The gay flag is also the symbol of pedophilia

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I don't really want to go on about it, but anyone who waves the rainbow flag is in fact also promoting pedophilia. The link between male homosexuality and pedophilia is very strong and always has been, even back to ancient Greece. Pedophilia creates homosexuals. Some relatives of mine deny this fact in spite of the overwhelming evidence throughout history. So I feel compelled to point out some facts which are being censored by all "respectable" people -- people who are thereby contributing to child abuse, just about the worst crime imaginable.

(cached here because of censorship)

An independent research project done by a group of British researchers into the connections between homosexuality and pedophilia used evidence from biographies, histories, criminology and news reports, to demonstrate that a very high proportion of known homosexuals and an even higher percentage of homosexual activists around the world are pedophiles. An index is provided and the evidence is presented in alphabetical order, for easy reference. "This new book is a useful compilation of a lot of available evidence on this subject. Next time you hear somebody say "There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia," you can have all the facts ready. Just consult this handy A-Z. From Auden to Pasolini, from Oscar Wilde to Gore Vidal, most famous gays were paedophiles. and so were all the founders and leaders of the "Gay" Rights movement.

Who says so? Well in most cases they did. Here is the evidence. It gives you the names, the dates and the sources to prove that the correlation is very strong and undeniable. ...

It is something very recent for anyone to deny the links between male homosexuality and paedophilia. Nobody made any secret of it over the last 2,500 years, and even the early LGBT movement in America and Europe was very frank in acknowledging it. Only in recent times have they started to deny it, or to be exact, to issue a confused mixture of angry, hypocritical denial with defiant justification. When no moralists (called “right-wingers”) are around, they will acknowledge it and boast about it. When moralists object, the LGBTs resort to bare-faced lies.

Nobody could write a full account of this subject, unless they were willing to devote their life to a topic that is monotonous and unsavoury, to say the least. All I have done is compile a rough index of some of the most salient evidence for the correlation between homosexuality and paedophilia. ...

If you go and look at the website UK Paedos Exposed you will find that the number of male offenders who molest male victims is at least half of all cases. When you consider the ratio and the proportion, these figures are startling. Since homosexuals are according to the Office of National Statistics only 1.5% of the population and some of them are women, this indicates that male homosexuals are about fifty times more likely than heterosexuals are to molest children . Even if you assume that homosexual men are 3% of the population and that only a third of cases involve boys, the maths still lead us to a conclusion that homosexual men are ten times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children. ...

Just look at the bare facts - out of the thirty paedophile organization listed in Wikipedia as campaigning to legalize adult-child sex in the 20th century, 28 were founded and run by male homosexuals. The movement has been entirely dominated by male homosexuals. None were purely heterosexual. ...

The news media in the UK continues to be willfully blinkered on this subject. It avoids reporting major scandals such as the Scottish Stonewall Paedophile ring and edits out the factual links between the criminals and the prominent LGBT groups. When reporting the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, the TV news always used the word “paedophiles” although this was all about the organized abuse of boys by men. The TV reportage omitted the fact that the abuse had been organised by a network of members of CHE, The Campaign for Homosexual Equality. ...

In 1985, data compiled by the Family Research Institute, Washington D.C., confirmed “a strong pedophilic predisposition among homosexuals." The institute, after reviewing more than 19 studies and peer-reviewed reports in a 1985 "Psychological Reports" article, found that homosexuals account for between 25 and 40 percent of all child molestation. “But this number is low, due to the fact that many reporters will not report if a child molester is a homosexual, even if he knows that to be the case.” One notorious offender in the USA molested more than 500 boys. The idea that paedophiles have no gender preference and therefore cannot be categorized as homosexual or heterosexual is a myth. ...

Homosexual Behavior & Pedophilia is an academic paper of 31 pages by Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight, published by the Family Research Council in the US in 2000. They write observantly, “Although most homosexual activists publicly deny that they want access to boys, many homosexual groups around the world are working aggressively to lower the age of sexual consent. Their cause is being aided by the professional psychiatric and psychological associations, which have moved in recent years toward normalizing pedophilia, much as they did with homosexuality in the early 1970s.” They present a wide range of very strong evidence for their case.
http://us2000.org/cfmc/Pedophilia.pdf (cached here in case of censorship)
This is true. Under pressure from the LGBT movement, the American Psychiatric Association removed pedophilia from its list of sexual perversions in 1994, while in 1999 the American Psychological Association published a report, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," which "claimed child sexual abuse could be harmless and beneficial"

Again, we have been betrayed by the media and the medical establishment.

