Get ready for Censorship like Mad

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Under the "Russian Operative" excuse.

It's coming, and it will encapsulate the Social Justice Revolution as part of American Canon, so to criticize it will be subject to censorship.

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131   Patrick   2022 Aug 8, 12:32pm  


Several scientists have joined a lawsuit filed by the states of Louisiana and Missouri alleging that the Biden administration worked with tech companies to censor American citizens discussing issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) joined the lawsuit representing Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, and Martin Kulldorff, former professor of medicine at Harvard University as well as a former member of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Vaccine Safety Subgroup. Two more doctors, Jill Hines and Aaron Kheriaty, are also represented by NCLA in the lawsuit.

At the behest of the federal government, social media platforms “repeatedly censored” NCLA clients because their views on the platforms about COVID-19 restrictions opposed “government-approved” views, the NCLA said in an Aug. 2 press release.

The censorship is part of the federal government’s “ongoing campaign to silence” those with opposing views, said NCLA. Government officials have issued “public threats” to punish social media firms that do not comply, they said.

The federal government “fostered, encouraged, and empowered the creation” of social media firms with “disproportionate ability” to suppress and censor speech based on the speaker, content, and viewpoint, the lawsuit states (pdf).

Government censorship can take several forms like shadow bans, de-platforming, de-boosting, restricting access to content, demonetizing, requiring users to take down content, and imposing warning labels requiring click-through to access content, said NCLA.

Note that the ACLU has ironically become 100% dedicated to the destruction of civil liberties, so the NCLA is handling this.

133   Patrick   2022 Aug 9, 12:51pm  


Wales NHS website censors terms “girls” and “women”

Bloody Brilliant, a website created by the Welsh government and NHS Wales to provide advice on menstruation and periods, has censored the terms “girls” and “women” from its guidance on periods.

Instead, it is calling them “people who bleed” or “half the population.”

“We are Bloody Brilliant, a source of knowledge, support, information and empowerment for young people who bleed across Wales,” the website states. ...

“Ironic when you think of how people didn’t used to be able to say the word “period” or name the parts of women’s bodies – and just as we were starting to make some headway with challenging that, here we are with this new taboo,” Gribble said.

“Imagine how much effort it must have taken to create an entire website about periods without mentioning the word woman or girl once.”

Earlier this year NHS England censored the words’ “women” and “girl” from guidances on cancers that only affect women, like ovarian cancer, and the guidance on menopause.
134   Patrick   2022 Aug 10, 12:01pm  


TikTok was quick to react by preventing users from searching for “several” of the six hashtags. Among them is that referring to a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, “2,000 Mules” that the author says looks into vote fraud in several states.
136   Patrick   2022 Aug 12, 8:17pm  


Facebook blocks #diedsuddenly hashtag
The latest of many hashtag blackouts.
137   Misc   2022 Aug 13, 2:14am  

Russia is going to start putting members of the Azov battalion on trial for war crimes. I expect these trials will get airtime in Russia. I am certain the prosecution will provide all kinds of evidence including video evidence of the Azov battalion using weapons against the civilians of the Donblas region. The evidence will be overwhelming. There will also be overwhelming evidence of the Azov battalion's Nazi influences.

This will strengthen support for the military operation from average Russians.

Western media will try to censor the shit out of the proceedings, but the rest of the world will be able to clearly see the war crimes Russia says it was there to stop. Even with extreme censorship, news of these trials will make its way to citizens of Western Europe and here in the US.

Support for Ukraine in the conflict will drop.
138   richwicks   2022 Aug 13, 3:07am  

Misc says

Even with extreme censorship, news of these trials will make its way to citizens of Western Europe and here in the US.

The west will just claim they are kangaroo courts and the evidence fraudulent. People, after being fooled for 9 months, won't change their opinion. Their opinion is really formed by other people - they won't leave the group.

