What I Won't Forget

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What I won’t forget:

How they said it would be two weeks.

How they shut down churches but kept abortion clinics and weed stores open.

How Canadian pastors were arrested.

How doctors in lab coats knelt to mobs of rioters while ppl weren’t allowed to visit their loved ones.

How a criminal had four funerals while others weren’t allowed to bury their dead.

How cities were destroyed while the people sworn to uphold our Constitution cheered on the destruction.

How the CHAZ was called a “summer of love” but the trucker convoy was called terrorism.

How Kamala petitioned for bail for the terrorists destroying small businesses in Minneapolis.

How dirty DAs in Portland released vandals and arsonists night after night for over 100 nights.

How San Francisco and Seattle have devolved into living hells of drugs and filth.

How children have worn useless cloth masks for two years, delaying their development and causing physical harm, and some leaders and pastors can’t be bothered to say this was wrong.

How Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci betrayed the American people and are still called heroes.

How thousands of people lost their jobs over a therapy that doesn’t even prevent infection or transmission.

How people who resisted this therapeutic intervention have been demonized and dehumanized.

How many of my fellow countrymen would cheer if I died.

How ppl in cities were cut off from society if they wouldn’t show their health papers — and this was seen as righteous and good by all the experts and many of our fellow countrymen.

How children sat in front of screens for months and we called it “school.”

How Joe Biden has threatened, bullied, castigated, and demonized his citizens while claiming to be a “decent guy” and a “uniter” compared to the other guy.

How dementia patients died alone in nursing homes after already having recovered from Covid.

How people were denied safe, effective treatments because those treatments had been politicized, and they died on ventilators apart from their families.

How parks and hiking trails were shut down and police stationed there to keep families away.

How people fled blue states.

How thousands of employees have been forced to sit through brainless trainings that make them feel divided from their fellow countrymen on account of skin color.

How public school children have been groomed into gender confusion.

How 13yo girls have had their breasts removed.

How billionaires and politicians were involved with a man who trafficked children for sex, how he mysteriously died in prison, and none of them will ever be prosecuted, but…

blue collar ppl were arrested and had their assets frozen for peacefully protesting govt overreach.

How overdoses have increased ~30% this year.

How some governors still won’t relinquish emergency powers.

How we’ve been conditioned to view freedom as selfish.

How speaking against the establishment may cost your job or reputation — this in a “free” country.

Our government and other establishment voices would like to sweep all this under the rug.

The have been disastrously, fatally wrong. Don’t forget.

And now they want "amnesty".

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561   Patrick   2023 Oct 19, 10:37am  

Right, it never even made the least bit of sense.

If the vaccine worked, then it would not be necessary to worry about whether others take it.
562   Patrick   2023 Oct 20, 8:50am  


Memory-Holing the Apocalypse
Some crimes seem to be too big to talk about, let alone punish

Recently we learned thanks to a senior-level whistleblower that not only was disgraced bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci smuggled into CIA headquarters during the pandemic to influence the Agency’s supposedly apolitical analysis on the origins of Covid-19, but that CIA analysts were also bribed with “significant” cash bonuses to alter their conclusions on the matter. According to the whistleblower, six of the seven-member team set up to assess the question had concluded that the coronavirus most likely “originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China," but then changed their position to favor a natural-origin hypothesis after Fauci’s visit and the alleged assurance of “Exceptional Performance Awards,” which they then duly received. ...

At this point it is clear that Fauci and co. by and large succeeded in mobilizing and weaponizing nearly the whole apparatus of the Western scientific establishment and managerial state toward their ends. Though evidence for the lab-leak scenario eventually piled up to such a degree that it became impossible to entirely deny its plausibility any longer, to this day government and mainstream media studiously avoid further discussion of the issue. And, most importantly, no one involved, least of all Fauci, has been or ever will be held accountable for their actions in any way.

565   Patrick   2023 Oct 30, 11:10am  


💉 New York University Professor Scott Galloway appeared on Bill Maher’s show last week. For some reason, disgraced ex-governor Andrew Cuomo was there too. To remind you, Professor Galloway erroneously led the pro-jab charge in New York during the pandemic, which caused a lot of problems, especially for kids. Now, Professor Galloway demands grace and forgiveness — because he did his best under difficult circumstances.