Note that I am not calling for the persecution of homosexuals. I think that consenting adults have the right to engage in whatever behavior they want with each other. But I am calling for an end to all displays of the sodomy flag in public, and especially in schoolrooms, because of its strong link with pedophilia.

Remember how people were up in arms about cigarette advertising using cartoon characters and bright primary colors? To be consistent, they should also be up in arms about a flag which uses bright primary colors to promote a different life-shortening addiction.

The gay flag is a stealth way of abusing the good will of people who want to be inclusive.

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666   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 5:44pm  

From Seneca's "Letters to Lucilius", number 122:

All vices rebel against Nature; they all abandon the appointed order. It is the motto of luxury to enjoy what is unusual, and not only to depart from that which is right, but to leave it as far behind as possible, and finally even take a stand in opposition thereto.

I think the super-rich pedos are pedos exactly because they see it a a luxury as far from what is right as it is possible to be.
673   Patrick   2024 Mar 29, 12:22pm  


Nice to see a bit of acknowledgement that being gay is only a vice and not an innate identity.
675   Patrick   2024 Mar 30, 7:00pm  


FBI: Gay Chicago veterinarian planned to rape the baby he and his husband got from a surrogate

A Chicago veterinarian and national dog show judge was arrested and charged with knowingly distributing child pornography. This happened days before his surrogate was expected to give birth to his child, whom he said he was planning on sexually assaulting, according to court documents.

Adam King was implicated in the sadistic scheme after federal officials began talking to him on the Telegram app. King reportedly shared "account images and videos depicting illicit material involving children" with the agents and claimed that he "had a large digital cache of child pornography stored on Telegram."

He also alleged that he "had previously drugged and sexually abused his nieces and nephews," and that he was planning an almost unthinkable crime in the near future involving a newborn baby:

King texted the account, not knowing that it was the FBI, and said that his surrogate was expected to give birth on March 29 to his and his husband's child, the court document states. ...

According to the document, King texted the following to the account: "I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy... just has to be someone I can trust obviously … I plan on getting my [expletive] in him ASAP."
676   Patrick   2024 Mar 30, 7:02pm  


Not satire: "Two men dressed as women impregnate one of their own sisters to become their surrogate so they can have twins" ...

So a friend donated her eggs, the two guys fertilized them, and then they implanted those fertilized eggs in the sister of one of the guys.
677   Patrick   2024 Mar 31, 1:43pm  


What sexual freedom? The only sexual freedom Americans and others corrupted by Americans such as Kinsey, including the British, Dutch and other Western Europeans with their US influenced Tavistock Institute mentalities have is to engage in gay or transexual acts or paraphilias. "Heteronormativity" is verboten. And a lot of American degenerates would like to legalize pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia etc. This is a large part of the reason Soviet and Eastern European communism endured for so long. It wasn't that the leaders in those countries thought their economic systems would lead ultimately to economic outcomes on a par with those achieved by Chinese communism in the 21st century. There was a realistic fear of US cultural imperialism. The SCOTUS in Lawrence v Texas ultimately found what the rest of the world had long suspected, i.e., that getting sodomized is so important to Americans that it has been made a protected constitutional right. Even though they have now rejected communism, former Soviet and Eastern European countries other than Ukraine continue to also reject US ideals of homonormativity, transnormativity and pedonormativity. People in these countries are not, as they are often accused by Americans of being, "homophobic," "transphobic" etc. Rather, Americans are heterophobic. There is no US tolerance for sexual freedom to be a normal heterosexual.
678   Ceffer   2024 Mar 31, 2:41pm  

Patrick says

And a lot of American degenerates would like to legalize pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia etc

Seems to miss the Satanist angle. Tavistock is an Intel/Illuminati Satanic organization that studies political and psychologic control of the masses, to bend them any way they please through brainwashing and various social inputs, messaging and stresses. As usual usual for these types of Satanic inversion organizations, they have a virtue signaling NGO facade pretending to be champions of mental health.

I don't think that even the perverted subcultures want the publicity they have received. More likely it is that the most depraved amongst them have been financed, drafted and organized into blatant exhibitionism for the ends of subversion of the social fabric and demoralization of individuals and destruction of the family unit. They desperately fear the family unit.