Also every war has warcrimes in it. The US commits warcrimes, they did it in Vietnam and Iraq and are doing it in Syria. I'm certain Russia has committed some war crimes in Ukraine.
139   Misc   2022 Aug 14, 3:15am  

I wish @richwicks had copied my entire post. --- Seems it has gone missing. --- Funny for a censorship OP.
140   Misc   2022 Aug 14, 3:17am  

@Patrick looks like there is a bug in the postings. My post was zapped in this thread and then when I replied to @richwicks his post went missing.
141   mell   2022 Aug 14, 4:48am  

There's a bug that when you click on latest it only shows the last comment, not the last page anymore. Same after submitting a new comment.
142   just_passing_through   2022 Aug 14, 8:57am  

I was just about to make the same post.
143   Patrick   2022 Aug 14, 9:55am  

@Misc Thanks for telling me.

Are you sure it's missing?

Yes, I see the bug about showing only the last comment after submitting a comment.
144   Misc   2022 Aug 14, 10:01am  

@Patrick I was able to see it one time using the "previous" button, but most often it is simply gone. The number of the posts have been arranged that the posting is simply gone.
145   Misc   2022 Aug 14, 10:04am  

@Patrick When I hit "Last" it now brings up the post that was missing, but has deleted all postings after it.
146   Patrick   2022 Aug 14, 10:17am  

OK, now when you add a new comment, it should show you your new comment in the context of the last page of comments.

But there still might be some comment numbering bug.

Please send me an @ message if you see the bug again.
147   Patrick   2022 Aug 14, 10:18am  

@Misc None of the comment are deleted, I think. It's just that the numbering is fucked up.
148   Misc   2022 Aug 14, 10:22am  

@Patrick Looks like everything is all cleared up.
149   Patrick   2022 Aug 14, 10:23am  


Pagination is surprisingly complicated.
150   Patrick   2022 Aug 15, 9:57am  


Twitter Owes Salman Rushdie an Apology
After the attack on Rushdie, will Twitter finally ban the man and the regime who are still calling for his murder?

Twitter must be the epitome of hypocrisy. It bans The New York Post’s reporting of Hunter Biden’s laptop, or bans columnist Paul Sperry because of his recent tweet on the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, but allows Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, leader of the world’s #1 sponsor of terror, to freely use its platform.

Khamenei, you might remember, endorsed Iran’s murderous fatwa against author Salman Rushdie with this tweet...

Now that Hadi Matar, an Iran sympathizer whose now-deleted Facebook page was plastered with pictures of Iranian politicians, has been arrested for stabbing Rushdie about 10 times at a conference in Buffalo, I wonder if Twitter will call an emergency meeting.

I wonder if the higher ups will ask things like: Are we going too far with our selective censorship? If we’re cracking down on speech we dislike here in the U.S., should we crack down harder on Islamist speech that may incite violence? Should we toughen our guidelines?
152   Patrick   2022 Aug 22, 3:16pm  


A police SWAT team was deployed in Atlanta to arrest a Georgia man who was spotted spray-painting swastikas on an LGBTQ rainbow crosswalk.

Why is it permitted to promote pedophilia and anal warts in public, but not to spray-paint a swastika on top of that message?

In any case, the guy was doing it wrong. He should have spray-painted "RACIST" on the flag promoting pedophilia and anal warts.

No one can ever be arrested for calling anyone racist these days, and it would have made woke heads explode much better.
154   Onvacation   2022 Aug 23, 3:18pm  

Patrick says

No one can ever be arrested for calling anyone racist these days, and it would have made woke heads explode much better.

But you can be arrested for felony vandalism.

If you protest election fraud they might throw you in jail without trial.
155   richwicks   2022 Aug 23, 3:34pm  

Patrick says

I just want to comment on how impossible it is to do this..

AI depends on reducing something to its most simple rules. For example, one of the first AI attempts was to make a computer recognize when a tank was present, and when a tank was not present. One day, they setup cameras and photographed 1000's of scenes from different angles, and the next day, they drove tanks into the scenes and took 1000's of more pictures, and fed the two data sets into the AI to (hopefully) be able to detect when a tank was present.