To give you an idea, here is Professor Galloway popping up in August 2021, leveraging his “expertise” and calling for jab mandates:

But now he wants grace, because they all did their best. On Maher’s show, Professor Galloway admitted:

“I was on the board of my kids' school during COVID. I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect: I was wrong. The damage to kids of keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risk. But here's the bottom line: Myself, our great people at CDC, and I’d like to think the Governor, we were all operating with imperfect information, we were doing our best. But let's have a little grace and forgiveness for the sh-t show that was COVID."

Imperfect information? Professor Galloway wasn’t saying the information was imperfect during the pandemic. He was talking about locking up dirty unvaccinated people, and making sure they couldn’t earn a living:

In case you are tempted to feel any sympathy toward Professor Galloway’s earnest plea for understanding, consider first that in the very same show, the professor didn’t give newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson any grace. In fact, the nutty professor called Johnson “David Duke light” because Johnson had said he had a Christian world view. Galloway’s below-the-racist-belt jab was too much even for Bill Maher, who chided, "I read today (Johnson) has an adopted black son. I don't think David Duke would do that.” But then Maher joined the pig pile, calling Johnson “nevertheless, he’s a religious nut.”

Unconfirmed, Galloway is said to be worth $100M. Meaning, he doesn’t have to work if he doesn’t want to. He could take a couple years off anytime he wants, easily living off the interest from his investments. He’s definitely “laptop class.”

So what do you think? Does Professor Galloway deserve “a little grace and forgiveness?” Or is he an elitist, arrogant jackass that should get fired and cancelled like all the innocent unvaccinated people who lost their jobs in New York while Galloway was cheering on the officious thugs from public health?

No. Everything he unjustly demanded be done to others should justly be done to him now.
566   GNL   2023 Oct 30, 11:24am  

Patrick says

No. Everything he unjustly demanded be done to others should justly be done to him now.

Including death if he caused anyone else's death via his platform/reach.
569   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 5:47pm  


Dorit R. Reiss should be tried for crimes against humanity.
573   Patrick   2023 Dec 7, 8:17pm  


Many states effectively outlawed weddings to minimize the risk of Covid transmission. But in many states and cities, politicians and health officials propounded a “copulation exemption” to their repressive edicts. Shortly after lockdowns had been imposed in most of the nation, Covid superstar Anthony Fauci declared that people who hook up with strangers for sex via Tinder or other dating apps are entitled to make their “choice regarding a risk.”

In New York City, police violently assaulted people on the street for failing to obey mandatory facemask edicts. But at the same time, the city government gave its approval to “glory holes” for sex with strangers. The New York City Health Department urged people to “be creative with… physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face-to-face contact.”

The health department also recommended that people who organize orgies should “Limit the size of your guest list. Keep it intimate.” The health department did not specify whether “intimate” meant more or fewer people than a rush hour subway car.
585   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 4:04pm  


Why Aaron Rodgers Is Still Furious About COVID

Everybody Who Dealt With The Draconian Measures.
And that's my last point, then I just want to fucking move on.
But it's like, people are always like, you know, why are you still talking about COVID?
Like, why don't you just move on?
It's ridiculous.
I'm like, well, let's see what happened.
They locked everybody up forever.
was supposed to be a couple weeks, right?
They locked everybody up.
Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed and never opened again.
Many of dozens of people that I know in their 30s, you know, who poured everything into these small businesses and restaurants and bars and never opened again.
So they lost everything.
They were out on their ass, right?
The gap, the wealth gap got even bigger from the haves and have-nots.
They lied to us over and over.
They vilified early treatments.
They censored legitimate doctors in the space, like Dr. Peter McCullough, like Dr. Dr. Corey, like Dr. Robert Malone, who allegedly was there in the beginning of the mRNA technology.
And so many more people than that.
The Alex Berenson's of the world, the Weinstein's of the world who were like writing about this, talking about this.
Brett Weinstein.
And had an informed opinion about this.
I mean, they were arresting people who were surfing in California.
They closed the beaches.
When 80, I mean, I don't know what percentage, but probably 60% or more of the country is vitamin D deficient.
And you know, vitamin D, you know, does well against the common cold as does vitamin C, as does zinc, as does the number of home remedies that we all have.
But no, stay inside, wait for this vaccine, which is a hundred percent safe and effective, which they told us.
So my whole point is, listen, they lied to us.
Many times over.
They locked us up.
They closed our businesses.
They increased the mental health issues exponentially.
The rates of suicide went way up.
And they're just like, they vilified us.
The draconian things that, you know, the ridiculous shut down, you know, we've lost billions of dollars.
There's no NFL owners who are mad about this now that we look back and go, oh,
Well, maybe we could have stopped this with a little like early treatments or like not given remdesivir and, you know, a ventilator to these patients.
Maybe like, you know, treat it like the common cold where you, you know, you have symptoms and you start doing something about it, you treat it.
And I have a problem with that because now people are just like, just move on, just brush it under the rug.
It's like, well, I have many apologies.
Not by that guy in ABC.
586   WookieMan   2024 Jan 9, 10:24pm  