The various dynastics have always been depraved and they have come out of the closet because they think their powers have become undefeatable.
679   HeadSet   2024 Mar 31, 6:23pm  

Patrick says

Not satire: "Two men dressed as women impregnate one of their own sisters to become their surrogate so they can have twins" ...

So a friend donated her eggs, the two guys fertilized them, and then they implanted those fertilized eggs in the sister of one of the guys.

No need to be misleading with a headline implying incest. The sister was merely a surrogate womb for invitro fertilized eggs and not "impregnated by her brother"
681   Patrick   2024 Apr 3, 10:03am  


Throughout the mini-series, parents expressed feeling discomfort and sensing something was off, yet they did nothing about it. The only parent that vocally expressed concern was Joe Bell (father of Drake Bell), and when he spoke up, they told him he was homophobic and did not understand gay people.

His son was abused for years by that same man.
684   richwicks   2024 Apr 7, 10:54pm  

The_Deplorable says

You want to know why recruitment is actually down? People are waking up to the fact that war is a rich man's scam. Nobody in the US military has died to "defend the country" in 70 years. If you get killed in a war today, you were a sucker to do it. That's starting to hit home to people.

What does it matter to 18 year old Johnny B. Goode that Syria is in a civil war, or that the Taliban is in control in Afghanistan, or that Ukraine is in a war with Russia? Even if they don't know anything about the situation, they do know it's got nothing to do with them.
689   Patrick   2024 Apr 17, 6:09pm  


Mystic William, one of my stack subscribers wrote this on my comments, please let us debate, I have no restrictions: "Boys raised by two gay males have a suicide rate 7 times that of a boy raised by a mom and a dad. Boys raised by two women do somewhat better. But not well. They have much the same outcomes, crime/drugs/education etc as a boy raised by a single Mom. The best outcomes is traditional.
691   Patrick   2024 Apr 24, 6:48pm  


While former co-founder Melsheimer died in 2010, the co-founder and current head of B4U-ACT, Richard Kramer, who uses a pseudonym to conceal his identity, also has a long history of pro-pedophilia lobbying and has admitted to having a sexual attraction to boys. Prior to his involvement with B4U-ACT, Kramer operated a website called the Male Homosexual Attraction to Minors Information Center, which advocates favorably for what Kramer describes as “feelings of sexual attraction that some men have for underage boys.” The website notes a previous symposium addressing the issue of removing “gender identity disorder and the paraphilias” from the DSM.

B4U-ACT has campaigned for years to change and ultimately eliminate the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) entry on pedophilia. During a 2011 symposium titled “Pedophilia, Minor-Attracted Persons, and the DSM: Issues and Controversies,” hosted by B4U-ACT, Kramer used results of anonymous surveys conducted with the participation of members of B4U-ACT in an attempt to establish that pedophilia is an innate identity that emerges in childhood.
692   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 24, 6:50pm  

Satan always, always inverts.

There's a reason the Rainbow Flag was chosen for LGBTQ+
693   Ceffer   2024 Apr 24, 11:02pm  

Patrick says


Not sure he's gay, but seems likely.

Guess they had to deep six one of their child wranglers. Was he getting ready to spill? Why is he still alive?
696   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 30, 4:51pm  

Patrick says

Love Stonetoss, but I don't see why one is exclusive of the other. Most people that are against CCPTok are definitely not doing PBS and in fact turned against PBS first a long time ago.

I've never heard anybody say "Boo CCPTok, Yay NPR and PBS!"
697   Patrick   2024 May 2, 5:13pm  


Yes, that's trans-identifying male Solomon Galligan, and he simply walked on campus last Friday afternoon during recess at Black Forest Hills Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado, and straight-up tried to steal a kid — and he was almost successful.

Parents were livid, obviously, as school staff remained offscreen during the incident, but luckily the kid who was approached, an 11-year-old boy, was able to shimmy away from Galligan, who dropped to the ground as a result. ...

The suspect, who is identified as male in the arrest affidavit, shared news of his transition on Facebook back in 2011.

‘So im starting my hormone shots and i relly cant wait im on my hormone pills ive been on them for almost 4 months i wake up all depressed and crying but in the end its gonna be totally worth it you know what io mean im really excited my measurements are already changing and im super thrilled,' he wrote.

Galligan was put on the sex offender registry and was convicted that same year of non-consent sexual contact, according to his latest arrest affidavit.