The AI was trained on the data set until 100% of the time it would correctly classify its own data set, so then they put it in the field, and it was only 50% accurate (meaning entirely random) and they couldn't figure out what went wrong. What the AI turned out to have actually figured out was when it was cloudy. In the training data, one day it was cloudy, the other day clear. It entirely ignored the presence of the tanks. This was like a 6 month project too.

You will have a VERY difficult time programming an AI to make "exceptions to the rule". It's very hard to make an AI "hypocritical". If you program an AI to recognize "instances of violence" by showing it videos of what is "violence" and "not violence" - it won't apply different standards depending on the situation, and if you FORCE it to, such as when somebody is wearing a MAGA hat and a victim of violence (and calling it non violence) and when MAGA hat wearing person holds up a religious symbol, it will just identify their clothing.

An AI wouldn't be so bad, because it would be EXTREMELY consistent - the problem is hypocrites run the world. It's not THEY that really want AI, they just want cost reduction in censorship and oversight, WE want AI. They simply don't have the technological knowledge to know what an AI does.

All the AI will actually do is excuse anything that person Type A does, and condemn everything Type B does. That's the simplest solution. It won't be content moderation, it will be censoring of individual people and complete censorship. That's the simplest solution.
157   Patrick   2022 Aug 25, 8:16am  


attack scene from Monty Python is censored because it is 'offensive'?

Jessica Rose
5 hr ago
Alright. I have to share this and you should too. I went to have a laugh and re-watch the Bunny Attack Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I found this instead. No YouTube. I DO NOT WISH TO PROCEED.

162   Patrick   2022 Sep 3, 1:33pm  


Fauci’s Red Guards: Lawsuit Reveals Vast Federal Censorship Army
“This evidence suggests we are uncovering the most serious, coordinated, and large-scale violation of First Amendment free speech rights by the federal government’s executive branch in US history.”

One aspect of dictatorships that citizens of democratic nations often find puzzling is how the population can be convinced to support such dystopian policies. How do they get people to run those concentration camps? How do they find people to take food from starving villagers? How can they get so many people to support policies that, to any outsider, are so needlessly destructive, cruel, and dumb?

The answer lies in forced preference falsification. When those who speak up in principled opposition to a dictator’s policies are punished and forced into silence, those with similar opinions are forced into silence as well, or even forced to pretend they support policies in which they do not actually believe. Emboldened by this facade of unanimity, supporters of the regime’s policies, or even those who did not previously have strong opinions, become convinced that the regime’s policies are just and good—regardless of what those policies actually are—and that those critical of them are even more deserving of punishment. ...

Through this method of forced preference falsification, any mass of people can be made to support virtually any policy, no matter how destructive or inimical to the interests of the people. Avoiding this spiral of preference falsification is therefore why freedom of speech is such a central tenet of the Enlightenment, and why it is given such primacy in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. No regime in American history has ever previously had the power to force preference falsification by systematically and clandestinely silencing those critical of its policies.

Until now. As it turns out, an astonishing new release of discovery documents in Missouri v. Biden—in which NCLA Legal is representing plaintiffs including Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, and Aaron Kheriaty against the Biden administration for violations of free speech during Covid—reveal a vast federal censorship army, with more than 50 federal officials across at least 11 federal agencies having secretly coordinated with social media companies to censor private speech.
164   Patrick   2022 Sep 3, 5:58pm  

This is what it looks like from the air, according to this site:


165   Patrick   2022 Sep 3, 6:00pm  

And from that pool with the rounded end, I was able to get the street names from Bing Maps:

167   Patrick   2022 Sep 6, 3:04pm  

Lol, even the massive censorship is censored in the leftist corporate media.
170   Patrick   2022 Sep 9, 2:15pm  


Peter McCullough, MD MPH
Sep 4
No wonder Twitter refused my verification multiple times. Its a US government operation and Twitter is complying with government authorities on censorship and reprisal for those with medical authority who are bringing truth to the world. All you can do is overwhelm RT+follow.

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