 5:28pm  

ElYorsh says

They actually have a flag? What is the name of the organization and where are they located?
11   ElYorsh   2022 Feb 14, 6:47pm  

WineHorror1 says
ElYorsh says

They actually have a flag? What is the name of the organization and where are they located?

I have no idea, I just searched for it. My kids school is full of gay teachers, and I just barely found out about the bill that Newscum signed. I'm glad my kid's teachers don't like me and are actually afraid of me because I am a polite asshole to them. My son constantly has problems with teachers because of me, but doesn't care and still has great grades. He knows its for his own good. Pedophile assholes that keep pushing their queer agenda.
12   NuttBoxer   2022 Feb 14, 9:59pm  

WineHorror1 says
They actually have a flag? What is the name of the organization and where are they located?

You are aware of NAMBLA? They have been around for a long time. Some of the other long practicing organizations besides the Catholic Church are Hollywood, Disney, the Boy Scouts, the CIA, the White House, the Republican party, the Democratic party. I always recommend the Franklin Coverup, as it's well documented. But it's not for the faint of heart.
13   Patrick   2022 Feb 15, 9:37pm  


This Valentine's Day, Lefty Slate Magazine Is Literally Encouraging Incest ...

The message being preached here is the logical conclusion of the "born this way" LGBT movement. You can't help that you have sexual desires for relatives. It's just who you are and it's totally normal.

The same argument that was used for gay marriage that has slippery sloped down to pedophilia is today being used to justify incest.

"It's normal to feel this way. As long as you don't act on it, it's fine" is literally the same line used about "minor-attracted persons," AKA pedophiles.

We are in deep, deep trouble in our culture.
14   PerfectlyFlawed   2022 Feb 16, 10:32am  

Just GROSS! It also seems to be the 'Tower of Babel' flag of Globalism and should be burned in protest
16   Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 2:47pm  


One of FACEBOOK or META's Head, Jeren Miles, caught trying to meet a 13 year old boy in his hotel.

Video at this reddit link:


Posted byu/skinfrakki
7 hours ago
Jaren Miles, head of global community development for Meta/Facebook caught trying to meet a 13 year old boy in his hotel room
17   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 17, 9:49pm  


Is also involved with "Equality California", an LGBTQ org.
18   AmericanKulak   2022 Feb 17, 11:14pm  

Here we go...
21   HeadSet   2022 Feb 22, 7:44am  

Maybe the $100 in the above "Sex-Ed Camp" ad is to recruit knowledgeable teen to TEACH the class....
22   Patrick   2022 Feb 22, 3:40pm  

Just one more in the infinite list of examples of gay men molesting boys, this one from August:


Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete of Arizona was arrested Thursday night and faces seven felony charges related to alleged sexual encounters with one boy and another attempted sexual encounter with another underage male.

Navarrete, a Democrat, is one of a handful of openly gay legislators in Arizona and serves as a member of the legislature's LGBTQ Caucus. Members of the caucus, like Rep. Daniel Hernandez, have called on Navarrete to resign, and all 48 Democratic state legislators have done the same. “Abuse of this kind is intolerable and our hearts go out to the victims,” Arizona Senate Democrats said in a statement.

Police closed in on Navarrete, 35, after listening in on a phone call between him and a 16-year-old accuser. On the call, Navarrete allegedly admitted to touching the boy's penis and performing oral sex on him. The child previously lived with Navarrete and the abuse allegedly began when the boy was 13. Navarrete expressed regret and said he was not well when the abuse allegedly occurred; the boy says he now suffers anxiety and depression as a result of the alleged abuse.
25   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 10, 10:09am  

And the Establishment RINOs hate this issue, wish it would go away.

How else would the Stinkin Project groom future victims?

The answer is never not to stop the madness to LGBTQ123, it's simply to roll over. Stop fighting the culture war, let the social engineers run wild. Not, "Hey Social Engineers, stop it." That's why "don't fight the culture war" is bullshit, it's always on stopping action to the stop the bullshit, never on action to get Social Engineers to stop.
26   NuttBoxer   2022 Mar 10, 12:03pm  

Patrick says
Navarrete, a Democrat, is one of a handful of openly gay legislators in Arizona

Phoenix isn't just at drug corridor, there's definitely child smuggling through that city. A sheriff out there arrested a few years back for stuff I won't even say. The mall in Glendale where we lived used a pedophile symbol as their logo, and had one of those pizza banners right by a mall sign, at a location where I never did see a pizza place. I remember one of the stores my daughter liked for clothes, some Hot Topic kind of place, was offering a coupon if she'd take part in a fashion show. She was 10 at time. Fucking disgusting.
27   Patrick   2022 Mar 10, 2:20pm  


Yep, Disney is making it an official corporate position that they want children as young as 4 years old to be taught about sexual identity, orientation, and transgenderism.
Go back and read that sentence again.
29   NuttBoxer   2022 Mar 10, 2:49pm  

This stuff should really be a big nothingburger with the schools. I mean what kind of parent would ever allow their kids to sit through that shit? We are the first and only line of defense for our kids, no one else.
31   Patrick   2022 Mar 11, 5:42pm  


What your first grader is learning is too filthy to post on this blog. Don’t believe me? I just watched War Room Battleground with Steve Bannon. His guest was Michael Patrick Leahy, the godfather of the Tea Party movement. Mike was reporting on the content his reporter at Star News Digital Media uncovered in Indiana, and Steve had to cut him off. It was too filthy even for the War Room podcast.

Yes, it’s that bad. And Rockwood School District in St. Louis County is one of the worst in the country.

Is every teacher involved?

No. Most teachers are not. Most teachers oppose this filth. A disgusted teacher sent me this:

Sorry. Instagram censored that video in which a mother read content from her 3rd-grader’s school book. The content of the 3rd-grade text violated Instagram’s decency rules, apparently.

Whether it’s one teacher or a million is irrelevant because it takes only one teacher to destroy your child’s innocence. And the destruction of innocence is their aim. It takes just one. One class. One book. One movie. One video. One counseling session. That’s the thing about sex—it cannot be undone.
32   Patrick   2022 Mar 11, 7:53pm  


A leaked video shows Pete Buttigieg’s “husband” leading kids in a gay pledge of allegiance.


I pledge my heart to the rainbow of the Not So Typical Gay Camp

One camp, full of pride, indivisible, with affirmation and equal rights for all.

And then Chasten waves a rainbow flag over the room full of teens.


What are the chances the American pledge was uttered once at this camp?

The spouse of a White House cabinet member is openly grooming young children as some kind of counselor at a summer camp designed to affirm kids and teens in their sexuality.

What about this is okay?
35   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 11, 9:12pm  

Patrick says
And then Chasten waves a rainbow flag over the room full of teens.


What are the chances the American pledge was uttered once at this camp?

0. Zero.

The same people who cry "Oppression!" at the Pledge to the US Flag turn around and say "Mandatory!" at the Gay Flag.

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