699   Patrick   2024 May 5, 10:28pm  


Bishop Jerry Kulah here, from Liberia. I have my Bible in my hands and this is the Word of God -

Then he is rudely interrupted by the chair because, well, it's the Methodists. They want to know why the heck someone would bring the Bible into things.
Undeterred, Bishop Kulah continues.

I'm speaking against the amendment because we do not have another Bible apart from this Bible. So we cannot have the two options that the amendment offers to us. And so, I vote against the amendment. That's the reason why I'm trying to explain... 2 Timothy 3:16 says "all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness." When it comes to the issue of human sexuality, the Bible is very emphatic that we have marriage between a man and a woman...

For the past 53 years every attempt has been made to alter that biblical truth. Today we have a majority general conference characterized by liberals and progressives who are doing everything to change the Bible to something else. Because of that, I vote against this amendment.
700   Patrick   2024 May 8, 11:05am  


After 114 years, the Boy Scouts are finally casting off the one thing that has become their biggest problem: boys. Boys seem disinterested in newfangled “safe and inclusive” woke activities. They apparently prefer dangerous, testosterone-fueled fun like running around in the woods, learning survival skills, starting fires, fishing with real hooks, spitting for distance, and generally horsing around.

Because of boys’ defective desires, starting in 2013 — as the earliest part of its “rebranding” effort — the Boy Scouts began recruiting scoutmasters who were a little light in the loafers along with gay scouts. As the pandemic rolled around, perhaps recognizing that “The Gay Scouts” wouldn’t sell well, the Boy Scouts started actively recruiting girls — to be Boy Scouts — even to the point that the exasperated Girl Scouts of America furiously sued them, claiming the Boy Scouts were just confusing everybody. (Their lawsuit got lost in the legal woods.)

Weirdly, during this time, the Boy Scouts have also been dogged by a raft of sex abuse cases.
701   Patrick   2024 May 8, 4:38pm  


Illegal Who Tried To Rape 12 Year Old Boy Handed Street Justice In Cork, Ireland (cdn.videy.co)

703   Patrick   2024 May 9, 1:09pm  


Dave Greene
To clarify, I do feel betrayed by “gay culture” because it is a culture of lies.

In the 1990s I was told that gays were almost always totally monogamous, just like straights. This was a lie.

In the 2000s Dan Savage told me gay culture was the best template for hetro relationships, consent focus, no drama, transactional. This was a lie.

Later, in the 2010s, I was told that “gay marriage” was just about fairness and had no greater cultural implications. This was also, obviously, a lie.

And now, in the 2020s, I am now having gay men tell me that surrogacy is about freedom for the surrogate, because, apparently, women just want to do it for free, pro-bono, out of altruism, the money doesn’t matter.

That’s right, the new “gay” story is that these women are begging to be impregnated by strangers, carry the baby, suffer the agony of labor just to give their child up forever when it’s born. It’s just what they want to do guys, maybe the surrogates should be paying the gay fathers for the privilege?

How does this make sense? Something women used to only undergo for lifelong love is now given away? This has certainly never happened historically without women being bent by power and money. But in 2024 it is because “gay”.

All “gay” lies follow this pretense, this affectation. A saccharine, too good to be true, fake paradise covering up layers and layers and layers and layers of disease, twisted degeneracy, hurt, sociopathy, abuse, rape, and disease. It’s rotten all the way down, but because we drew a little smiley face on it, it’s now all alright. It’s “gay”.

Look, if for whatever reason you are guy who wants to bang guys don’t do this. I am not going to tell you that I am fine with the lifestyle religiously. But just do the bare minimum. Don’t be gay. Own your degeneracy. Please just don’t sell me this fake and gay shit.
705   Patrick   2024 May 14, 9:04pm  


A former Florida elementary school principal previously accused of child molestation is facing several criminal charges after allegedly trapping a student inside a room for almost an hour and viciously assaulting the child.

As Click Orlando reported, 33-year-old Dontay Akeem Prophet, the principal at Destiny Leadership Academy in Ocala, was arrested Saturday on charges of aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment of a child under 13. ...

This incident was not Prophet’s first horrifying alleged assault on a minor child, either. In 2019, Prophet was accused of sexually assaulting a minor child back when he was a behavior specialist at South Ocala Elementary. Police said he invited the young student into his home and started sexually touching him.

Prophet resigned from his position after being put on leave by the school but received only a slap on the wrist from the criminal justice system.

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