Patrick says

When 80, I mean, I don't know what percentage, but probably 60% or more of the country is vitamin D deficient.
And you know, vitamin D, you know, does well against the common cold as does vitamin C, as does zinc, as does the number of home remedies that we all have.

You can have too much, but I pound the D (lol) this time of year. I'll get natural sun next week, but I'll do 10k IU daily when in IL during winter.

Rogers is right even though I hate to say it. I know he's not with the Packers anymore, but that guy pissed me off when I was an active fan. Because the team (bears) lost. Side note: never say "we" in a sports conversation. YOU weren't playing. Annoys the hell out of me when people say "we" lost as a fan. They lost...
589   Patrick   2024 Jan 14, 2:55pm  



This is a short video clip that was recovered from the covid engineered-crisis nightmare
Do not play it if you are still in shock

590   GNL   2024 Jan 14, 3:58pm  

The more they put these adverts out, the more I felt I was being manipulated.
593   WookieMan   2024 Feb 5, 3:54am  

Patrick says

Seriously was so damn dumb. The sad part is people actually listened to shit like this. I completely ignored everything by April 2020. There's a reason for the flu season. No vitamin D. Since covid it's the only vitamin I take religiously and double dosage in the winter for 3 months. Had covid twice and it was a sinus infection at best. Being outside was the best possible thing you could've done.
594   HeadSet   2024 Feb 5, 11:07am  

WookieMan says

There's a reason for the flu season. No vitamin D.

Yes, which is why northern folks evolved white skin to allow vitamin D production with less sunlight.
595   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 1:54pm  


I posted on X this morning that even when he’s mad, Biden now seems to be auditioning for one of those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads. Maybe it was an unnecessarily cruel joke.

Then again, his minions forced Twitter to ban me and made me the butt of worldwide scorn by claiming I discouraged people from taking safe and effective vaccines for my own profit.

A few days later, he tried to strip 100 million American adults of the right to choose whether to be dosed with mRNA, and warned the unjabbed, “Our patience is wearing thin.”

So maybe it wasn’t.
597   Patrick   2024 Feb 12, 12:21pm  


The Forgetting Is Mandatory

Under the cover of disease control, most nations in the world have lived through the equivalent of war – never officially declared as such and never officially ended with a peace treaty – and this has swept into place vast changes in our lives, politics, culture, and economy.

Consider the big-picture thinking. Nearly every nation in the world attempted the eradication of a respiratory pathogen that is spread through aerosols and has an animal reservoir – an ambition that any competent medical professional could have told you was insane. And they sought to achieve this great goal through maximum control of the human population. And toward this end, they exercised total control for several years. ...

The conscription came later, as millions were pumped full of an experimental medicine called mRNA delivered through a novel system with an injection. Most had no choice. Whole cities were closed down to the refuseniks. ...

The more we learn about what provoked this horrifying experiment in virus control, the more we are discovering the central role of the military in shaping the policy response, dictating rules to public health, and shepherding the vaccine into being. From long before the American people had a clue what was coming, the military was already treating the virus as a bioweapon leak in need of countermeasures. ...

We dare not comply with this mandatory forgetting. We must remember, and take full account of the deception and destruction the ruling class has caused for no other reason than profits and power. Only then we can learn the right lessons and rebuild on a better foundation for the future.
600   Ceffer   2024 Feb 28, 10:04pm  

And the other half are dead from vaccines?Patrick says

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